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The 3 Best Ways To Eat Vegemite, As Told By Aussie Electronic Trio RÜFÜS DU SOL

Despite being the average Aussie’s obsession, Vegemite has always been met with some apprehension in the United States. Its dark and inky color seems to confuse people, the viscous texture can be a lot if overdone, and most of all, no one stateside quite knows the perfect way to consume it.

For those wondering, the main flavor profile and color of Vegemite comes from brewer’s yeast. This gives the spread its malty taste that’s high in umami, which could be one of the reasons the spread has been considered “overpowering” at times.

But even with some mixed feelings on the spread here in the United States, there’s no denying there is a right and wrong way to use the condiment. We sat down with Aussie electronic trio RÜFÜS DU SOL at Coachella to get their perspective on this enigmatic spread, as well as some suggestions on how anyone can fall in love with its savory flavor.

Photo Credit: Le Fawnhawk

First of all, if you haven’t heard of RÜFÜS DU SOL yet, you’ll probably be hearing about them pretty soon. The electronic trio from Australia composed of Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt, made their debut at Coachella and on the Jimmy Kimmel show all in one week earlier this month, and will be continuing their worldwide tour this summer to additional festivals like Lollapalooza and sold out major venues like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The trio typically lives a pretty healthy lifestyle, and actually snacked on Sweetfin poke bowls and Matchabar lattes while we chatted, but when the topic of Vegemite came up as part of a fun game of “Smash or Pass: Food Edition,” the whole group lit up. Tyrone was our player for Smash or Pass, and gave an overwhelming “Smash” when asked about Vegemite.

I wanted to dig a little deeper and see what Vegemite actually tastes like, since I’ve never tried it. Tyrone linked it to soy sauce, which makes a lot of sense. “You know soy sauce that you might have with rice, that adds kind of a salty flavor? I’d say Vegemite is just like that but people tend to over use it if they’re just trying it for the first time,” he acknowledged.

The key to this spread? MODERATION! Keep that in mind when trying out these top three ways to eat Vegemite, as told by Tyrone, Jon, and James of RÜFÜS DU SOL:

1. Vegemite & Butter

“A huge yes. I love it. If you’re going to eat Vegemite, you need it on toast, you need to have hot toast, then you apply quite a lot of butter. It softens the blow of the saltiness and tastes really good,” gushed Tyrone.

Step 1: Douse your toast in butter. Step 2: Scrape on a tad bit of Vegemite. Step 3: Enjoy the salty and savory symphony of flavors in your mouth.


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2. Tiger Toast

“You can also do a thing called Tiger Toast where you have the Vegemite which is a black color and then you get strips of cheese. Also softens the blow,” advised James.

Now THIS is a fun toast to make. Add a nice scrape (not slather!) of Vegemite and then top with a few cheese slices. The dairy from the cheese does a great job of subduing the rich taste.

3. Vegemite & Avocado Toast

“Avocado instead of butter as well. That’s ‘next level.’”

Who doesn’t love ‘next level’ toast? We’re here for the creamy and salty duo that is avocado and Vegemite.

To learn more about RÜFÜS DU SOL, visit their website or listen to their music here.

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Kid Cudi Delivered $10k Worth of Popeyes Fried Chicken to the Homeless

While headlining the Coachella Valley Music Festival over the last couple weeks, rapper Kid Cudi decided to give back to the local area, helping feed the Coachella-area homeless some of the best fast food fried chicken out there.

Teaming up with Postmates, Cudi delivered $10,000-worth of Popeyes chicken, biscuits, fries and mashed potatoes to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, according to TMZ.

The dropoff reportedly took place Friday, April 19, a day before he performed at the music festival.

Video footage shows an SUV rolling up to the rescue mission, with boxes upon boxes of Popeyes chicken. They later served up the food, getting it ready for hungry folks.

Kid Cudi also worked with Postmates on putting together a 420-inspired Munchies Menu, where select cities were able to order from a curated menu, in collaboration with some of his favorite restaurants.


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It looks like Cudder is trying to not just put his name on a branded collab, and is actually doing some good through food. You have to be excited to see what he and Postmates do next.

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Mountain Dew Takes Over Entire Motel For Unique Desert Party Vibes


The onset of Coachella brings about the dopest ancillary parties and functions to support the festival vibes and good times. At the top of this list of local activations that coincide with Coachella weekend was Mountain Dew’s DEW Label Motel in Palm Springs, Calif. during weekend of Coachella.


After taking over the Musicland Hotel, Mountain Dew transformed it into a desert oasis filled with themed rooms with unique themes like Virtual Reality and live art from artist Bradley Theodore, an appearance from the Mountain Dew skate team like Sean Malto and Curren Caples, a VFILES pool party and pop-up shop featuring a capsule collection with Mountain Dew, and best of all, a mini-concert series that presented the likes of Virgil Abloh spinning a DJ set and rapper G-Eazy performing on the DEW Label Hotel stage.

All of this was thrown as a big celebration to launch the Mtn Dew Label Series, which feature specially crafted, bold, and refined new flavors of Mountain Dew in three iterations.

Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse into all the festivities that truly defined all the good vibes partying in the desert can bring.






Photos by Eric Reed/Invision for DEW/AP Images
Adventures Now Trending The Katchup

He Was Too Drunk To Interview G-Eazy At Coachella, Did It Anyway [The Katchup Podcast]

Over the past weekend, Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth, Managing Editor Reach Guinto, Head of Video Marc Kharrat, and Contributing Writer Raphael Madrid headed out to Coachella and had some very interesting and hilarious experiences.

Reach and Elie sat down on a special livestreamed version of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup, this week to recount some of their funniest tales. Coachella always results in hilarious and memorable stories, and that was definitely the case for the Foodbeast fam. Some of the best tales included what happened to Elie after eating five meals in one sitting and Reach’s hilarious experience interviewing rapper G-Eazy.

Reach and Elie also broke down some of the other top trending stories of the week, such as Starbuck’s wack new Unicorn Frappuccino (which they tried live) and a McDonald’s employee helping to catch the “Cleveland Facebook Killer.”

And of course, with Foodbeast’s own festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at MainPlace Mall, coming up this weekend, the two also got hyped on some of the items y’all will be able to try this Saturday.

Make sure to listen to the podcast to get the deep, yet hilarious reactions to everything that went on in the food world this week.

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Instagram’s Newest Interactive Photo Guide Highlights Coachella’s Best Food

After the desert dust had settled at the Empire Polo Club in conclusion of weekend one of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, all that’s left besides your sore feet and drained cell phone batteries are the memories captured and the hashtags to help us navigate them.

#Coachella, #Coachella2017 — the usual suspects are there to hit up and help recap the weekend. But for the first time ever, there’s an official hashtag for foodies to peruse all the mouthwatering eats one can sink their teeth into at Coachella. #EatAtCoachella is the new hashtag created in collaboration between Instagram and Coachella to debut a new food portrait series via interactive photo grid. Clearly this use of photography at Coachella is much better than what’s used on basics in flower crowns.

This year’s lineup of food vendors, chefs, and foodie influencers on hand were the source of the photos, which gave an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at all of the most viral food content that went down this past weekend at Coachella. What’s even cooler is that Instagram expertly curated all the drool-worthy coverage into the first interactive photo grid of its kind related to all the eats at the music festival. You can even watch it all go up live here and get the latest on-the-fly updates like a glorious munchie highlight reel.

So if you’re ready to relive the biggest hits of Coachella’s food lineup, peep #EatAtCoachella and get ready to feel just how cavernous your stomach feels after you realize how many epic bites you missed out on. For Coachella weekend 2 warriors, get ready to feast your eyes on what awaits your palates and use this as your one-stop guide to figuring out just what your appetite needs.

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Ramsay And Bourdain Are Not Your Food Saviors [The Katchup Podcast]

We do not need to always look to Gordon Ramsay or Anthony Bourdain to be our eating conscience.

In this week’s episode of The Katchup Podcast, our hosts stumbled upon the “Gourdain Theory,” where millennials always look to the two popular chefs as gods, and see their words to be gospel.

The conversation came up during talk of Taiwan’s decision to ban the consumption of cats and dogs. While arguing whether eating pets is taboo, our hosts Elie Ayrouth and Reach Guinto wondered what Ramsay or Bourdain think about this topic. Upon that thought, they then asked themselves why it matters what those two think. There are countless credible culinary sources, yet we cling on these two for some reason.

Do you agree or disagree on this “Gourdain Theory?”

Another hot topic this week was a North Carolina restaurant’s decision to ban children of age 5 or under. While on the surface, it sounds like a terrifying PR move, their nightly reservations have significantly increased from 50 to a whopping 80 since the ban.

Would you dine somewhere knowing there won’t be any extra distractions from children?

With April 20 around the corner, you’ll probably see tons of cannabis-related recipes that all sound amazing and crazy, but let’s be real, you’re not going to make any of those insane creations.

Instead, we hooked you up with a simple, classic pot brownie a la mode. Making the brownie is super easy, plus we used Halo Top and their low-calorie ice cream so that we eat it a little guilt-free.

Go ahead, try it and thank us on April 21.

Coachella’s also coming up this weekend, and we discuss the growing food culture at the festival. There are some dos and don’ts involved with eating in a dessert, like, you probably don’t want to be chowing on a gooey raclette while fighting a sandstorm.

Check out the complete list of Coachella 2017’s Foods HERE.

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Foodbeast’s Guide to Coachella 2017 Eats

I must admit, unlike my native Southern Californian counterparts, I usually don’t revel in the phenomenon that is Coachella…that is until I caught a glimpse of the food lineup.

*quickly Googles how to create a fake wristband*

While Coachella is first and foremost a showcase of music and art, it has seriously upped its culinary game within the last couple of years. The festival has become known for its web of food trucks, pop-up restaurants and artisan chefs – some of which can be found in general admission sections, like the Beer Barn and the new Boardwalk, while others are only attainable in VIP areas.

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Regardless of your ticket status, there are multiple vendors to look forward to in each area. A couple of crowd favorites are returning but this year’s roster is also joined by newcomers such as Sweet COMBforts ever-so-picturesque Belgian waffles on a stick and Paper Planes’ tater tots smothered with a heaping blanket of gooey raclette.

Sweet COMBforts (General Admission – Boardwalk) 

Paper Planes (Rose Garden VIP)

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Because the more Instagram-able, the better.

Coachella also provides an option where festival-goers can take a breather from the infamous Sahara tent to indulge in an outdoor, four-course meal in the Rose Garden that is basically Pinterest porn.

Outstanding In The Field

Outstanding in the Field is a farm-to-table outdoor dining experience in which a group of handpicked chefs curate two gourmet dinners per night. Unfortunately, you must be a Coachella ticket holder to claim your $225 seat. Trust me I double checked.


If you’re looking to rest your feet at a more reasonable price, there will be three pop-up restaurants offered at $50 per person. These pop-ups include Kindred, an eccentric vegan menu with death-metal vibes; Little Sister, a laid-back DTLA favorite that combines Asian and American flavors and the multi-concept Playa Provisions which provides diners with a beach-side feel. These restaurants are located in VIP and reservations can be made ahead of time via Open Table.


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Little Sister DTLA

Playa Provisions

See below for a couple more notable vendors that will leave your taste buds singing and your Instagram likes soaring. Also be sure to follow Foodbeast for an up-close taste test at the festival during Weekend 1 (April 14th-16th).

Sumo Dog (Boardwalk – General Admission)

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Tip: While Sumo Dog previously offered caviar as a topping (oh you fancy, huh?) you should definitely order the sushi tots served sumo style. Think crispy rice tots and a pokè bowl that had a magical, spicy mayo child.

Beer Belly (Beer Barn)

Tip: Hold on to your crop tops, you’re going to want to order the classic beer belly grilled cheese and their new Koreatown location just debuted its new menu including sloppy joe mac and cheese (which we are secretly hoping will make an appearance). Either of these are great selections, just make sure to wash it down with some quality craft beer.

Mallow Mallow (Boardwalk – General Admission)

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Tip: These artisan s’mores offer flavored marshmallows such as bourbon bacon and peanut butter, allowing customers to mix and match. In this instance, it’s ok to go OG here and order “the classic,” although all of their flavors look ridiculous. Did you even camp in the desert if you didn’t have a s’more? The answer is no.

POT (Main Stage VIP)

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Tip: This popular K-Town spot helmed by Roy Choi boasts Korean favorites with an American twist. Their rice bowls are definitely the go-to here if you need a little mid-festival fuel, especially their spicy BBQ pork bowl complete with spicy pork belly and kimchi.

Badmaash (Main Stage VIP)

A post shared by BADMAASH (@badmaashla) on

Tip: Coming back to Coachella, Badmaash is implementing casual Indian cuisine into the festival culture. We recommend trying their poutine fries topped with chicken tikka masala gravy because if not, you will likely see it on Instagram and feel orderer’s remorse. We warned you.

Birdies (Main Stage VIP)

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Tip: These people take the “F” word very seriously: Fried. Order the Donut Fried Chicken sandwich off of their secret menu and be prepared to bite into heaven. Basically, they wedge a piece of fried chicken in between your choice of donut. So. Extra.

Mamacita (Rose Garden VIP)

A post shared by Mamacita (@mamacitacantina) on

Tip: Hollywood hot-spot, Mamacita, is bringing their Peruvian quinoa bowls and wraps to Coachella. This food line-up would not be complete without a burrito, so opt for a wrap and don’t miss a beat in-between your favorite sets.

Fat Dragon (Rose Garden VIP)

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Tip: Fat Dragon is known for its classic Chinese cuisine, so don’t mess with tradition and get the seriously satisfying orange chicken bowl. Then wash it down with some aesthetically pleasing fruit infused tea.


Former Souplantation Manager’s Creepy Craigslist Ad For A Coachella Date Gets Deleted

With the recent news of Souplantation’s parent company, Sweet Tomatoes, filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and rumors that some locations could close, it’s safe to say some employees are looking for a way out.  Well, one such former employee has made it clear that he’s clearly over his managerial role at the all-you-can-eat chain and is set on, “JUST FUN,” from now on.

Gordon, as he calls himself in a recently posted Craigslist ad — which has now been flagged for removal — is looking to attend Coachella with a, “travel companion.”

In his ad, the newly divorced 56-year-old former Supervising Manager at Souplantation from West Covina explained that after 11 years of marriage, he recently quit his job, cashed out his 401K, and wants to party — beginning with a fun-filled VIP experience during Weekend 2 of Coachella 2017.

Here’s an image of the now deleted ad.


Gordie’s Craigslist ad seemed innocent enough at first, but quickly transitioned into a creepy, slightly questionable solicitation for a 19 to 25-year-old female with a, “(#3) … fashionable sense of style in the vein of typical coachella goer (i.e. cute indian headband, small ripped jean shorts, lots of colorful bracelets, etc),” who should be willing to follow a 20-point checklist of semi-repulsive requests during the the four-day weekend together.


While Gordon’s first few rules aren’t that disturbing, things quickly progress into the transgressive realm, starting with stipulation #5.

5. Must keep hands and feet moisturized at all times.

Um, sure?

As the list grows, Gordon’s requests started to shadow a deep sense of fetishism and obsessiveness, not to mention some were borderline demanding.


Rule #10 was especially critical: Being social is fine but no excessive fraternizing with other male festival-goers, and most definitely NO PUBLIC AFFECTION with other festival-goers (violation of this rule results in immediate removal of Tropic Motor Motel room privileges and maybe even return ride).

So, your guest isn’t supposed to interact with other people at a festival? Why not just watch it online?

Here comes the heavier stuff. Take a breath.

Rule #11 states, “Periodic moments of extended eye contact.”


Rule #12 is pretty much where it all started going south.

12. Allow me to brush your hair once per day (not mandatory, but encouraged).

Huh? Why?

Gordon’s not done there. The list continues with awkward requests that seem to showcase a slightly voyeuristic personality, mixed with slight delusion.

For example, rule #15 stated, “Any personal grooming such as toenail clipping, eyebrow plucking or lipstick application must be done in my presence.”

It’s called personal grooming for a reason, Gordon!  Can’t we just go watch Beyonce?!

There’s really no explanation for the rest of his requests, but hey, here we go.

#17. At least twice during the festival you must tell me in a playful manner that “I am naughty.”


#18. At some point in time during the festival you must tell me that, “you didn’t know how this would go, but you’re actually having a really good time.”

Why would I lie?

Rule 19 is probably is by far the creepiest request:

19. At least once during our stay after your shower, you must use the steam to write a cute message on the bathroom mirror for me to find later when I shower.

Does, “HELP ME!!!!” count?

Lastly, Gordon’s just there to have a sweet-ass time and just wants you to have a blast, as long as you’re not in violation of the 8,500,000 set of rules he has established.

20.  Must be ready to party and HAVE FUN.

It’s easy to see why this ad was removed, but still, it’s only fair that we hope Gordon meets the, “right one.” But, perhaps he should do so under some less invasive, and more moderately acceptable circumstances.