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Ben & Jerry’s Is Banning Same-Flavored Scoops Until Australia Accepts Same-Sex Marriages

Ben & Jerry’s is fighting for major change in Austrailia. The ice cream company announced that they’re banning same-flavor scoops until same-sex marriages are legal in the country.

With 26 stores in the Land Down Under, Ben & Jerry’s hopes this statement will help push the country towards LGBTQ rights. It’s currently illegal for two men or two women to be married to one another in Australia.

The ice cream company is urging patrons to help set civil change in motion.

A Ben & Jerry’s Australia spokesperson told the Huffington Post in a statement that the “commitment is grounded in our company’s core values and a an unshakeable belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.”

This means, if you’re hoping to get a double scoop of Chunky Monkey then you’re shit out of luck until equality is found for all Aussies.

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The Founder Of Little Caesars Was Paying Rosa Parks’ Rent For Years


Mike Ilitch, the founder of Little Caesars, passed away last week at the age of 87. As those who knew him pay their respects, a shining detail of charity has come to light regarding the late founder.

CNN reports that Ilitch had spent years paying for housing for Rosa Parks for years.

Parks, one of our nation’s most influential civic rights figures, was robbed and assaulted in her Detroit apartment back in 1994.

According to Sports Business Daily, federal judge Damon Keith promised to help Parks find a new and safer living situation. When Ilitch discovered this, he called Keith and offered to pay for Parks’ housing for as long as it took. He continued to send those checks until her passing in 2005.

With Ilitch’s recent passing, his selfless deed gained renewed traction.

Along with being the man behind Little Caesar’s, Ilitch was also the owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings.

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How One Man’s Request For An Anti-Gay Cake Turned Into A Civil Rights Landmark


So a man in Colorado walked into a bakery with designs for an anti-gay cake. While this sounds like the build-up to a tasteless joke, it actually turned into a huge win for civil rights.

Last March, William Jack asked the Denver-based Azucar Bakery to create two cakes for him in the shape of Bibles. The cakes would then quote anti-gay verses and feature an image of two groomsmen holding hands. Their hands would then be crossed out.

The owner of the bakery, Marjorie Silva, refused Jack’s request and told him that her bakery does not discriminate against groups of people. She did, however, offer to make the Bible cakes and give Jack the icing to decorate his cakes any way he wanted.

Jack was not pleased with this decision. The dissatisfied customer took the case to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, ironically, for discriminating against him. Silva, however, refuted the claim saying that she refused to serve him based on his request of “derogatory language and imagery.”

According to sources, the ruling stated that Silva would not accept orders discriminating against gays just as she wouldn’t accept orders discriminating against Christians. Essentially, the bakery would refuse to make a cake that discriminated against anyone. Period.

The Colorado Rights Division ruled in favor of Silva, last week. The past year has been an intense one for Silva and her bakery, but she stands firmly behind her decision and is glad she won.

Jack, however, plans to appeal this decision.