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For The First Time In 40 Years, McDonald’s To Close More Stores Than It’s Opening


McDonald’s has been trying to figure itself for a while now. Between cutting items, trimming down drive-thru and simplifying ingredients, the changes imposed by CEO Steve Easterbrook and McDonald’s Corp. has been admirable for the fast food chain. We have to hand it to them for trying.

However, Easterbrook has announced that McDonald’s will plan on closing almost 700 of its stores.

This marks a historic hit for McDonald’s who hasn’t closed more stores than it’s opening since 1970. Since Securities and Exchange Commission numbers weren’t recorded before 1970, there’s no way to know the actual numbers before that year.

While 700 stores may seem like a big number, compared to McDonalds’ existing stores, it’s not that big of a drop.

Closing the McDonald’s units are said to be part of a strategic review that will help establish future growth in the company, a spokesperson told AP.



Student Fight Club Causes Taco Bell Store to Close its Doors for Every School Day


High school can be frustrating — sometimes kids like to take their frustrations out in a positive and productive manner. This is absolutely not the case for a certain group of high schoolers from Antioch, California. In fact, the Tyler Durden-inspired kids meet up after school every day at the local Taco Bell to beat the shit out of each other.

The Taco Bell in Antioch has become the local hot-spot for teenagers to show up and let loose on each other’s faces. Reports narrow the beat down rush hour to 90 minutes each day.

Because the students have begun to threaten store employees, the store has implemented a daily shutdown in hopes to deter the fight club. From 3-4:30 pm, the Taco Bell will close its lobby doors. While the drive-thru will continue to remain open, the students, or anyone for that matter, will no longer be allowed inside the building during that hour and a half time period.

CBS San Francisco reports that the reason the Taco Bell was chosen as the fight spot is because the students are afraid of being called to the principal’s office if they fought one another on school grounds. The police are also aware of this and are reported to be working with businesses in the area in attempts to alleviate the ridiculous ass kicking happening in their parking lot.

H/T Consumerist


Original Ray’s Pizza Closes

After many years of fine pizza making, the original Ray’s Pizza in New York is closing its doors at the end of the month.

The New York Times reports, the pizzeria on 27 Prince Street in Little Italy has faced many legal battles with heirs and will be facing eviction. Ray’s, which opened in 1959, has been frequented by many celebrities over the years.

Ray’s will be open until the end of the Feast of Gennaro, which concludes September 25.

[THX: NY Times Photo Credit: Victor Blue NY Times]