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Burger King Japan Debuts a Pumpkin Burger

Funny, I thought pumpkin-saturated seasonal fare was an American thing.

Well, turns out our nation’s fascination with autumnal gourds is just another thing we and the rest of the world have in common, with Burger King Japan announcing its new Pumpkin Burger for a limited time, starting October 26.

Granted, the “pumpkin” isn’t your typical tawny squash. Rather, the burger features two slices of kabocha (a green, melon sized winter squash commonly known as “Japanese pumpkin”), along with bacon, lettuce, a beef patty and a creamy sesame seed/peanut/almond/cashew and hazelnut sauce, all in a pumpkin-shaped bun. For an added premium, super punkin’ junkies can also get a “pumpkin bomb” option of 10 slices instead of two.

It is, again, only available for a limited time though, so for any of our Japanese readers, hurry before the clock strikes 12 and this deal turns back into a pumpkin.

Wait . . .

[Via Brand Eating]