How About a Free Pizza with That Vasectomy?


Full disclosure: I am female, I went to Catholic elementary school, I followed the business and not the health pathway in high school, I took psychology for my science GE and I had to google what a “vasectomy” was for this article, just to be safe.

But now that I know – apparently the Urology Associates of Cape Cod clinic in Cape Cod, Mass. is offering fellas free pizzas for severing the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles, as a promotion for March Madness.

“We want the patient to rest for two or three days after the procedure,” Evan Cohen, practice coordinator for the clinic, told ABC News, “This way they can put their feet up, watch a game and have a pizza.”

Apparently the promotion works, as 30 men have already signed up for the deal this year — which expires April 6 along with the end of the NCAA basketball finals — as of last Thursday.

I like to believe guys go to these kinds of things together, as a form of “male bonding.” They ask for rooms right next to each other and use the waiting room magazines to send Snapchats of all the chicks they’ll now be able to bang guilt-free and, once it’s all over, they call up all their guy friends to meet them at the bar for beers and pizzas and hanging celebration signs wishing them “Happy Vasectomy,” whilst slapping each other’s bums.

Meanwhile other clinics scramble to develop a “for her” pizza made of pink and flowers and sparkles, because that’s the way the world works.

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Chicago ‘Hangover Clinic’ Claims it Can Cure Your Hangover in An Hour

Years from now, some of us will be able to look back and say, “You kids today have it too easy. Why, when I was your age, I had to stay in bed all day and whine about my hangover! You whippersnappers head over to the hangover clinic in Chicago and a hour later, you’re playing on your iPhone 60s. Bah, humbug!”

That’s how old people talk, right?

The important part here is that the Revive Hydration Clinic in River North, Chicago has just opened its doors with the claim that it can alleviate your hangover symptoms within the hour, via a combination of IV fluids, vitamins, and medications. We all know that horrible feeling the next morning is caused by dehydration — Revive seeks to perk you right up by taking all the hard parts of re-hydrating (like drinking water,ugh) out of the equation. They also offer conference, private and semi-private rooms, as well as blankets and eye covers, because no one really wants to be awake during a hangover so bad you’re willing to shell out $99 to get a little relief.

To that end, it’s worth it to note Revive also deals with people suffering from cold and flu symptoms, as well as athletes and jet-lagged business men. This idea (courtesy of Jack Dybis, surgeon, who says the medical community is “very aware” of the hangover struggle) is not the first of its kind, though: Hangover Heaven has been doing its thing in Vegas now for a while. On wheels, no less.

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