These Are Coachella’s Three Most Popular Places To Eat

The first weekend of Coachella 2016 was a success as folks drank, listened to live music and ate. So what was the most popular spot to chow down at the music festival? Our peeps at Twitter sent over some data that shows what was hot this past weekend.

Over the three-day Weekend One, more than 3.8 million Tweets were about Coachella. So at such a massive event, what could possibly be the most popular things to eat?

These three food spots were the most talked about vendors this past weekend.


A photo posted by Hinterland LA (@hinterland_la) on

Based in Santa Monica, this spot features “Coastal New American” style cuisine. We hear their shrimp grits were AMAZING. 

Afters Ice Cream

Afters ice cream vibes at @coachella | 📷: @kiana.krolik

A photo posted by Afters Ice Cream | 12pm-12am (@aftersicecream) on

Orange County’s very own Afters Ice Cream drew massive lines at the music festival. Their signature item is a fresh donut stuffed with sweet sticky ice cream.

Blue Bottle

We’re back in the desert! See you tomorrow #Coachella.

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At a place like Coachella, you’re probably not going to want to sleep. That’s where Blue Bottle comes in. Caffeine boosts for all.

You can also check out our exclusive look at 10 of the most Tweeted food phrases during Coachella’s Weekend one.

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The Most Popular Food Words At Coachella According To Twitter

Weekend 1 at Coachella has finally come and gone, at the blink of an eye for the people who went, but seemingly over the course of a month for the people forced to look at pictures and videos because they couldn’t go.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.30.53 PM

While there were a staggering 3.8 million tweets about Coachella over the 3-day weekend, they weren’t all about how Kanye showed up and did nothing, or about Ke$ha showing up to perform with Zedd and rocking everyone’s faces off. In fact, a lot of tweets were about the food! These are the top 10 words tweeted about Coachella food.

  • “Vegan” – A large majority of the vendors this year were vegan-based, so this makes sense.
  • “Watermelon” – Sounds weird, but walking around in the heat all day then seeing someone dive into a huge slice of watermelon will bring out the crazy jealous person in you. It did for me.
  • “Brunch” – Honestly, breakfast/brunch is about the only time people eat, since they spend the rest of the day rolling and drinking and snorting. This makes very much sense.
  • “Dinner” – I assume this comes mostly from the Rose Garden, a VIP establishment that costs an extra $600 to attend, but provides the finer things like 14-course meals and actual chairs to sit on.
  • “Pizza”  -The easiest meal by far to walk around with, it comes as no surprise that pizza was a hit, considering how much walking everyone had to do every day to go from tent to tent.
  • “Cheese”  -See “Pizza”
  • “Water” – The heatwaves beating from the sun all day were brutal, especially the hard partiers that couldn’t wait til nighttime to do their drugs or take their shots. Water was key to success, and unlike DJ Khaled’s paranoid preachings, they DID want us to have water. You know, to survive and whatever.”
  • “Grilled” – While many food items were grilled, I personally believe the vendors from the Grilled Cheese Truck were the cause of this trend, selling over 15,000 freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches to all the festival attendees.
  • “Breakfast” – By far the most important meal at Coachella, breakfast is the only reason anybody was able to party on the second and third days. I assume many tweets were something along the lines of, “Thank God I ate #breakfast this morning or else I’d be dying. Now time for shots and Disclosure!”
  • “Lunch” – Of course, if breakfast, brunch and dinner all make the cut, it likely comes as no surprise that lunch found its way onto this list. I mean, we all talk about food all the time anyways, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this made the list for top 10 most tweeted words ever!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.29.46 PM

So what do you think? Are you guilty of one of these tweets?



via Galore Mag, Timeout, Zimbio


The Coachella Experience Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

When the music lineup is announced


This is a monumental day. Everyone is excited and your twitter is LIT! Music lovers are excited, stoners are excited, foodies are excited, you get the picture. Everyone is HYPED. Nothing brings the world together like a natural disaster, or music festival lineup coming out. Ah, what a time to be alive. As a foodie, the music lineup isn’t the main thing you are looking for here, but a good soundtrack while you indulge in a great meal is never something to turn down.

Assembling your squad

A photo posted by Status Kuo (@eatstatuskuo) on

A squad that grubs together at Coachella, stays together! You take your seat as the designated foodie and assemble a killer squad around you consisting of an ACTUAL music enthusiast, the FOMO person, the rich kid who likes to brag about their VIP pass, the festival goer who doesn’t even care what festival it is, the valley girl, the out-of-towner, the foodie, Vanessa Hudgens, and the hippie mom. They will be important later when you need to re-up on your watermelon or double fist those giant pizza slices, as someone needs to save your spot in the crowd. They’re also helpful in holding your crazy amounts of food (heavy breathing). Another reason the squad is important is they need to be understanding of your food needs, no one likes a complainer. Lets not forget someone has to take the picture or act as an impromptu hand model. Bottom line. This step is crucial, so choose wisely.

Purchasing ticket


Without a doubt the worst part of the whole Coachella experience is purchasing the tickets. This is also shared on every social media possible, but in a much less hyped, way more whiny way. Basically we are all just whiny and complaining about the price although I do not doubt actual tears have ensued following the purchase. I may have personal experience. If your bank account isn’t slightly crying after a Coachella purchase pat yourself on the back, you are successfully adulting, have a successful sugar daddy, or just a successful (generous) daddy. Either way, I hate you.

When the Important lineup comes out


You know—the food lineup. The best lineup. Ok, if you’re not a foodie and are ready to shoot a mean comment my way for being more into the food than the music, FINE! But you better also send one to Coachella and tell them to step their music game up. I am not inhuman. I love music too, I just think the lineup game for food is far superior to the music lineup. Sorry, I am so not sorry. This is the day foodies get hyped on social media with ideas for food combinations. Ah, daydreams.

Planning your set list


Every Coachella-goer eagerly awaits set times and as a foodie it’s no different. We, too, get hyped about the set times. I obviously go for the music as well okay, sigh. Anyway, knowing set times is very important. You have to map out where you will be and what food is around the area. It essentially helps you know what kind of food you will be eating and on what day. Your eating pace is determined, your menu for the day is set, and your tunes to grub to are established. It all goes hand-in-hand.

Waiting in line for food

A photo posted by @misscutiefoodie on

You did it. You have made it to the motherland. Your stomach is grumbling and it is go time. If you have been to Coachella you know the vibes are unlike any other. Everyone is just smiling and running around. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in line for food, I am smiling ear to ear. Everyone else’s smiling just adds to that. I look like a giddy five year old whose mouth is stuck in an upside down rainbow formation. Waiting in line with others just as happy as you are is just a plus. You have your squad holding your place in the crowd (hopefully they are good with elbows) and everything you have been dreaming of for the past few months is finally falling into place. Bliss.

7. Realizing every damn dollar was worth it


Because pizza 🍕 #coachellaeats 📷: @kirkirchanel

A photo posted by Official Coachella Eats 2016 (@coachellaeats) on

You take that first drool-inducing bit, get that Insta-worthy pic and the music is like Jesus himself is performing a private concert. Fine, Coachella, take my money. Every last dollar. I love you, Coachella.

featured image via @thefestivalgear

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A Photo Guide To The Best Food And Drinks You’ll Find At Coachella

Let’s be real here: if you’re planning on going to coachella, there’s a good chance that you’ll be partaking in some drug or another. If you’re doing coke, molly or shrooms, you probably won’t be hungry and should focus on drinking water for the most part. However, if you’re part of the tamer party group of drinkers and tokers, then you’re likely to get hungry at some point, especially if you’ve been chiefing blunts with your buddies all day long.

Well, the good folks at The Infatuation flooded their snapchat (@infatuation) with some of the sexiest Coachella eateries, and even provided a photographic collection of a variety of foods from different pop-up vendors. Check them out to see which goodies you’ll be filling your belly with.

After’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

Creators of some of the most delectable ice cream-stuffed donuts the world has ever known. Considering you’ll be walking around in the sun all day, this might be a necessity.


Pok Pok

An LA Thai restaurant that specializes in noodles. Their chicken wings don’t look half bad either!


Smitten Ice Cream

This ice creamery uses all organic ingredients and will flash-freeze your dessert with liquid nitrogen, aka it’s dope as f***.


Free Range

This place might be the closest you’ll come to healthy(ish) eating. All the chicken is raised humanely, and it’s organic and non-gmo, which should make you feel a little better about eating them.


McConnell’s Ice Cream

This ice cream chain has been around since 1949, so CLEARLY they’re doing something right! They make most of their flavors based off of customer requests, so we can’t wait to see what wacky delights they come up with at Coachella!


Guerilla Tacos

Although they’ve only been around for a few years, the guys at Guerilla Tacos only use fresh local ingredients for their food, creating a different menu every week. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at Coachella!


Mallow Mallow

Handmade gourmet s’mores built to perfection. Need I say more?


Donut Farm

Specializing in quality vegan coffee and donuts, Donut Farm will restore your faith in vegans and vegetarians worldwide. If not, well at least you got one of the best donuts you’ll ever eat.


GD Bro

Run by some good friends of Foodbeast, GD Bro will provide you with burgers that might just be too pretty to eat. Of course, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t, because this shit is


Fritzi Dog

Not everyone is a cheeseburger type of person, and Fritzi Dog banks on that. With a variety of dogs to choose from, your lust for some good wieners will surely be satisfied.


Unit 120

Unit 120 focuses on helping up-and-coming chefs bring their culinary visions to life. What they have at Coachella will be a surprise, but you can bet your ass it’ll be delicious.



The hottest new Korean BBQ spot in LA! Any place that serves something as cool-sounding as “foie gras butter tomahawk steak” gets a chance in my book.


Ramen Hood

This cleverly-named ramen joint is run by season two’s winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef”, Ilan Hall. It’s also uses all vegan ingredients to boot.



This new West Hollywood restaurant is one of the most anticipated new hot spots in the food community. Their fresh take on Peruvian food will be a nice change of pace at Coachella!


Eureka! Tasting Kitchen

Defined as a place for “eatertainment,” Eureka! is sure to show off some excellent gourmet food, quality craft beer and artisan liquor. Known for their awesome environment, it will be interesting to see how they conform to the sandy jungles of Coachella.


Clover Juice

Let’s be real here, we’re all going to be dying on Saturday morning after we go extra-hard on the first night of music and raging. Your best bet will be to snag one of these pretty detox drinks to keep you going til Sunday.


Beer Belly

This is the place that takes all of your favorite foods and mashes them together in one simple meal. Beer Belly will make your decisions easy, leaving you ample time to ponder on which performance to head to next.


Backyard Bowls

If you’re looking for the quick, healthy alternative to places like Beer Belly, then Backyard Bowls is the spot for you. This place will have acai bowls, porridge, smoothies and much more on deck to satisfy your culinary desires.


Sumo Dog

Originally a Hawaiian product, this island-style eatery will provide you with paradise in a bun, although you might need a friend or two to polish off this bad boy.



A Southern Italy-style eatery, this pioneer of hospitality and Italian cuisine will be there to give the good people the meatball sub they need, but not the one they deserve.


Top Round Roast Beef

Imagine if one of the big wigs at Arby’s decided to use their roast beef for good, rather than small, processed evil. Top Round boasts some of the tastiest roast beef sandwiches around, almost enough to make vegans and vegetarians alike question their beliefs.



This hot new seafood-inspired orchestra is conducted by Joe Jonas. But don’t let his fame fool you into thinking this is just another celeb-turned-entrepreneur, because the food here is actually fantastic. Their brunch items will be sure to give you the boost you’ll need the following day.


Seven Grand

Sure, you might be rolling balls from your pressed pills or wired from the wild coke party at your Air BnB, but a cocktail here and there will be a nice change of pace to the craziness. Seven Grand will have you covered with their whiskey drinks made from the best ingredients to keep you saying, “Ahhhh.”



BCN, which is the airport code for Barcelona, will bring street food straight from Spain to our neck of the desert. Offering up some of the tastiest sandwiches Europe has to offer, this place will work wonders for people wanting to eat quality food on their way to the next show.


Cassell’s Hamburgers

Open since 1948, Cassell’s prides themselves on changing nothing at all in their original recipe and cooking process, similar in a sense to In-N-Out’s motto, making this place a must-eat stop for burger aficionados.


Superba Food + Bread

For anyone seeking to line their stomachs with something to absorb the alcohol/molly/everything else, Superba is your best bet. Striving to introduce new and exciting twists to bread and sandwiches, Superba puts the focus on the customer, and that’s something we can all appreciate.



via The Infatuation


This is What Coachella’s Poster Would Look Like if Food Was Headlining

Coachella. It’s one of the biggest music festivals of the year, and it’s an arguably alienating topic for some. You either have tickets, wish you had tickets, or are sick-and-tired of hearing about those who are going, wish they were going, or the self-aware trolls who protest earnestly against everyone who mentions Coachella in their Facebook statuses.

Yeah, there’s people playing music. Wah. Yeah there’s two weekends and all my friends are going to the first. Wah.

Enough ranting, the real moral of the story is, Coachella’s annual poster-reveal with their extravagant performing lineups have always been a point of discussion. So much so that interesting blog Food is the New Rock has successfully mocked up a Coachella poster, painting food as the primary focus of the event.

Can you spot the big players? Kogi BBQ Truck references? Some CoolHaus desserts?

For those going to Coachella this year, what food are you looking forward to? For those not going, maybe you should chirp at the rest of the Coachella-ers in the comments and remind them how much of a shit you don’t give about the concert in general?

Until next year: