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The Internet REALLY Wants McDonald’s Employee Who ID’ed Facebook Killer To Get Reward

When the infamous “Cleveland Facebook Killer,” Steve Stephens, showed up at a McDonald’s in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania, one employee’s actions led to the murderer being found before killing himself in the middle of a police chase.

Now, as the investigation continues into everything that happened, it’s come up that there was a $50,000 reward for anyone who led police to the killer’s location or whereabouts. The internet has a pretty good idea of who they want that reward to go to: the unnamed McDonald’s employee.

The $50,000 reward is coming from the FBI, ATF, and U.S. Marshal Service, according to TMZ. They also spoke to law enforcement officials who said its clear that the actions of the employee and the franchise owner that stalled the Cleveland Facebook Killer made a huge difference in them being able to track down and apprehend the criminal.

Grubstreet reports that as of right now, it’s not totally clear as to whether the McDonald’s team qualifies for the reward due to them being employees, but based on what the employee and owner did, the answer is obvious enough. If not for their actions, Stephens could’ve gotten even further away and possibly disappeared off the grid.

Even if they don’t qualify for the reward, McDonald’s should do the right thing and reward the Harborcreek Township location for their valiant service. One Twitter suggestion on how they could reward the franchise is spot-on:

I couldn’t agree more.

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He Was Too Drunk To Interview G-Eazy At Coachella, Did It Anyway [The Katchup Podcast]

Over the past weekend, Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth, Managing Editor Reach Guinto, Head of Video Marc Kharrat, and Contributing Writer Raphael Madrid headed out to Coachella and had some very interesting and hilarious experiences.

Reach and Elie sat down on a special livestreamed version of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup, this week to recount some of their funniest tales. Coachella always results in hilarious and memorable stories, and that was definitely the case for the Foodbeast fam. Some of the best tales included what happened to Elie after eating five meals in one sitting and Reach’s hilarious experience interviewing rapper G-Eazy.

Reach and Elie also broke down some of the other top trending stories of the week, such as Starbuck’s wack new Unicorn Frappuccino (which they tried live) and a McDonald’s employee helping to catch the “Cleveland Facebook Killer.”

And of course, with Foodbeast’s own festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at MainPlace Mall, coming up this weekend, the two also got hyped on some of the items y’all will be able to try this Saturday.

Make sure to listen to the podcast to get the deep, yet hilarious reactions to everything that went on in the food world this week.

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McDonald’s Employee Helps Lead Authorities To Cleveland Facebook Killer

After an exhausting search that encompassed six states before going nationwide, police were finally able to catch up with the “Cleveland Facebook killer,” Steve Stephens, thanks to a tip from a McDonald’s employee.

According to GoErie, a staffer working the drive-thru at the Harborcreek Township location of McDonald’s in Pennsylvania recognized Stephens when he ordered twenty McNuggets and french fries from his car. The employee quickly called the police upon that realization, according to Thomas DuCharme Jr., owner of that particular McDonald’s location.

In an attempt to delay Stephens, employees told him that his fries were just going to take a minute or so. The killer caught on to the ruse, however, and sped off without them.

Within a few minutes, police were on the scene and able to track down Stephens a few miles away from the McDonald’s. As they attempted to force his car to stop, Stephens shot himself in the head, choosing to die rather than face jail time.

Thanks to the unnamed McDonald’s server for reacting so quickly and professionally to the situation, getting police involved, and directly influencing the authorities catching up to this already notorious murderer.