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7 Ways To Repurpose Your Food Scraps

Let’s get real for a second: We throw out so much of our food it’s crazy. We’ll toss out everything from citrus rinds to eggshells because we deem them unusable and not fit to eat. I’m here to tell you to STOP thinking like that! All of those food scraps you toss out like trash are actually treasures to turn into fun creations that’ll make you feel proud. So step away from the trash can and use these hacks to transform your food scraps!  

Citrus Peels // Candy It!

This is almost a no-brainer. Instead of putting piles of citrus peels in your garbage can, you can turn them into a sweet snack packed with fiber and flavor. The peels are where many of the essential oils in the citrus rinds are located, meaning that they have the best flavor. Candying them and turning them into a simple snack lets you get the optimal flavor out of your citrus on a budget.

Leftover Pulp // Cook It!

If you love juicing your own fruits and veggies at home, but don’t know what to do with the leftover pulp, we have the solution for you. You can store some in the fridge or freezer to directly incorporate into ravioli fillings, sauces, and even stir-fried dishes! Or, oven-dry/dehydrate the pulp, which can then be used to make tasty, fibrous granola or even blended into flours to use in baking mixes! This is such a versatile ingredient, and is packed with loads of fiber for extra nutrition!

Vegetable Tops and Bottoms // Plant It!

Many of your vegetables are still alive when you purchase them, so you can easily take the leftover pieces from cutting them up and convert them into more plants! This saves you the trouble of going out to buy seeds for everything, and is a great way to take your scraps and turn them into even more nutritious produce. One caveat to this, however — yellowing of green vegetables is a sign of “death” since they aren’t undergoing photosynthesis anymore. Compost the vegetables in a local composting pile or your own compost pile/bin instead if they’re starting to go yellow.

Leaves of Root Vegetables // Eat It!

One of the biggest food trends of 2017 is “alternative greens,” or replacements to the standards of spinach and kale. Chefs LOVE taking items like beet tops or carrot tops and turning them into stunning dishes, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same! They’re great raw and in salads, blanched and sauteed on their own, or even made into pestos. There’s no limits as to what you can do with these leafy greens!

Animal Bones // Make Stock With It!

Animal bones still have a ton of flavor, regardless of whether they come from a roasted chicken or are leftover from butchering your meat. You can use them  and any extraneous vegetable peels or tops you have lying around  to make a cheap, homemade stock! Season it with salt and pepper, and then use any leftover vegetable tops or peels to help add flavor. Since it all gets strained at the end, you don’t have to worry about bits and pieces in your stock. This will keep for up to six months in the freezer, meaning that you can always have a container of homemade bone broth ready to go!

Eggshells // Get Artsy With It!

Leftover egg shells are hard, brittle, and perfect for using in tons of different ways. They can add texture to paintings, become little sculptures of their own, be turned into trinket boxes, or even be used to add layers and excitement to necklaces and jewelry! All you need to do to prep them is wash them and get rid of the little peel on the inside, and you’re ready to take arts and crafts to a budget friendly, creative new level!

Bean Water // Whip It!

Yes, you can make MERINGUES and other whipped concoctions out of the leftover water from your white bean cans. Cannelini, white northern, and chickpeas all work for this. Simply whip the water like you would egg whites, adding in sugar for sweetness and a touch of cream of tartar or xanthan gum to stabilize it. The result is a sticky, sweet, marshmallow-tasting meringue that can be used to make meringue cookies, bind a vegan cookie or cake together, or just treated as a marshmallow fluff. Seriously, this stuff is so DELICIOUS!

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5 Practical Ways To Use A Lemon


The majestic lemon is so much more than a garnish for your cocktails and crispy fish tacos.

Aside from its culinary uses, there are many practical things you can do with the fruit thanks to its acidity and pleasant citrus smell.

We dug around and found five practical uses for lemons outside making dishes taste better. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for it.

Furniture Polish


Whether its the desk you eat so many lunches alone at or your trusty chopping board, sometimes wood can wear down and stink after exposure to so many different foods and contaminants.

Simply squeeze some lemon juice on the surface and wipe it down with a clean paper towel. You’ll get a fresh citrus smell and slightly cleaner and healthier furniture.

Mouth Wash


Bad breath? After crushing a fat onion-filled burrito, you’re probably gonna want to clean your mouth somehow. If you gargle some lemon juice, minus the seeds, the citric acid will definitely kill any residual germs and odors from your last meal. Just make sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards, or that same acid will harm your teeth.

Keeps Food From Oxidizing


Ever get brown avocados or guac? The longer the emerald fruit is exposed to air, the more it goes through an oxidation process that discolors it and turns the delicious green into an unsightly brown.

If you squirt a bit of lemon on top of the avocado, it’ll prevent oxidization until you’re ready to finish off your snack. Just don’t let it sit for a week because a lemon can only do so much.

Scare Off Ants


Those pesky insects are everywhere. Unfortunately, your kitchen is a sacred space and you wouldn’t want to fill it with too many unnecessary chemicals. Peel off some of the rind from a lemon and leave it around spots in the kitchen where ants gather the most. The strong odor will keep them at bay.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells


YouTuber DaveHax recently purchased a product that you can plunge into a fresh lemon and spray juice directly from the fruit. With it, he recommends spritzing your garbage or bathroom whenever there’s an unpleasant or unwanted odor.

While you could easily just pour some lemon water in a spray bottle, this product cuts out the middle-man entirely.

Definitely adding it to our holiday wishlist.

Fast Food

Beloved Cuties Return To McDonald’s Happy Meals


Early last year, McDonald’s added a healthy snack option for kids’s Happy Meals in the form of Cuties. The California Clementines became a popular alternative for apple slices and french fries. Now, the Cuties will be making their return.

Boasting the every-popular Vitamin C, the fruit is now available at all participating McDonald’s locations. The option will be available for a limited time through May.

Since 2014, the fast food chain has served more than 38 million Cuties in Happy Meals.

McDonald’s is also stepping into the value game with the McPick 2 items for $2. Customers can pick two items (McDouble, Small Fries, A McChicken, or Mozzarella Sticks) for $2.


Cult Soda Surge Made Available on Amazon, Sells out Immediately


Arguably the most popular soda of our childhoods has made a swift return. Yessir, if Coca-Cola ever had a child with Mountain Dew, it was Surge. While the citrus-flavored soda didn’t sell as well as most of the other carbonated beverages stocked on shelves at the time, its absence has definitely made many hearts grow fonder.

Dark times fell upon the soda world in 2003 when the soft drink was discontinued only seven years after it made its public debut. The Surge Movement, which was created to bring back Surge years ago, has more than 130K fans of the cult beverage. Coca-Cola has noticed this and made strides to quietly bring back the niche product. Upon being released on Amazon, the cult soda was sold out almost immediately. Another batch was posted and then also quickly sold out.

Surge’s brief, but messianic return can be considered a sign that the soda will be here to stay. According to Coca-Cola, this comeback will be a test to see if it’s worth restocking store shelves with the product. Yes, Coca-Cola. It most definitely is.

Never have we seen a product get such a near perfect review on Amazon. That’s the love of Surge for you.

H/T Huffpost Taste


Watch this Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slice 140 Lemons in 66 Seconds


We’ve all logged our share of hours on Fruit Ninja. While were were on our phones slashing at digital fruit, however, this boss was spending his time slashing real lemons. In probably one of the sickest displays of cutting I’ve ever seen, this dude has his citrus slicing technique down to a science.

Watch as he goes through dozens of lemons in a matter of seconds without his knife even touching the counter. The amount of practice it takes to time the cut so quickly mid-air says a lot about his years of experience. Not to mention such clean slices.

Though I’m in awe, I do cringe whenever he misses. Cause then it’d be a different kind of YouTube video.


9 Genius Ways to Repel Ants Using Common Ingredients in Your Kitchen


Summer arrived sooner than we expected and while we’re all out there kidding ourselves about getting beach bodies, those curious little critters known as ants have planned their summertime assault. Specifically, they’re targeting our kitchens.

While it’s probably the easy way out, I’d have to say most people wouldn’t want to use bug spray in the middle of their cooking and food storage space. Toxicity aside, it’s just gross. Plus, you’d have to throw out any unsealed foods the ant spray gets on.

Foodbeast dug around and found a few natural food remedies to prevent that dreaded insect epidemic. Since ants are really receptive to smells, there are a number of foods that can naturally repel them. If you can get your hands on a few of these everyday food items, you can easily create an ant-free zone in your kitchen. Just place a few from the list around cracks and holes in your house, and they’ll work as a powerful scent barrier preventing ants from entering.




You can easily get your hands on powdered cinnamon. This spice is an amazing ant repellant that not only blocks ants from your home but can kill them as well. Just don’t be stingy.


Coffee Grounds


Made some extra coffee in the morning? Save those grounds and sprinkle. The nitrogen in the coffee burns ants when they walk across. They’ll definitely try to avoid it if they can help it.


Garlic Cloves


Garlic isn’t only a ward for vampires. It also works for those pesky monsters. Just leave a few cloves of garlic lying around here and there and they’ll do their thing. The only downside is smelling garlic. Which I don’t mind.




Add either black pepper or cayenne to some water and spray over ants. It’s probably the easiest spice to get your hands on. They’ll quickly disappear.


Citrus Peels


When you’re done garnishing your booze, don’t throw out the citrus pieces. Hang onto the citrus peels and throw them into a blender with some hot water and spray onto lines of ants. Should do the trick.




Bundle fresh mint together and place it around your kitchen to keep the ants out. Sidenote: Mint is incredibly easy to grow.


Chili Peppers


Like coffee, ants will not walk through a line of chili pepper flakes. Either buy them dried in bulk and grind them yourselves, your save a few red chili pepper flakes from your next pizza outing and have them handy for ants.




Dried basil leaves sprinkled around the kitchen in cracks and crevices should keep ants at bay. All you have to do is remember to replace them every now and then.




Cucumbers aren’t just for leveling up your water and removing bags from your eyes. Just skin the cucumbers with a peeler and leave them in cracks and openings. Though, like the basil, remember to change them out daily.


Note:  While some of these methods won’t directly kill ants, they will keep them at bay in a safe and natural way that’s chemical-free.


This Fancy-Shmancy Typeface Looks Exactly How Whisky Tastes


It’s not exactly “scratch and taste” but this whisky-themed typeface by Scottish illustrator Steven Bonner gets pretty damn close.

Designed for Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, the illustrator transformed the liquor’s flavor profile into a series of letters characterizing each unique note, as noted by Design Taxi.

Check out the oaky “O,” vanilla-y “V,” creamy “C,” and honey-y “H,” below and just try not to lick the screen.





H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


CLIF Shot Bloks Have a New Citrus Flavor

CLIF SHOT BLOKS®, the energy snack by CLIF is announcing it’s new flavor: Citrus. The popular athletic snack is available at most sports retail stores. CLIF SHOT BLOKS are made up of 95 percent organic ingredients. These small snack cubes are the ideal snack for anyone exercising outdoors.

Each CLIF SHOT BLOKS FASTPAK has six energy chews, each only containing 33 calories and come in eight flavors in addition to Citrus: Black Cherry, Margarita, Mountain Berry, Orange, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, and Green Tea Extract.