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Unusual Eating Habits Of 10 Incredibly Successful People


Entrepreneurs and politicians are people, just like us. Sometimes we see them post a photo of In-N-Out or some other fast food spot and we think to ourselves, “Hey, I can relate to that.”

Successful people do have their quirks when it comes to food, however, and some can be the pickiest and most eccentric of eaters.

Unum created an infographic compiling a list of unusual eating habits of some of the most successful people to ever walk the planet, DesignTaxi reports. We find out facts like exactly how much Winston Churchill ate for breakfast every day to Bill Gates’ passion for ‘cheap cheeseburgers’ and spray cheese.

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Coca Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Unite to Cut Down Sugar in Soft Drinks, Bill Clinton Approves


Three of the world’s largest soda companies have joined together to combat diabetes and heart disease. Coca Cola, Pepsi Co. and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group have all pledged to reduce the sugar content in their drinks. The goal is to cut the sugar in soft drinks by 20 percent within the next decade.

The New York Times reported that the three soda companies pledged this admirable goal Tuesday at the recent Clinton Global Initiative. The brands are working to increase the presence of low- to zero-calorie soft drinks. They’re also going to focus on consumer awareness of calories they are drinking. The decade-long crusade to beat high sugar intake will make use of reducing soda servings, packaging redesigns, vending machine distributions and promotions through different mediums.

It’s good to see that multimillion dollar companies care about people’s health, even if it looks like they could possibly lose some money because of this endeavor. While it could be argued that diet or low-calorie drinks are no healthier than their sugar-filled counterparts, we’re all for the smaller cola portions.

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Celebrity Grub

Bill Clinton, the FOODBEAST

Sure Bill Clinton’s faced a lot of controversies while in office. But according to his former Presidential Pastry Chef, Ronald Mesnier, Clinton was crazy about his sweets.

Mesnier told FOX News that one night he had made a strawberry short cake, which the President had eaten half in one sitting and woke up the next morning craving more.

“No one could find the cake,” said Mesnier. “Clinton was pounding on the table and shouting, ‘I want my goddamned cake.’” If the most powerful man in the free world wants cake, you better believe you need to get in that kitchen.

Clinton was known for his bad diet habits while in office, a diet that included countless sweets, snacks, and trips to McDonald’s. Clinton could even eat five or six pork chops at a time, Mesnier told FOX. In 2004, he went through a quadruple bypass.

Since, he has adopted a vegan lifestyle. But the world will never forget what a FoodBeast this man truly was.

via: FOX News Photo: WikimediaCommons/Bob McNeely/The White House