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Panda Express Changes Chow Mein And Eggplant Tofu To Be Plant-Based Friendly

To be completely honest, I was about today years old when I learned that Panda Express’s plant-based options aren’t 100% vegetarian. Turns out that in the past, their chow mein and eggplant tofu, amongst other items, have included chicken broth or chicken-based seasonings inside of them, meaning while they may look meat-free at a glance, they’re not.

Moving forward, though, that won’t be the case, as Panda Express has been making changes to their menu to ensure that those items are free from animal products.

For the past few years, according to a Panda Express representative, they’ve working to eliminate animal byproducts from several of their dishes while keeping taste and quality the same. These include the chow mein, Super Greens mixed veggies, eggplant tofu, and steamed brown and white rice. Panda has been able to scale these changes to a national level, and began rolling out the new recipes in late 2018. They’ll be in all restaurants nationwide by the end of this year.

While these dishes are suited for those who live a plant-based lifestyle, Panda Express will still avoid calling them “vegan” or “vegetarian.” Since all of the dishes are cooked on the same kitchen equipment, potential exists for leftover bits of meat and animal products to intermix with the meat-free dishes.

So, while the items are technically plant-based friendly, there is no guarantee that there won’t be meat inside them. Nonetheless, it’s a huge step forward for Panda Express to begin renovating their menu to accommodate vegetarian and vegan guests better. In the future, perhaps they will be able to prevent that cross-contamination as well.

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Burger King’s New CHOW MEIN Burger Is Drenched In Kung Pao Sauce


Here’s something we’d never thought we’d see.

Burger King India has added a new Chinese-themed Whopper to their menu they’re calling the Shanghai Whopper.

According to Brand Eating, the Whopper features either a chicken, veggie, or mutton patty as the protein. The burger is then topped with tomato, red onion, cheese, a cheesy jalapeño sauce, crispy fried chow mien, and Kung Pao sauce.

No joke.

While Kung Pao sauce and chow mein aren’t typically paired together, it seems Burger King is taking some liberties with the components to keep in theme with the Shanghai concept.

You can find the Shanghai Whopper at participating Burger King locations in India. Prices for the burger will vary depending on the type of patty you choose.

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In-flight Full Power Charge Men’s Meal is Carbo-loaded For His Pleasure


There is literally no reason I can think of that warrants the incredulous carb nature of this meal other than to induce a sick case of food coma.

Garuda International, an Asian airline, is rolling out these men only in-flight meals for travelers bound for Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali. The full name for this crazy meal is “In-flight Full Power Charge ★ Men’s Meal Garuda: Naniwa Special Lunch Fried Rice, Yakisoba, Fried Chicken.”  Yes, the totally unnecessary star is part of the name. Because it wasn’t already a mouthful why not mix things up and add a superfluous symbol in it.

As noted by the name above the masculine meal includes fried rice, fried chicken over yakisoba and is served with a roll. The whole thing seems like a bit much but Garuda’s reasoning behind the Full Power Charge was to create “a satisfying, high-volume meal for men onboard”. Still, I think it’s to get the dudes full and happy before they slip into a deep carb ridden sleep.

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A Dirty Love Letter to Dirty Chinese Food


Dear Dirty Chinese Food,


I want you. There, I said it. I want you so bad it hurts.

I thought I was done. Done with this. Done with you.


Anaheim, CA: Ho-Toy’s Chinese Food

Let me tell you about Ho-Toy’s Chinese food on St. College in Anaheim. Ho-Toy’s is the Chinese food spot that you wish your Chinese food spot was like. They give you more food than you know what to do with, it’s always fresh and hot, and is just all around amazing. If you blinked you’d probably miss this place, but if you enter the magic wonderland of Ho-Toy’s you will not be disappointed. Here is my last meal there; Orange chicken, BBQ chicken and about 2 pounds of chow mein. Thank you wonderful Chinese ladies that serve this up for me.


Craving: Panda Express Orange Chicken


Walking around the fair yesterday I saw a Panda Express booth and it almost seemed out of place to me. But then I remembered no matter how many crazy and good tasting foods there are at the fairgrounds, sometimes a person just wants some good ol’ orange chicken and where better to get it at then Panda Express. I usually serve mine up with a whole bunch of a chow mein and teriyaki chicken with sauce.