One Way To Sell Vodka: Hire 50 Cent to Fat-Shame Girls


50-Cent has been known to start a little beef in his time. Before he became the face of Vitamin Water and began starring in a bunch of terrible straight-to-Netflix movies, he was a pretty damn good rapper and feuded with rappers such as The Game and Fat Joe.

Now 50 has entered the vodka business, teaming with EFFEN vodka, and apparently thought it’d be a good idea to take shots at Ciroc’s brand ambassador, Diddy. One problem with this, is that he fat-shamed a poor girl in the process.

50 took to Instagram and posted a photo of Diddy dancing with a woman, and added a caption that incorporated his vodka brand in it:

“Damm… 50’s right. I’m EFFEN up right now”

He immediately took down the photo, probably after he realized fat-shaming doesn’t really go well, ever.

However, 50 still made time to take a more direct shot, with Diddy being the only one involved this time.

He captioned the photo below:

“Nothing like EFFEN by the fire. NEW DRINK NO MORE PUFFY JUICE. LOL


We’ll see if Diddy responds with a diss album.

H/T+PicThx TMZ, 50 Cent


15 Everyday Uses for Vodka That Don’t Involve Drinking It [Watch]


Surely when you’re down on your luck, downing a shot of vodka can be considered an effective everyday use. For everyone else who isn’t trying to drown their sorrows in a swimming pool full of liquor, here are some handy tips that can help you with some everyday annoyances.

Now, don’t go out and buy a $60 bottle of Ciroc just to clean your glasses and disinfect some wounds, bro. Be sensible and you’ll find that a little vodka can upgrade your hair game, your pie-baking game and even your shoe game by getting that funk out of your life.

Check out all 15 uses below and don’t act like you’re not going to use at least one of them:


Move Over Diddy – Turns Out The Breathalyzer Watch Is An Actual Thing


Last week, we received the unfortunate news that a possible breathalyzer watch from G-Shock and Ciroc was nothing but a brilliant fake. This week, coincidentally, Japanese company TokyoFlash has just announced the launch of its actual working breathalyzer watch, almost as if to say, “It’s all right Diddy, the grown-ups can take it from here.”

Sadly not named the “In-tocks-icated,” the “Kisai Intoxicated” features a color-changing LCD which turns green, yellow and red according to the user’s blood alcohol content. Just breathe into the side sensor to receive a great, glowing indicator of whether or not you’re good to drive. First envisioned in June 2011, the finalized product will be available starting tomorrow for $99 for the first 48 hours of sale – after which, who knows what? Maybe they’ll go back to the drawing board and make the time display easier to read.


In any case, the Tokyoflash website notes the watch is designed “for entertainment only,” and is in no way guaranteed to be reliable. But at least you can say you tried. Kind of.

H/T Paul Cooper, Tokyoflash


The G-Shock x Ciroc Breathalyzer Watch Would Probably Have Way Too Many Buttons, Anyway


Breathalyzers aren’t typically a night owl’s hip, go-to accessory. Black, awkward and frankly a bit pager-y, the few portable breathalyzers on the market today seem like much more trouble than they’re worth. Luckily P. Diddy and Casio may have found a way to help ‘90s hoodrats everywhere get home safe after a long night of knocking back screwdrivers and jungle juice.

(Just kidding – turns out this thing is a fake, at least according to highsnobiety and hiconsumption. Balls.)

If it was real, however, the “Ciroc x G-Shock Breathalyzer Watch” would feature Ciroc’s iconic logo and color gradients, along with a built-in breathalyzer capable of calculating and displaying your blood alcohol content on its face – right next to the million other numbers and letters on there.

Maybe it’s better off being fake, though. Goodness knows all those buttons confused the hell out of me as a child. Can you imagine trying to operate it drunk?

“Ma’am, are you sucking on your watch?”

“No-ahfisher, this—thisisjus howit … workssss … ZzZzzzz.”

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Here’s How to Make A Cîroc Coconut Limeade


Before taking a “summer sesh” class at Mixology 101, I had never associated the word “savory” with boozy goodness. A few drinks into the class (the only way school should be taught, in my opinion), 101’s liquor-wielding profs taught us how to make a Cîroc Coconut Limeade.

The drink was as marvelous as it gets. The sweetness of the coconut and simple syrup was cut by the acidity of the lime, while the muddled basil provided an unexpected and bright aroma that ultimately created a savory flavor profile. Heavenly, I tell you.


Cîroc Coconut Limeade

  • 1.5 OZ.- CîROC COCONUT
  • ½- of one lime
  • .75 oz.- Simple Syrup
  • 6- Basil Leafs

Build: Cut lime and place half in a mixing tin. Add a handful of basil, then muddle. Add the remaining ingredients and shake over ice.

Double Strain: Into a chilled old fashion glass.

Garnish: With a sprig of basil.



Cîroc Has Us Drinking To New Years and It’s Not Even Thanksgiving Yet


We can’t help it. The turkey has yet to be laid on the table and the tinseled Christmas tree is still snug in its box. Yet when we hear the words “Peach Cobbler” garnished with brown sugar and crushed graham crackers and “Holiday Ginger Snap” with muddled sage and ginger beer, our hearts skip a beat. Add a bit of Ciroc Peach Vodka and  Happy New Years it is.



Peach Cobbler


  • .75 oz Cîroc Peach
  • .75 oz Hazelnut Liquor
  • .75 oz Heavy Cream


  1. Add ingredients to shaker and fill with ice. Shake & add to glass.
  2. Garnish rim with brown sugar & crushed graham cracker



Holiday Ginger Snap


  • 1 thin slice Ginger
  • 1.5 oz Cîroc Peach
  • .5 oz Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Sage (tear leaves to release oils)
  • Ginger Beer (To top off)


  1. Drop ginger, lemon juice & sage leaves in a shaker and muddle
  2. Add 1.5 oz Cîroc Peach and fill with ice
  3. Shake and pour into glass
  4. Top with Ginger Beer

Real or Fake? Watch This Dude Down an Entire Bottle of Ciroc Vodka in 15 Seconds

For the average alcohol drinker, it only takes a few cups of vodka to get to the center of a blackout. For crazy YouTuber Shoenice, finishing entire bottles of alcohol is his gig. In his latest stunt, he downs an entire bottle of Ciroc Vodka in 15 seconds. He calls it a “Screw Driver” because he front ends and backends his monsterous chug with a bottle of orange juice, but don’t let that take away from his insane tolerance.

Is the video fake? I don’t know. YouTube commenting conspiracy theorists may think so, and I had my doubts, particularly at around the video’s 1:10 mark where he places the opened bottle of Ciroc off screen for a few moments to grab his orange juice. While that would normally have me screaming “bullsh*t,” Shoenice has a reputable body of Internet work (if such a body of work was ever possible) that shows him finishing a 375 ML bottle of Bacardi 151, eating 6 feet of duct tape and even an entire Justin Bieber poster.

You be the judge on this video. I apologize in advance for bringing you all into “that” part of the Internet, but here’s a look at a dude slamming an entire bottle of vodka in 15 seconds: