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Arby’s Is Gifting Carnivores With Meat Sweats This Holiday

With less than a week to go until Christmas, any procrastinators sweating at the brow to get those last-minute gifts have to be stressed at this point. Fortunately, Arby’s may have a solution to mop up that salty holiday sweat.

The sandwich chain has announced that they are giving away a set of Meat Sweats to some lucky carnivores. Arby’s is choosing select meat eaters nationwide who have shared their sizable feats of meat throughout 2017 on social their social channels.

How Arby’s will go about selecting these individuals remains to be seen, but the sweat drops will be happening starting this week. We’ll be sure to update you when we find out more about the mysterious criteria, to give everyone a fighting chance at this apparel.

Until then, Arby’s, check out a few of Foodbeast’s meatiest entries this year. We’ll be waiting by the mailbox for our sweats.



Anytime you see the word “still” on a post involving couples, there’s a good chance they were just in an argument, or have argued about whatever the thesis of the post was. Like, “I might be a handful, but he STILL loves me and I love him.” Or “Even though we’re both busy, we STILL find time for each other.” Even when you’re quoting Kanye, “I don’t care what none of y’all say, I STILL love her,” we know you just had a fight and jumped on social media to help put out the fire with that loving “still” post, and a picture of the two of you kissing on a random previous date night. . . . Anyway, we got super intimate with this Australian Wagyu Ribeye from @bartongla. Definitely one of the top 3 steaks I’ve ever had. 🐂🔥🔥🔥 #foodbeast #bartong #tryitordiet #steak #tomahawk #mediumrare #perfect #truelove #dailyfoodfeed

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Taco Bell Opens Their Online Taco Shop For Holiday Swag


With the holidays getting closer and closer, you’re probably starting to sweat about what to get your loved ones almost as much as you would after drowning a Crunchwrap in Taco Bell’s Diablo salsa.

Knowing that we’re probably going to be in a bind regarding gifts, the fast food chain has now opened up their Taco Shop to fans and patrons who are looking to get some pretty sweet Taco Bell swag for their friends and family.

Items from the online store include Taco Bell gift cards, vintage sweatshirts, cellphone cases, hot sauce beach towels, and t-shirts.

Taco Bell’s merch are sorted into a $5, $10, and $25 dollar price range, in case you wanted to put a monetary value on your friendships.

Check out the Taco Shop for ideas on what to get your closest compadres this holiday. We’re gonna try to get our hands on one of those sweet vintage sweaters.

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For Today Only, Denny’s Is Giving Away Free Breakfast Apparel


Who: Denny’s

What: The diner chain will be giving away swag from their online store. Items include coffee mugs, T-shirts, skateboards, bacon scarves, socks, leggings, and other cool apparel and novelty items.

After the event, Denny’s will post a link on the page where winners can claim their prizes. As you can see from the image above, breakfast lovers will not want to miss out on this giveaway.

Where: You can find the livestream on the Denny’s Facebook page.

When: August 16, 2016 at 2pm and 6pm EST.


This Wine Bottle Hoodie is So Cute it Makes My Head Hurt


It’s gotta be tough keeping your wine from getting too chilly on a cold winter’s day. You wouldn’t want it to catch anything. Thankfully, someone came up with a sensible solution to prevent such an inconvenience: Wine Bottle Hoodie.

The miniature hoodie zip-up comes in gray. Much like its life-sized counterpart, the product features everything a real hoodie would have. Well, except arm holes. Because having wine sit out in your household can get pretty boring, why not spend money to add a sense of novelty to your alcohol?

The Wine Bottle hoodie is available through retailer Urban Outfitters for $20. The snug jacket is a blend of cotton and polyester and should be machine washed.

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Move Over Horsemeat, Unicorn ‘Cuts’ Are All the Rage


Even if you’re a vegetarian, chances are that you’ve heard about the different cuts which make up beef: chuck, sirloin, rib, brisket, and the list goes on.

But unicorn meat? Not so much. If we had to take a guess, we’d have to say sugar, spice, and everything nice — but unicorns aren’t exactly little girls with superpowers . . . are they?


Naw — it’s more like fairy dust, cupcakes, rainbows, sunshine, and kittens. Oh, and sporks. At least, that’s what designer Luis Diaz thinks. His clever design, which can be found on t-shirts and iPhone cases at Threadless, breaks down these ever-elusive, magical creatures — for those who have never seen them in the flesh.

And that glittery, majestical horn? Yes, you can chalk that up to the power of bacon.


H/T Snack Fixation + PicThx Threadless


Alcohoodie – Your Best Friend for Winter-Weather Drinking


Remember when we introduced “Bar10der“, the Swiss Army knife for bartenders? And you were all, “OMG, that’s great, but what if I’m not a bartender, and I just like drinking and fashion and keeping my torso warm?”

Us, too.

And then we found this! It’s called the Drinkmaster Hoodie, and it’s got everything you need for boozing it up with your buddies this winter:

  • Drinking “mitts” to keep your hands warm and your drink cold
  • Flask pocket, in case that beer just isn’t doing it for you
  • Koozie pocket, lined with Neoprene. That’s the stuff they use for scuba diving. Scuba diving!
  • Zipper cover, because fashion

Not to mention a special pocket to store your ID, and a zipper pull that doubles as a bottle opener. Seriously, with all this, all you need is a second winter storm Nemo, and you’re good to go.


Drinkmaster Hoodie $60MissingInk

H/T + PicThx The Drink Nation


The Gumball Machine Dress is Real, and Awesome

Let’s face it, your dress probably doesn’t have a gumball machine on it. If you’ve faced that realization many times throughout the course of your dress-wearing existence, today can be the day all your dreams get fulfilled.

Etsy shop owner Coyote Peyote has put together a dress made of medium weight cotton, synthetic fabric with a red felt fumball machine stitched off to the side of the front of the garment. The bubble part of the machine is completely see through, and holds loose gumball beads to simulate live action candy. There’s a back invisible zipper, and the $135 dress comes in 5 sizes.



L-R-G Clothing Reveals the “Burger Boardshorts”

L-R-G clothing, based out of Southern California, has always been on the cutting edge with their street-wear game. Little did we know, the geniuses in their design department are some serious foodbeasts! What we’re looking at right now is a super sneak peak at part of their 2011 Spring and Summer range. The Burger Boardshorts are an all-over print piece that features a beautifully drawn, near photo-realistic hamburger, dripping with perspiration.