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Christian Group Hopes to Lure Hungry Souls to Jesus by Building McDonald’s Inside Church


A religious group in New Jersey is willing to do anything to save the faith, including constructing a fully functional McDonald’s inside a church. Because nothing says Jesus like biting into a saucy Big Mac.

They’re calling it the McMass Project.

Created by Paul Di Lucca, creative director of the church branding agency Lux Dei Design, the McMass Project is the messiah to this generation’s apathetic churchgoers. Through a crowdfunding site, the multi-denominational group hopes to raise $1 million to build a church with a McDonald’s franchise inside.

Di Lucca told NBC that “Christianity is unable to capture modern audiences.” He attributes this to a lack of innovation and lack of design thinking within the church communities.

The McMass site reports that 3 million people leave the faith each year, causing thousands of churches to close down. On the other hand, 7o million people eat every day at McDonald’s. They believe that by combining the two, they can not only restore faith to their members, but also unite the community.

That’s a lot of pressure for a McDonald’s.

According to the fast food company, it costs a minimum of $750,000 of non-borrowed personal resources to even be considered for a franchise. A minimum of 25 percent in cash is required as a down payment for financing. Hence the $1 million goal.

Why on earth would McDonald’s be considered as a savior for religion? The group believes that while the franchise is not only a source of much-needed revenue, it will also act as a “gathering point” to draw in a wider audience.

If that’s the case, churchgoers should flock in droves once Hello Kitty toys cycle through again.

Key contributors of $1,000 or more will receive a special brick on the memorial wall of the McMass church, as well as hats and T-shirts. Cool. They’re also coining the hashtag #Feast4Jesus.

As of Tuesday, $242 has been raised.

H/T Fox News