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Here’s How Much Chris Rock REALLY Made Selling Cookies At The Oscars [UPDATE]


Last Sunday, Chris Rock brought his daughters’ Girl Scout troop to the Oscars hoping generous celebrities would buy some cookies to support the girls. As many eagerly paid cash for their Thin Mints and Samoas, Rock claimed the total came out to $65,243.

Turns out they didn’t exactly raise that much.

According TMZ, the more than $65,000 sale was just a joke made for the performance.

About 500 boxes were sold that night at $5 each, a Girl Scouts rep told TMZ. The actual total was around $2,500. This doesn’t include, however, any off-camera orders that celebrities might have made at a later time.

Still, $65,000 or $2,500, the Girl Scouts did get some great coverage this weekend.

Cover Photo: Chris Rock + Girl Scout Cookies Facebook

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Chris Rock’s Daughters Made A KILLING Selling Girl Scout Cookies At The Oscars


UPDATE: The actual numbers from the cookie sales have been updated.

During last night’s Oscars, guests were swarmed with Girl Scouts after host Chris Rock brought his daughters and their troop onto the show to sell cookies. Celebrities eagerly held out cash to the young scouts as they awaited their box of snacks.

So how much did they actually make selling cookies to Hollywood’s finest?

According to Fortune, a little more than $65,000.

Apparently Rock’s daughter and her troupe do pretty badly each year when it comes to cookie sales. Rock took this as an opportunity to lighten things up at an already-tense Oscar show by bringing the girls in to cash in on cookie sales.

Celebrities were more than happy to show the Girl Scouts some support.

Christian Bale was pretty stoked for those Thin Mints.

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Later in the show, it was revealed that Rock’s daughter and her troupe made $65,243 in cookie sales.

Photo: Girl Scout Cookies Facebook + Chris Rock Facebook

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