Chuck E. Cheese’s New Millennial Menu Has A MAC & CHEESE PIZZA


For years, Chuck E. Cheese has been pretty constant with its menu. It’s not like kids are going to complain about cheese and dough quality when there’s games to be played. That changed earlier this year when the entertainment center revealed a redesigned menu that featured boneless wings, wraps, speciality thin-crust pizzas and even churros.

Now, things are changing yet again, NRN reports. Chuck E. Cheese is preparing to launch its first limited-time menu item: a macaroni and cheese pizza.


Photo: Ron Ruggless

Gregory Casale, the chain’s director of culinary innovation, was a former fine-dining chef. His goal was for people to give the party center a second look and see that their pizza can stand along with all the other pizza chains out there.

Developed towards a millennial crowd of parents and kids, the new menu boasts the tagline:

“We’re not playing games with your food anymore.”

Wait, so what were they doing before? It’s been a while since our last trip, but we didn’t think the pizza and wings were that bad.

One of the newer items, the spinach and mushroom-topped Cali Alfredo pizza seems to be doing very well for the brand since it appeared on the menu back in April.

The Mac-Cheesy Pizza makes its debut in October and will be available through the end of the year. Afterwards, Chuck E. Cheese will launch another limited item.

Our fondest memories were of the breadsticks dipped in ranch dressing. Hopefully that never changes.



Two Guys Got Caught Doing Heroin at Chuck E. Cheese’s

chuck e

Two men were arrested for allegedly doing heroin in the bathroom of a Southern California Chuck E. Cheese’s. The Costa Mesa Police Dept. said two men were found together in a closed bathroom stall in the process of smoking.

The men met with a dealer at Chuck E. Cheese’s and apparently decided they couldn’t waste time with, like, going anywhere else.

They were both under the influence and had their supply confiscated.

Chuck E. Cheese’s spokeswoman Michelle Chism said they felt sorrow and anger over the incident.

Collin Zborowski, 28, was transported to Orange County jail in Santa Ana and charged for felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor under influence of controlled substance, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, but was released on $20,000 bail. Daniel Lubach, 27, was charged with a misdemeanor charge of under influence of controlled substance, but was released on a written promise to appear in court.

There was no indication that Chuck E. was the dealer.



Chuck E Cheese To Go Cheaper, Dirtier According to The Onion [PARODY]


It’s easy to mock Chuck E Cheese for being gross and grimy, but is that just because we know better now or because we’ve gotten too old to not care?

A couple of days ago, satirical news site The Onion ran a story on how “America’s best value in family-friendly fun” had announced a new steep price decrease would be off-set by “a chain-wide lowering of hygiene standards.” This would include everything from requiring kids to sign waivers before touching any of the arcade games to giving the bathrooms just “one quick swab” at the end of the day. Like most Onion stories, it’s funny because it’s probably true, though the piece did make me miss the good old days of taking off my light-up sneakers and rolling around the ball pit. Who could forget the feeling of shiny, sweaty plastic beneath our fingers, the joy of button-mashing the TMNT and The Simpsons games after some other kid had just sneezed on them?

Goodness knows Chuck E Cheese was probably just as yucky back in the ‘90s. It’s just too bad caring about our health and hygiene is suddenly “in.”

Check out the full article for yourself at The Onion.


Well If He Doesn’t Want Them . . . NYC Waiter Gets Chuck E. Cheese Tokens as a Tip


You’re 5 years old and you’ve only two Chuck E. Cheese tokens to your name. Do you hoard them, these, your most precious possessions in the entire world? Or do you give them away to someone less fortunate than you?

If you chose the latter, I tip my hat to you, good sir, for you were probably a much gentler-baby than I. I would have just shoved them into my pockets and cried when my mom said she lost them in the wash.

But chugging along that same train of generosity as you, apparently, and that old widow lady from the bible, a toddler eating at an Applebee’s in NYC a couple days ago decided to give away some Chuck E. Cheese tickets and tokens as a tip to his parents’ waiter after their meal. Clearly touched, the waiter posted a photo of the donation to Reddit and later commented that, “He smiled and gave em to me, and I couldn’t help but smile back . . . those meant a lot to him, and he gave them to me. =)”

Of course, it probably helped the guy’s gratitude that the kid’s parents had already paid their actual tip with actual legal tender, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

H/T Gothamist + PicThx Reddit


Bowling for Cheese — Chuck E. Cheese Mascot Gets Dated Redesign

Is it too soon to revisit the 2000s? CEC Entertainment Inc., the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, doesn’t seem to think so.

In an attempt to breathe some life back into its 35 year old franchise, CEC has transformed its mousy mascot into a tiny, CGI punk rocker, complete with faded jeans, red Chucks, and a sunburst gray electric guitar. And the best part? Ditching Duncan Brannan, who voiced the mouse for nearly two decades, this new version gets its pipes from none other than Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick, whose hit single “1985” was at the top of the charts only as far back as say, 2004.

(If I remember correctly, I think I was still in junior high.)

According to the Associated Press, “In May, CEC said revenue at its locations open at least a year fell 4.2 percent in the first quarter,” causing many to cite the revamp as the result of a sort of midlife crisis for the company. CEC and the Richards Group, who designed the ads, hope that this “hipper” new look will help draw in new masses of hyper, light-chasing, pizza-munching scamps to its over 500 locations worldwide.

Chuck (because let’s be honest, this pop-punk hood rat looks more like a “Chuck” now than your friendly neighborhood “Chuck E.”) isn’t the first childhood rodent to get a spiffy new redesign. Back in 2010, Disney Interactive released Epic Mickey, a Wii game featuring a darker, Steamboat Willie-esque Mickey Mouse, which later served as a major design feature in the revamp of its Anaheim theme park, California Adventure. The only difference really between the two is that Mickey’s new look was retro and cool, and this one just kind of . . . isn’t.

See for yourself in this video from the new campaign, launching today:

What do you guys think about Chuck E.’s new look? On a scale from no, to no no no no no?


Chuck E. Cheese Testing Gluten Free Pizza & Cupcakes

chuck e. cheese logo

We might be seeing gluten-free trend here folks.

Recently Domino’s became the first national pizza chain to launch a gluten-free crust, and on the cusp of their announcement, children party house Chuck E. Cheese’s has also announced that it will be testing both gluten-free pizza and cupcake products at six of their Minnesota locations.

To avoid cross-contamination and exposure to gluten ingredients, the pizzas will be manufactured by a gluten-free facility, frozen and then sent to the stores. Both the pizzas and cupcakes will remain in sealed packages until the items are literally at the table. Unlike the Domino’s pizza, those with Celiac Disease may partake in the Chuck E. Cheese pizza because of the safety precautions. The only drawback is, you’ll seemingly be paying full price for a frozen pizza.

What do you guys think? Would you sacrifice fresh-made pizza for a gluten-free alternative? Does Chuck need to find a way to make fresh gluten-free pizzas?



Video of the Day: I Want Balls on my Pizza!

Here’s a Chuck E. Cheese’s commercial circa 1993. Ball pit, pizza, video games, denim jacket and everything. Where a kid can be a kid!