West Coast Customs To Redesign Chronic Tacos Restaurant

West Coast Customs Logo Chronic Tacos

Autoblog is reporting that a Chronic Tacos location in Corona, CA is teaming up with West Coast Customs (WCC) to launch a ‘modified taco shop.’ Exact details are sparse about how WCC will help redesign the shop, but we can definitely expect an over-the-top nature if MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’ and TLC’s ‘Street Customs’ are a precedent.

Chronic Tacos currently has 38 locations mostly in Southern California with a few located in Nevada, Arizona, Mexico and Canada. WCC continues Season 2 of ‘Inside West Coast Customs’ on Velocity.



Craving: Chronic Taco Grilled Fish Burrito

I’m pretty sure the picture above is an Al Pastor burrito from Chronic Taco, but just a few hours ago I had the pleasure of enjoying a grilled fish burrito from this awesome taco/burrito spot (video coming soon!). Ever since I left the restaurant, all I could think about is what my excuse would be for going back so soon and getting about 2 more of the burritos. If you get a chance and you’re into fish, try one with everything on it, I promise you won’t be dissapointed. (Thx holapenguin)


Chronic Tacos: Huntington Beach

Here at Food Beast, we have some obscure work habits. The beauty of working with food, you have to do very little work in the actual office. So, during the odd hours during the week, it’s often beautiful and sunny out in Orange County. So when I met up with Marc in Fountain Valley to discuss how to promote the site and talk about future endeavors, we caught a glimpse of his two beach cruisers sitting in the garage…then noticed the blistering sun outside…one thing led to another, and we decided we would have our think tank at the beach today. Onward ho!