Dairy Queen’s August Blizzard is A Triple-Berry-Brownie Threat


Chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered raspberries. Chocolate covered blackberries? We’ve never had the last one, which is why we’re super excited to try Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the month: The Tripleberry Brownie.  The newest addition to the Blizzard family boasts strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry purées, blended with classic vanilla soft serve and stuffed with brownie and chocolate chunks.

While it may not beat fresh picked berries from the berry-patch, it sure as hell beats going to the berry patch in the first place.  We’re more than ready to trade brambles, bug bites, and lots and lots of sweat for a cool frozen treat in our hands.  So let’s raise a blizzard to new summer traditions, ones that are decidedly lazier, but likely just as delicious.

The Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard is available throughout the month, in four different sizes and as a Blizzard Cake.

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