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Church’s Brings Back Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken

Photo courtesy of Church’s Chicken

Five years ago, Church’s Chicken began their annual Smokehouse event. This seasonal promotion offered flavors attributed to the chain’s home state of Texas.

For the first time since 2019, Church’s is bringing back a Smokehouse favorite in their Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken.

Served as a bone-in half chicken, the returning dish is marinated in a savory, smoky seasoning, deep-fried naked, then glazed with a sweet, smoky sauce that boasts a hint of bourbon and is finished with cracked black pepper.

The Smokehouse Chicken will be available at participating Church’s Chicken locations nationwide through the end of August.

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Church’s Chicken Debuts New Chicken Sandwich

Ever since Popeye’s blew open the doors on the fast food fried chicken sandwich wars last summer, plenty iterations have followed. Stepping into the arena is a new formidable contender in Church’s Chicken’s new fried chicken sandwich.

Don’t sleep on Church’s though, as their own brand of bird is known for its superior crunch that is a shining example of their expertise in bone-in fried chicken.

The new sandwich features a juicy boneless breast filet that’s hand-breaded in Church’s proprietary blend and is backed up by crunchy pickles, creamy mayo, and a brioche bun that’s been brushed with their signature honey butter. If you’re looking for fiery kick, the sandwich also comes in a spicy version.

You can try Church’s brand new fried chicken sandwich at all locations for only $3.99 as a single sandwich and $5.99 as a combo with a drink and fries.

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Popeyes and Church’s Chicken Are Now Both Selling Deep Fried OREOs

Could the newest dessert fast food trend be deep fried OREO cookies? It appears to be starting to head in that direction, as two different fast food fried chicken spots have started selling versions of the state fair treat.

deep fried oreosPhoto courtesy of Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is selling State Fair Oreos, a product that’s been in freezers around the country for a while but has yet to hit the fast food scene. Available nationwide for a limited time, they’re served with a drizzle of sweet icing and sold in a pack of 6 for $3.99.

deep fried oreosPhoto courtesy of Popeyes

Meanwhile, Popeyes is testing out a deep-fried Double Stuf OREO in the Boston area. Funnel cake batter coats these thick OREO cookies, which are served on their own in an order of 2, 3, or 4 pieces. The 2-piece comes at $1.99, with the prices varying after that. These will only be available in Boston through the end of October via in-store or UberEats.

With the two fried chicken rivals dishing out the treats at the same time, it may only be a matter of time before more competitors, and the rest of fast food, eventually follow suit.

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Church’s Chicken Challenges Popeyes With New $5 Real Big Deal

When one company in a particular field exhibits success with an innovation, rivals will try to recreate their triumphs. Breyers recently did this with Halo Top’s low-cal, high-protein ice cream. Now, fried chicken joint Church’s Chicken is launching a $5 Real Big Deal box to challenge Popeyes.

real big deal

Photo courtesy of Church’s Chicken.

Church’s Chicken new deal box is strikingly similar to Popeyes’ $5 Bonafide Big Box. Both include two pieces of fried chicken (or three strips), two sides, and a biscuit. Additionally, both items aren’t around forever, with Church’s box sticking around only until the end of the year. Popeyes always brings their Bonafide Big Box back for a short amount of time. The only real difference is that Church’s box comes with a signature jalapeno pepper.

Church’s Chicken isn’t the first crispy chicken chain to come after Popeye’s meal deal, however. About a year after the Bonafide Big Box’s initial launch, KFC came up with their own version of a five buck meal. While KFC has more meal options in their $5 Fill Ups, you can’t really customize them. Church’s Chicken is allowing for that customization, making its recreation of the Bonafide Big Box more true to the original deal.

Regardless of how similar the meal deals are, however, Church’s has some delicious fried chicken. The new $5 Real Big Deal gives us a cheap, customizable, and filling way to enjoy it.

We’re always down for that.

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Church’s Chicken Co-Founder Used Fortune To Convert Harsh Wasteland Into Nature Preserve

Almost 50 years ago, the land now occupied by Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve in Hill County, Texas was what former Church’s Chicken CEO and co-founder David Bamberger describes as the “worst piece of land I could possibly find.” Little to no running water was present, with most of the land overrun by cedars that sucked up any rainfall that came in to the area.

Today, it’s a thriving nature preserve with lush grass, plenty of animals, and gorgeous springs of water flowing throughout it. And it’s all thanks to Bamberger’s vision that he had for the land.

The decades of work Bamberger put in to convert the land was highlighted in National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase. In the mini-documentary, Bamberger recounts the struggles he faced restoring the land on Bamberger Ranch after using some of the fortune he acquired from selling his stake in Church’s Chicken to purchase the desolate wasteland in 1969.

You might wonder why Bamberger didn’t just purchase some already fertile land and utilized it as a nature preserve. He didn’t do that because he had a desire to not just preserve nature, but to restore lost habitats as well.

“My objective was to take the worst piece of land I could possibly find in the Hill Country of Texas and begin a process of restoration that would change it back to be one of the best, and that has happened right here. By habitat restoration, by working with Mother Nature instead of against her. And that’s what we’re all about.”

It’s a beautiful, heartwarming, and inspirational video on what can be done to restore even the harshest of land here in the United States, and shows you what it really means to give back to the world after all it’s given you, much like what Bamberger received with his earnings from Church’s Chicken.

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For One Week, Church’s Chicken Is Selling 65-Cent Fried Chicken

Who: Church’s Chicken

What: The fried chicken chain is celebrating their 65th Anniversary this week. This means patrons will be able to purchase fried chicken legs and thighs for 65 cents each during the restaurant’s Happy Hour.

To clarify, you can’t buy an unlimited amount of fried chicken for 65 cents. Rather, you can buy as many 65-cent pieces of chicken as you want between the hours of the deal.

Where: Any participating Church’s Chicken location throughout the United States.

When: The deal will be available between April 17 – April 21 2017. Happy Hour times are from 2pm through 4pm.

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Church’s Chicken Introducing The Big Tex Club Sandwich

CC 7-10-1357536

Church’s Chicken has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. And to say that I am a sucker for fried chicken is an understatement.

The poultry princes are adding a new sandwich to their menu in the form of The Big Tex Club sandwich. The Big Tex Club is made with two plump Tender Strips, bacon, American cheese, pickles, lettuce and mayo all within two buttered slices of Texas Toast. It will be available at participating restaurants at $2.99 for the sandwich itself and $4.99 for the combo meal that includes small fries and a small drink.

“The Big Tex Club is a natural extension of the Big Tex sandwich that we introduced last year. With the addition of bacon and cheese to an already great selling sandwich, the new Big Tex Club is sure to be another fan favorite.” said Rob Crews, Church’s Chief Marketing Officer.

It’ll only be availiable through November 3, so those of you who’ve never tried Church’s Chicken, get in your car, the bus, or just hoof it out there now.