If Alcohol Labels Told the Truth, They’d Look a Little Something Like This


You’re at a grocery store and you have to make a decision. Will you stay at home, crying about your ex with Netflix and Moscato? Or head out with the girls for an “I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine” sesh after one too many vodka-Red Bulls?

Total Sorority Move drafted a series of tongue-in-cheek alcohol bottles renamed for what they should actually be called. We’re talking “Crying Alone” moscato, “Sugar” Malibu Rum, and “Vomit Everywhere” Jager. Granted, while some labels like “Dancing on Tablés” tequila are spot on, others like “Blackout” Fireball come off as a little generic.

Check out more of our favorites below, and feel free to enjoy with a can of “Super Deep V” PBR.

honest-alcohol-4 honest-alcohol-3 honest-alcohol-2 honest-alcohol-1



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This Resume Bar is Why You Don’t Have a Job

candy bar

Stop shouting “OH MY GOD I HAD THAT EXACT SAME IDEA!” at the screen for just a minute and peep this story:

Redditor elilanger‘s buddy Nick Begley was looking for a job. No surprise there. The exciting part comes in at his resume. It wasn’t pink (and scented!), it didn’t begin with his name in size 22 font, double bold and underlined. Instead, it was printed and wrapped around — wait for it — a real-live, actual, edible Crunch candy bar. The delicious kind! His qualifications, skills, etc, etc we’re printed where the boring nutritional facts usually go.


And you know what? He got the job.

Suck it, Thinking Inside the Box.

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