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Disneyland’s New Avengers Campus Food Lineup Was Just Released

Disneyland just announced the opening date of their new Avengers Campus, a section of the California Adventure theme park dedicated to all things Marvel.

With the announcement of the superhero area, which opens on July 18th, came a sneak preview of the different food options that will come in the park. Each of them is packed with all of the eye-catching, Instagram worthy treats you would expect from Disney, but with some unique and interesting twists as well.

The big restaurant in the area is the Pym Test Kitchen, which will focus on making foods in both giant and little sizes. We knew about this dining area beforehand, but we’re getting a look at some of the foods it will be selling for the first time.

An item that veers on the more shocking end is this Not So Little Chicken Sandwich. Think a German schnitzel-sized cut of chicken breast, but with flavors like teriyaki and red chili sauces slathered on top. The bun-to-cutlet ratio on this sandwich is pretty comical upon first glance.

Other items in the Pym Test Kitchen include a pasta dish made with Impossible Foods meatballs, both in giant and tiny form, served inside of a giant spoon with a tiny fork.

There’s also giant pretzels and elongated “Pym-Nini” sandwiches that you can order by the portion, or take an extra-long one for the whole squad to share.


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An early look at Avengers Campus eats!!! An yes, even though it’s not pictured, THEY WILL HAVE SCHWARMA! • Picture 1 – Terran Treats on the Avengers Campus features a menu of intergalactic eats, including colorful Sweet Spiral Ration Churros with unique flavors. • Picture 2- Pasta under giant vegetarian meatballs served in an oversized spoon with a tiny fork. • Picture 3 – Dubbed Experiment No. EE90, the “Not So Little Chicken Sandwich” is a fried chicken breast with teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw and crispy potato tots. We have all the info as a swipe up in our story! • Looks like the eating is going to be good! We’ve got even more pictures of new food in our post on the food (link in bio)! All picture credits and info to Disney.

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Another eating option in the Avengers Campus is called “Terran Treats,” and it focuses on vibrant and eye-catching eats of all kinds. The only items we know about so far from here are a “Cosmic Cream Orb,” which is a creampuff stuffed with purple raspberry cheesecake mousse, and “Space Ration Churros.” These spiral-shaped churros come in the colors of the six Infinity Stones from Marvel and Avengers lore.

In a nod to the 2012 Avengers film, Disneyland has also confirmed that there will be a shawarma cart inside of Avengers Campus, serving up standard shawarmas with protein options like chicken and falafel.

We’ll obviously know a lot more details about the full food lineup when the park opens in July, but for now, the options that we’re seeing are definitely tantalizing.

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Traditional Churro Stand Near Disneyland Is Serving Strawberry Funnel Cake Churros

Just outside of Disneyland, you can find the Don Churros Gomez stand cranking out a 50-year-old tradition on weekends. They’re likely the only churro shop in the country to sell churro grueso, a unique, bread-like churro found in Yahualica, Jalisco, Mexico. Don Churros, which originally started in the mountains of Yahualica, is now putting a creative spin on those churros worthy of their theme park neighbors.

Their new Strawberry Funnel Cake Churro is a way to celebrate summer that holds true to churros but brings in the flavors of funnel cake. It takes nearly half a spiralized rosca, or thread, of churros to make, and is coated con nieve style, with powdered sugar, a wild strawberry ice cream, and wild strawberry syrup drizzled on top. The wild strawberry is less sweet but more aromatic, lending a strong fruity flavor to the treat.

You can also order the Strawberry Funnel Cake Churro in churro grueso form, which acts more like an elongated ice cream sandwich with churro buns. The chewy yet crispy churro grueso adds an intriguing balance of textures to an already craveworthy combination.

The proverbial cherry on top with Don Churros Gomez, however, is the mesmerizing process they use to make their churros come to life. Cooking them by the massive spiral or rosca, which you can see in the below video or through their stand’s windows, is core to what makes this churro such a full-on sensory experience.

Don Churros will be selling these throughout the summer as their first-ever limited time offering, and if it goes well, may begin serving up other special edition churro desserts in the near future.

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Tim Hortons Creates A CHURRO DONUT For National Donut Day

We live in a time where there are nearly as many donut options out there as there are stars in the sky. While my slight hyperbole there may not be the most accurate, it seems there’s a new donut unveiling from a different fast food donut chain almost every week. Fantastic for a donut lover such as myself.

For National Donut Day (Friday, June 7), Tim Hortons is making mine and other donut fanatics’ dreams come true by releasing what’s essentially a Churro Donut.

Here’s the delectable deets: Tim Hortons takes a Honey Cruller Donut and pipes it with a sweet caramel filling. Then, a dusting of cinnamon sugar coats the exterior of the cruller to create the churro masterpiece.

Be still my churro-loving heart.

The Churro Donut will be available at participating Tim Hortons locations starting June 7, and will make a national launch on June 12. Churro fans, you may want to snag a donut or 12 before they run out, as they’ll be available for a limited time only.

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The Traditional Churro Spirals From This Food Truck Are A Disneyland Employee Favorite

While churros are, without question, one of Disneyland’s most iconic snacks, if you’re looking for the most legit churros in the surrounding area, just follow the theme park’s employees to their actual go-to churro spot.

For many Disney cast members, Don Churros Gomez, a relative newcomer in the ultra-competitive churro scene, is the ultimate churro destination in Anaheim.

Co-owner Jaime Nuñes Gomez serves his fair share of Disneyland employees, including those that run the in-park churro stands.

He was even asked to cater a large event thrown by the union representing Disneyland’s food and beverage staff, where many employees admitted to loving and recommending his business.

All this love is shown because what Jaime and his family crank out at Don Churros Gomez, is a delicious taste of history.

While they’ve only been open in the US for less than a year, their churro mastery is stuff of legend in Yahualica, a village in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

There, Churreria Gomez has been giving locals their fried dough fix for over 50 years, with a family recipe, which just happens to be vegan, that hasn’t changed a bit in that time span.

With massive spiral churros coming out of the deep fryer, along with the churro stand’s open-air mystique, customers at both locations always leave with a smile on their face, and a traditional Mexican churro experience.

In terms of who’s running the show, it’s a complete family affair. Jaime’s father Isaias, mother Maria, and cousin Victor own and operate the original stand down in Yahualica, while Jaime and his brother Ricky run for the Anaheim cart, which serves more than 2,000 churros daily.

Don Churros Gomez actually sells two different types of churros, one of which is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the United States. They have the traditional iteration with a taste and texture more familiar to American churro lovers, as well as the churro grueso, a variant native to the highlands of Jalisco. Called the “Don Churro” on the menu, this special churro is crispy on the outside, and a lot more doughy on the inside than your standard churro.

Both churro types can be ordered by the rosca, where an entire thread/spiral is cut up into pieces and served with cajeta (a traditional Mexican caramel spread) imported from Jalisco. You can also order individual churros with scratch-made abuelita, (a hot chocolate mixed with cinnamon and sugar) or with smooth vanilla ice cream.

For those looking to get an all-in-one experience, there’s also the “Churro Know” combo. You won’t find this on the official menu, but asking for it reveals a treasure trove of a churro, ice cream, and cajeta all crammed into a split open “Don Churro.” It’s built for those looking for something insane to post to their Instagram feeds, and is decadent enough to rival any treat from nearby Disneyland.

Don Churros is only open Thursday and Friday from 5:30-10:30 p.m., and on weekends from 6-10:30 p.m.

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This Coffee Shop’s MASSIVE Concha Ice Cream ‘Sandwich’ Doubles As A Cake

Fans of concha ice cream sandwiches are gonna love this MASSIVE cake-sized version of the delectable Mexican treat.

concha ice cream sandwich

Created by Azules Coffee in Anaheim, CA, they make a gigantic version of the iconic sweet bread, stick a quart of ice cream in the middle, and then dunk the entire “sandwich” into a luscious quarter-pound layer of chocolate.

The result is a hefty concha ice cream cake that’s 10 times the size of your standard concha. It can be enjoyed by the slice, or, if you’re so inclined, as an actual mega-sandwich.

concha ice cream sandwich

Azules Coffee has plenty of Mexican-inspired desserts they create on top of the concha cake. One of their signatures is the churro cake, made with horchata ice cream on the inside and decorated with churro crumbs. One of the best ways to enjoy it is by using an additional churro to scoop up the whipped cream and any melted ice cream.

You can find the churro cakes in-shop and the giant concha “sandwich” cake are available by pre-order.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Just Got Turned Into CHURROS

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is fusing together with churros in an Avengers style link up to save our bored palates from the typical blues of mundane breakfast cereal.

A new creation from General Mills, the boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros are a wheat and rice cereal that’s shaped like the iconic snack. There’s also hits of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top to emulate it being sprinkled over a fresh churro to provide that extra crunch.

Boxes of this drop in grocery stores nationwide on December 17th, with a mid-size costing $3.99 and a family-sized box costing $4.99.

General Mills also has two other cereals hitting stores right now, one of which is entirely brand new. These Fruity Lucky Charms have the same marshmallows as the standard counterpart, but feature a vibrant pink corn cereal with a fruity flavor. They’ll be available at the same prices as the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, and will start appearing on shelves on the 17th with a nationwide rollout to be completed by the end of January 2019.

On the same day the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros drop, Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch will also be returning back to shelves after a short hiatus. Combining the two together for chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churro cereal might be the game-changing breakfast move we need heading into the new year.

The Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch will be available starting December 17th, priced at $3.99 for the mid-size and $4.99 for a family-sized box.

All photos courtesy of General Mills
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Portable Churro Dipping Snacks Now Exist And We’re Here For This Game Changer

If you’re a fan of churros and need to tide over a craving for the iconic treat on the go, these mini churro dippers can provide that exact satisfaction.

Created by Raymundo’s Desserts, these Mini Churro Dippers have the crunch of the classic treat, but evoke the sensation of biting into a churro dipped in cajeta or chocolate, which serve as the dipping sauces available for them.

Each package comes with a half dozen of the mini churros and whichever sauce you elect to go for. Currently, they are available on Amazon in a group of 12, containing six of each of the two sauce varieties. They go for $20 for the whole bundle.

It’s a great way to relive nostalgia on two fronts, as you get the joy of dipping into a Dunkaroos-style treat with the flavors of churros we all know and love.

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A 60-Year-Old Churro Recipe Is This Mall’s Hidden Gem

When you’re at the mall looking for a quick snack, like a churro, you probably walk up to the counter, make an order, and take off as soon as you have your on-the-go treat. Doing this at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Southern California, however, means you’re missing out on something truly special.

Churro Buzz, one of the mall’s newest food stalls, is home to a 60-year-old recipe and one of the tastiest churros you can find in SoCal. There’s also more unique items, like “churro boats” filled with various toppings and even churro ice cream sandwiches.

But it’s so much more than the crispy, chewy fried dough at this spot. That’s because it’s also the newest chapter in the incredible life stories of the people that put a ton of TLC into your treat.

Tany Rodriguez is the man who ensures that every churro comes out perfect, and his story is just as incredible as the flavor of one of his handmade treats. He’s been an integral part of the Churro Buzz story long before it arrived at Del Amo. Rodriguez has been handling the churro duties since 1991, when he started work at the popular Pier Bakery in nearby Redondo Beach. Prior to that, he was a homeless immigrant from Mexico, but has been all smiles and dancing ever since he managed to get the job.

In his time at the bakery and at Churro Buzz, Rodriguez has made over 5 million churros, each one just as golden, crispy, and tasty as the rest. You can see his passion for the treats go into every single order, whether it be on the beach or at the Del Amo Fashion Center.

Another incredible life story behind Churro Buzz comes from the owners, Jay and Parin Demel. The children of Sri Lankan immigrants, they bought the original business from a Mexican woman, allowing her to retire after years of running the stand. With the bakery came the long-standing churro recipe that Parin had fell in love with upon her first bite. Since then, the recipe hasn’t changed, and the bakery has long become a fixture of Redondo Beach. The Demels and Rodriguez hope that Churro Buzz can develop a similar legacy at Del Amo.

The backgrounds of the Demels and Rodriguez, and the tale of Churro Buzz, represent so much more than just another churro stand. As Foodbeast’s latest episode of Taste the Details reveals, it’s all about believing in and achieving the American Dream. To get the complete story and understand why, watch the full episode above.

Created in partnership with Del Amo Fashion Center