This Is How Science Created The World’s Smoothest Beer Glass

When people think of King Cobra Malt Liquor, the term “classy” probably doesn’t roll off the tongue. In the US, King Cobra Malt Liquor, is distributed by Anheuser-Busch, and should be officially reserved for fraternity games like Edward Fourtyhands. 

However, in Europe, Cobra Beer, a Molson Coors product, carries a variety of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including “King Cobra”, which Cobra Beer markets in a really fancy champagne-style bottle as, “the world’s first double fermented, Pilsner style lager,” according its website.

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Don’t let the name fool you, Cobra Beer’s King Cobra and King Cobra Malt Liquor and are very different.

Branded with the tagline, “Live Smooth,” Cobra beer prides itself on smoothness and sophistication. So much so that Cobra Beer now claims they’ve invented the world’s smoothest glass.

Not only does this glass feature never seen before technology but its designers also claim that this glass will be, “the biggest innovation in pouring since gravity.”


In order to help launch this new glassware campaign, Cobra Beer worked with London-based Karmarama, an independent marketing communications firm, along with a team of specialists and professors at universities including Birmingham University and Imperial College to develop the glassware prototypes.

Cobra glass visual

In order to deliver the most efficient beer glass on the market, Cobra designed a helix-shaped channel into the glass, which is the center of the glass’s fucntion.

“The glass has a unique channel in the interior facia allowing the liquid to flow smoothly around the glass to the base, creating a whirlpool effect, releasing flavour and aroma and creating the perfect head, all in order to bring to life the beer’s ‘impossibly smooth’ positioning,” according to a Karmarama press release. 

Alison Pickering, Brand Director Portfolio at Molson Coors, said she expects this glassware to add excitement and interest into the Cobra brand as they expand. 

The glassware we think is industry-defining, will help create reappraisal of Cobra, adding visual drama at the bar, and ensuring the best possible pint,” Alison Pickering, Brand Director Portfolio at Molson Coors

The public will be able to experience this new innovate beer drinking technology sometime this summer, so get ready to “Live Smooth.


Cobra Head Bites and Kills Chef Even After Being Decapitated


A chef died after being bitten by the decapitated head of an Indochinese Spitting Cobra. The Mail Online reports that Peng Fan was cleaning out the cooking area of his restaurant in the Guandong Province of China. The restaurant serves the cobra as a delicacy in one of their soups. Fan was in the middle of throwing out the severed head of the snake into the trash receptacle when it bit down on his hand. The snake’s head had already been severed for twenty minutes by then.

At the time, the restaurant did not carry any anti-venom for the cobra dishes they prepare. Fan died of from asphyxiation due to the neurotoxin from the bite before any medical help could arrive. While strange, it’s very much possible for a cobra to retain it’s motor functions even several moments after decapitation. It’s advised when handling dead cobras to either bury or burn the heads immediately to prevent them from biting you.

The spitting cobra was believed to provide health benefits for anyone who consumes it.

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