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This Dino-Sized Dorito Chip Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

It’s like Universal Studios and all the pathos that comes with it was mailed to us at Foodbeast.

Unbridled child-like joy is what a group of grown men felt when we opened this big ass box, following some corny instructions and getting hyped over a foot-long Dorito chip, taking pictures like some eager tourists.

It’s a good move from the Jurassic Park movie series and I’m not surprised that their marketing has taken on such a ridiculous yet amusing tactics. Chris Pratt helped, I’m sure.

After opening the gargantuan over-the-top packaging, we found what Doritos is calling, “the world’s largest” Dorito chip.

It’s as big as my head, and apparently my head is as big as a baby dinosaur because this chip hatched from a dinosaur egg.

Check this out.

Jurassic World has partnered with Doritos to promote the upcoming movie and in doing so has released this colossal chip. However, this promotion is not just some gimmick, as there’s actually some cool stuff Doritos has offered to fans.

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From June 13th until June 20th, a bidding auction will go on putting up the Jurassic Dorito, so you have your own chance to crack this huge thing and find your very own T-Rex approved snack. All proceeds from the auction will go to help funding disaster relief efforts for the American Red Cross chapter in Hawaii.

Until them, I’m gonna spend the rest of the day chomping on this foot-long chip.

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Chris Pratt Looks Miserable While Dieting For Jurassic World 2 [WATCH]

Before Chris Pratt was an action star and saving families from dinosaurs using nothing more than his rock hard abs, he was a regular looking guy with a dad bod.

With that said, Chris probably still has a chubby kid inside him, so it’s hard to watch him struggle with his diet, especially when he records himself looking like he’s in pain.

While on set for Jurassic World 2, Pratt has been doing little Instagram segments called “What’s my snack,” and while he tries to make it sound like fun, he doesn’t look like he’s having a good time with his Cacao baobab banana chia shake:

#WHATSMYSNACK #JurassicWorld2

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His next snack looked a lot more palatable, but you can tell he wasn’t impressed by the portion sizes, as his caption read, “Watch me eat cat food like a good little boy.”

#JurassicWorld2 #WHATSMYSNACK watch me eat cat food like a good little boy

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His third snack video just sounded like a cry for help. Pratt dug into a late night snack which he technically wasn’t supposed to eat until the following day. Yet he was so hungry, he opened his olive oil pistachio cake, and tortured himself by saying he’d only eat half of it.

Of course, he ended up eating all of it, and I don’t blame him:

Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK

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It’s not easy being a super hero, but it looks like Pratt’s trying his best. He’s probably counting down the hours until his cheat meal. I hope he eats a giant slice of pizza.

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Chris Pratt Teaches How To Properly Clean And Gut A Fish

Chris Pratt has been known to tame velociraptors and lead gangs of galactic misfits on planet-saving missions, but now he can add skilled fisherman to his resume.

In a tutorial video for Vanity Fair, Pratt let his expertise shine as he showed his technique for cleaning and gutting fish.

Pratt was fishing in Lake Perris, California, and apparently “caught” a sea bass, which he used for his demonstration.

Pratt starts off by cutting the bass’ “fish hand,” then slices through “the business section of the LA Times.” Whatever that means.

After he sliced and diced his way through the whole bass, he released it right back into the wild, because Pratt’s an eco-friendly guy.

I’ve never caught and gutted a fish myself, but Pratt’s techniques seemed pretty legit. I totally feel ready to head out into the lake myself and give it a try.