Cheesecake Clock

It’s time for National Cheesecake Day!

This quartz clock measures 10″ in diameter and features an original photograph of a cheesecake topped with raspberries.  The design is printed onto a wooden base, and topped with a UV resistant coating that protects the photo from fading.  The clock face is stain-resistant and washable, which may come in handy if you experience any unexpected kitchen splatters.  And the best part – it’s an entire cheesecake with 0 calories!  ($35 @ Dan Johnson Designs)


Citrus Clock

Designed by Anna Gram, the Citrus Clock works as such: cut up a lemon, put both halves down on the clock, and you have power to your clock for a week or so. Stay citrussy (sp?) and stay on time, I’m down. Eat on! (Thx Unplggd)