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Little Caesars Adds A $5 Value Menu

Little Caesar’s has always been known as a quick and cheap option to satiate those pizza cravings. You just hop in, grab whatever’s Hot-N-Ready, and leave with a pretty hefty meal for not too much money.

Now, Little Caesars is giving customers even more for their money by creating a new $5 value menu.

Patrons can get 5 items for $5 each, depending on what they’re in the mood for. Vaule items include: a Large Pizza, eight pieces of Caesar Chicken Wings, Bacon Cheddar Loaded Crazy Bites, four 20-oz Pepsi Cola drinks, and Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites.

The items will be available Hot-N-Ready (show up and pick up anytime) from 4-8pm, and throughout the day if you place your order ahead of time.

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Post Cereal Announces New Cinnamon Pebbles


Post Cereal just announced the release of their new Cinnamon Pebbles cereal. Similar to Fruity Pebbles, the new rice cereal flakes will feature a features a cinnamon sweet taste that boasts a “flavor overload.”

According to Post, you can use the new Pebbles to improve upon recipes like churros and doughnuts. Personally, we’re down to just crush a bowl with some milk. When it comes to breakfast cereal, sometimes the simpler you go the better.


The cereal variant is expected to ship this month and arrive on grocery store shelves sometime in January.

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7 Unique Facts That You Didn’t Know About Cinnamon



You think of cinnamon as some fun spice you toss around, from the disaster that is Fireball Whiskey to the even bigger disaster that is the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Maybe it’s something you sprinkle on your toast when you’re sick or place around the house in stick form to ensure your wintry pad is more festive than your neighbor (Karen, ugh). But cinnamon is way more powerful of a food entity and you’re not showing it the proper respect. Here’s a few things you didn’t know about cinnamon.




1. There are actually two kinds of cinnamon, and the more common type is the dangerous one.

Yeah, that’s what’s up. Right off the bat, cinnamon is already rattling your world. Americans are used to the “Cassia” variety (from Indonesia and China), even though the “Ceylon” plant is considered the real, true spice (from Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the Seychelles), which is popular for tea. A key difference between the two is that Cassia has much, much more coumarin in it than Ceylon. This toxic chemical compound is what makes consuming cinnamon in large quantities such a terrible and dangerous idea, and actually, what makes cinnamon in general kind of a risky move for pregnant women.





2. A Roman emperor burned a whole lot of cinnamon because he felt bad for killing his wife.

Supposedly, during a petty argument about him spending too much time at the races, Roman emperor Nero kicked his wife in the gut so hard that it led to her death. To atone for the accidental murder, he torched as much cinnamon as he could find at the funeral pyre, since it was a much rarer commodity than it is today. In some twisted logic, Nero thought this would suffice in showing his dead wife how sorry he was.





3. Cinnamon oil will prevent bugs from feasting on you.

Cinnamon oil, which sounds like a delicious addition to anything, destroys the hell out of mosquito larvae, as it turns out. So think of cinnamon as an environmentally friendly pesticide in a way by adding a few drops or sprinklings to your sunscreen or lotion.





4. You can lighten your hair with cinnamon.

Mixing a few spoonfuls of cinnamon into a paste with honey or actual conditioner will lighten your hair once applied and allowed sunshine to get at it.




5. Cinnamon used to be at least 15 times more expensive than silver.

Back in the day — talking the first century A.D. here — cinnamon carried an ungodly price tag, especially in Rome. It was considered a precious commodity, given its high demand and low supply. Once the regularity of foreign exploration kicked in, the spice became more available and therefore more affordable.





6. Cinnamon was an ingredient in embalming and blessings in ancient times.

Though you may think of cinnamon as a light, fun taste, it has some heavy background. It helped preserved the dead in ancient Egypt (with a nice scent to boot) and Moses, according to the Old Testament, added it to holy oil for anointing.




7. Cinnamon can regulate your blood sugar (and do a whole lot more).

According to analysis and studies, cinnamon has been proven to be beneficial for those concerned with diabetes. There’s also been studies that suggest cinnamon can lower lipid levels, such as LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.


These Caramel Apple Fireball Shots Just Climbed To The Top Of My Christmas List


In the spirit of the holiday, Oh Bite It! created a caramel apple recipe to get us ready for some good old-fashioned holiday drinking. These Caramel Apple Fireball Shots definitely have us pumped to start our vacation.

What you’ll need are two large apples, about 40 small pieces of caramel, a 1/4 cup of (optional) liquid pectin and a cup of Fireball Whiskey.

Throw the caramel and Fireball into a double boiler and let it all melt completely. Then, add the liquid pectin to give the mixture a firmness.

Cut the apples in half and core them. Leave enough so that the halves are sturdy enough to hold the caramel mixture. Pour the melted caramel into the carved out holes in the apple halves. Fill it to the edges, but make sure it doesn’t overflow.

Pop the apples in the fridge for two hours so that the caramel hardens. Once they’re ready, you can slice them up and serve.

Photo + Recipe: Oh Bite It!


How The Beloved Churro Became A Disneyland Staple


Come the wild—presumably brightly clothed—summer of 1985, a new outdoor amphitheater was arriving at Disneyland. Called Videopolis (which later became Fantasyland Theatre), the concept was to be akin to a teen hangout that would vibe sort of like a nightclub…if it was inside Disneyland and for teenagers, so use your imagination here.

Jim Lowman headed up Fantasyland restaurants at the time, so he needed new eats for the coming attraction of Videopolis. Lowman went to the Long Beach Grand Prix that year, where he bought some churros, and, as all people do, enjoyed the hell out of them.

Realizing the beloved pastry would be killer for Videopolis, he reached out to the company, J&J Snack Foods, and struck up a deal to bring churros to Disneyland’s Videopolis. However, he didn’t want the six-inch churros he dug immensely at the race, since he figured it’d be the equivalent of two pieces of popcorn at an amusement park, so he asked the company to make the churros a foot-long.

The churros were an instant hit at Disneyland, even before Videopolis opened.


See, to test the snack’s draw, Lowman stationed a churro cart near the Mark Twain Riverboat exit. Rumor has it there were already more than two dozen people trailing the car before it even parked. When Videopolis opened two weeks later, with two churro carts inside, the doughy cinnamon madness couldn’t be contained! So new carts opened around the park.

And now it’s pretty much impossible to not eat a churro at Disneyland. Or state fairs. Or restaurants. Or home. Honestly, churros might have nicotine in them because damn.

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7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

Sushi and alcohol may be the obvious culprits, but you’d be shocked to learn there’s a much broader list of foods and drink to avoid when you’re expecting or feeding a baby. Keep those cravings in check with this guide.

1. Caesar Salad


This classic dish contains one potentially harmful ingredient in its dressing: raw egg. Consumption of undercooked yolk may result in that familiar bacterial strain known as Salmonella.  Often associated with raw chicken, avoiding infection means cooking eggs above 160-degrees. Too bad cooked dressing isn’t trending.

2. Parsley


A seemingly harmless herb, this infamous garnish is not recommended. Ingesting an abundance may encourage uterine contractions. In layman’s terms, it’ll lend itself to an early delivery. While consuming an excess of anything is never recommended, it’s easier to avoid this green altogether than wonder how much is in that batch of pesto.

3. Deli Meat


Cold cuts, bologna, and we might as well throw charcuterie in the mix– sandwiching these slices can be a cause for concern. It’s not so much the mom-to-be as much as it endangers the unborn child. The chances of acquiring Listeria are generally low, but expectant mothers are more at risk and may pass it along to baby. Complications may occur, leaving the child with complications. Or worse, resulting in death.

4. Water


Odorless, colorless, and without taste; babes in arms should not be drinking tap water. Newborns aren’t known for their immune systems, and receiving infections from drinking water would likely spread throughout their bodies and affect multiple areas of their already fragile body. In addition, for every time they pee, they’re losing sodium. Sodium loss causes seizures and brain swelling. Seriously.

5. Cinnamon


We know, we know. That fun stick in our spiced cider can’t possibly be bad for you. For all the benefits it seemingly promotes (fights off colds, acts as a bug repellent, cures athletes foot, etc.), excessive use results in premature labor.

6. Juice


Specifically, unpasteurized juices are not baby’s preferred beverage. You won’t always know if what’s being offered has gone through the process, so just avoid the option altogether. Need a good reason? Diarrhea. Yeah, we knew that would shut you up.

7. Eggs Benedict


Before you diss poached eggs over ham and English muffins, remember what this brunch staple is dressed in. Hollandaise is the enemy, so get irked because of that. That’s just bananas, if you ask us. See Caesar salad if you’re seeking more justification.


Pop-Tarts’ Newest Flavors Sound Like They Could Be Amazing, Or Disastrous

Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts have recently released their limited seasonal flavors, Frosted Pumpkin Pie Flavor and Frosted Cinnamon Roll and as you may have predicted, both are as delicious as they sound.

It’s hard for Pop-Tarts to go wrong.

That being said, it looks like they plan on releasing a couple questionable flavors in the form of Maple & Bacon and Pink Lemonade, according to The Impulsive Buy.

Food City, a grocery store chain in Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee, recently had their Food City Food Show, and one of the products on display were the newest Pop-Tarts.

There were four “new” flavors shown altogether, when you add in the Watermelon and Chocolatey Caramel, but those were really just older flavors that were discontinued, and are trying to make a comeback.

The Maple & Bacon, and Pink Lemonade are the brand new flavors that are intriguing.

While the Frosted Maple & Bacon flavor has potential, the Pink Lemonade flavor might be a little questionable. As much as I love pink lemonade on it’s own, the thought of a tart, tangy Pop-Tart could be a very risky play.

I guess we’ll see.

If they suck, I’m just going back to Pillsbury’s Toaster Strudels, because those are gangsta.

h/t the impulsive buy

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Cinnamon Bun OREOS Spotted On Grocery Store Shelves


An anonymous photo posted by Impulsive Buy featured what appears to be Oreo’s newest flavor. Spotted on shelves is a new Cinnamon Bun Oreo cookie, reports Impulsive Buy.

The Cinnamon Bun Oreo features a cinnamon bun-flavored creme sandwiched between two white cookies. While most new flavors of Oreo cookies are noticeably packaged as a “Limited Time” deal, the new Cinnamon Bun variant doesn’t feature that at all.

Perhaps it’s here to stay? The cookie is also sold in a 12.2 oz pack, slightly bigger than the packaging that Oreo sells its new flavors in.

Keep an eye out for them in stores. Hopefully they’re real and permanent.

Photo: Impulsive Buy