Cheeseburger Christmas Ornament

Hope you guys are ready for Egg Nog, presents, Santa Clause and family you haven’t seen in forever, because Christmas is less then ten days away! If you haven’t decorated your tree because you forgot it was Christmas, it’s cool, we got you covered with this Cheeseburger Christmas Ornament. It is totally made out of glass and isn’t edible, but it does look somewhat appetizing. If you’re trying to make your friends mouth water when they take a glimpse at your tree, make sure and get one of these at the TendyTree for only $11.99!

Cravings Sweets

Irish Car Bomb/Spaghetti & Meat Ball Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been upgraded to a whole new level! Who would have thought that  Irish Car Bombs and Spaghetti & Meat Balls would ever find room on the same plate? Let alone the same cupcake!  The Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes are made with Guinness beer, Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream! The Spaghetti & Meat Ball Cupcakes are made with Ferro Rocher chocolates topped with jelly and chocolate shavings! I hope Santa drops a few of these off  for Christmas this year, my adress hasn’t changed! (Thx Michelle)