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Feedback: The Top User Comments Of The Week

Last week we debuted our “Feedback” series, where we looked for your best Facebook comments and acknowledged the fantastic commentary y’all added to the posts we threw up. Folks went HAM on Kylie Jenner and Donald Trump, and this week, there was no mercy given to rapper Drake, as his time-traveling ways led him to KFC’s secret recipe. Kind of.

You guys continue to prove your depth of wit and savagery, and this week we’re thinking of doing some giveaways for your delightful, and always honest comments, so be sure to tune in to our Katchup Facebook Livestream at 1 p.m., and get yourself some free swag.

Now without further ado, here are the best user comments of the week:


“Do you eat this with a fork or just force your face into it?” -Taso Tasigiannis

Video: Pizza Tots From GD Bro Burger

You can probably eat these either way, but just not at the same time. That’s a surefire way to lose an eye.

“Collectors item!!!!” – Anthony Hagen

STORY: McDonald’s Latest Recall On Fitness Tracker Sets Company Record

Very true, Anthony. Keep your tracker and in 20 years, you can probably to go a collector and get a solid $4 for it.

“Is it weird that it looks Better after the acid??” – John Otto


STORY: This Is What Happens When You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A Big Mac

Chill, John! Big Macs look delicious. It does look pretty dope melted, though.

“Panda is so authentic… this chork is straight outta china too.” – Darryl Wesley


STORY: Behold The CHORK, Panda Express’ Combo Fork + Chopsticks

Yes, I would think they’d like to keep that kind of consistency.


“Still 30 mins late, I can bet you on that.” – Mishida Amaraki


STORY:Domino’s Wants To Make Drone-Delivered Pizzas A Reality Soon

Unless there’s some epic drone wars going on up there, Star Wars style, they better not be so damn late.

“The justice league needs some beers after work.” – Hermosillo Ivan


VIDEO: Man Dresses Up As Batman And Steals 2 Cases Of Beer [WATCH]

You’re probably right. Who knows how many times The League does this? They should have sent the Flash for this job though. He wouldn’t have gotten caught.

“Coincidence??? I think not” -Jeremie E.


STORY: California Burger Chain Is Giving Out Free Bacon Dogs On International Bacon Day

Solid catch, Jeremie! Can’t believe we didn’t catch that! But who are you DM-ing on the top right corner, bro, and can I get them digits??

“Francis Hughes Connell Now someone tell me why my man Drake is in KFC’s kitchen?.” -Setsuna Yuen
“Yo, it’s Drake with the Colonel. He’s known the secret recipe this whole time.” -SpamEggs AndRice
“Started from the fryer now Were here started from the fryer now my whole finger lickin team here!” -Matthew John Steel
“Drake’s dad.” -Joey Olivares
“So Drake is a vampire and knows how to make his own KFC?” -Mole Esther


STORY: Colonel Sanders’ Nephew Casually Reveals KFC’s Secret Recipe

So, the stock KFC Facebook post we had on this story had a fellow who looked a little bit like Grammy award-winning artist Drake. YOLO is bullshit, ’cause clearly Drake was here in a past life.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Products What's New

Behold The CHORK, Panda Express’ Combo Fork + Chopsticks

A couple weeks ago, Panda Express started hyping up these new Chorks. The plastic utensil features a fork on one end with a pair of chopsticks on the other.

Like the wooden chopsticks found in most Asian restaurants, you can snap the Chork in half and they’ll act as traditional chopsticks. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use chopsticks, leaving them connected lets you train with them.

We got our hands on some and decided to test them out for ourselves.

Check out the video to see what fellow Foodbeasts Marc and Elie had to say about them.

Panda Express currently has no plans to roll the utensils out nationally, at least for now. Rather, they’ll be giving them away on special occasions. If you’re dying to try them, you can buy some directly from Chork.


Chork (Chopstick + Fork): When West Meets East

“One part chopsticks, one part fork and one part awesome”. Say hello to another great utensil invention! (Thx IT)