Cinnabon Rolls Out Bite-Sized Donut Holes Dubbed ‘CinnaSweeties’


No matter how minimally-portioned, Cinnabon will always be bad for you. Still, we gotta love them for trying.

Significantly more waistline-friendly than the chain’s infamous cinnamon roll, Cinnabon’s new “CinnaSweeties” are baked donut-holes, coated with the chain’s signature Makara cinnamon and sugar. They are available for $2.49 for five and $3.99 for 10. They also come with cream cheese frosting on the side (instead of baked-in, like the Taco Bell version).

Now, you could avoid the store altogether and save yourself a world of regret. Or you could do the smart thing, which is start to order a Pecanbon or Cinnabites, and then decide to go with the CinnaSweeties instead. Crisis averted.