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Behold The CHORK, Panda Express’ Combo Fork + Chopsticks

A couple weeks ago, Panda Express started hyping up these new Chorks. The plastic utensil features a fork on one end with a pair of chopsticks on the other.

Like the wooden chopsticks found in most Asian restaurants, you can snap the Chork in half and they’ll act as traditional chopsticks. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use chopsticks, leaving them connected lets you train with them.

We got our hands on some and decided to test them out for ourselves.

Check out the video to see what fellow Foodbeasts Marc and Elie had to say about them.

Panda Express currently has no plans to roll the utensils out nationally, at least for now. Rather, they’ll be giving them away on special occasions. If you’re dying to try them, you can buy some directly from Chork.

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This Watch Was Built To Hold A Tiny Meal Inside

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, somebody finally decided to start putting food inside of accessories. One Kyoto-based company called Takii Seeds may give Apple and its highly advanced watch a run for their money.

The company has created a watch that contains a tiny amount of food in it for when you need a small snack on the go. Although the hungry man in me is stoked about this invention, the practical part of me sees that, alas, the watch is just as ridiculous as the Apple Watch, only in a much different but equally grand way.

In order to make the watch both perfect and functional, Takii Seeds brought in several professionals at their crafts, including a master watch craftsman for the design, a plastic surgeon to cut the food into tiny, proper pieces, a diorama expert to arrange the food inside the watch, and a very popular chef to cook the food. The watch even comes with two tiny, extendable chopsticks.

Unfortunately, this watch was only done as a publicity stunt and is not for sale, nor is it even being manufactured. Let’s just hope that my plans for whiskey-filled cufflinks get greenlit.



Photo Credit: Kotaku, First We Feast


Why Koreans Use Metal Chopsticks


Metal is a good conductor of heat and Korean tofu soup is usually boiling hot. So why is Korea the only country in the world that uses metal chopsticks?

Korean chopsticks, or “cheot-garak,” are typically made of metal ad are flatter and more square in shape than other Asian chopsticks. Lengthwise, Korean chopsticks are somewhere in between the shorter chopsticks of Japan and the longer chopsticks of China.

According to Gastro Tour Seoul, metal chopsticks nowadays are often made of steel. In historical times, the wealthy upper class would use gold, silver or brass chopsticks for special events.

The theory on the origin of metal chopsticks is that during the Baekje (18 B.C.- 660 A.D.) Period the royal family used silver chopsticks to detect poison in their food. Their enemies’ plot would be ruined since silver changes color when it comes into contact with a poisonous chemical. It is believed that commoners took after the king and adopted steel chopsticks.


A typical Korean meal setup includes a pair of metal chopsticks laid on the right-hand side and a large metal spoon on the other side. The flat ends of the chopsticks are usually decorated with ornate Korean designs, such as ones featuring the heron bird.

In other Asian countries, wooden and bamboo chopsticks make stickier objects easier to pick up.The second theory follows that since Koreans use a spoon to eat their rice, wooden chopsticks were not required.

Metal chopsticks are also viewed as more hygienic than wooden chopsticks. Traditional Korean restaurants utilize a “break time” during the afternoons to sterilize the chopsticks in a large bowl of boiling water. However, many restaurants today take advantage of electric sterilization units.

Written by Laura Dang, NextShark


World’s Smallest Chopsticks Transforms Into a Pen


How handy would it be to have a pair of chopsticks with you at all times for everyday situations? Sushi falling out of the sky? Boom. Chopsticks. A chow mien truck tips over? Chopsticks. Yuan Design has come up with an upgraded version of the classic chopstick concept of two wooden sticks with relatively equal length.

The design, called PenstiX, allows the metal pair to be hidden in a compact metal rod with a cap. Assembling it together, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary pen. You could literally carry them with you at all times.The “pen cap” once disassembled, acts as a chopstick holder allowing them to avoid touching a grimy table surface. They’re also reusable and easy to clean.


I’ve heard of many novelty chopsticks that claim to be the world’s smallest, but I kind of actually believe this one. Not too ridiculously small where they would be useless but small enough to carry around. Currently, PenstiX is sourcing funding at Indiegogo with a $38 donation being the minimum to receive a pair.

To quote Dirk Diggler in a recent blockbuster movie, “I don’t think it’s a pen at all! I think we found a Transformer.”

H/T DesignTaxi


2-In-1 Double Helix Chopsticks Cleverly Combine Into One


Japanese studio Nendo is known for creating clever food-related designs that not only make mealtime easier but also more enjoyable. Remember those chocolate paint tubes and the handy lemon wedge pouch? Well, their most recent invention comes in the form of chopsticks.

Solving yet another first world problem, these double helix-shaped chopsticks perfectly fit together when not in use, greatly decreasing the chances of losing just one chopstick (which we all know is the worst).
Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo also designed a version that features small magnets at the end of each chopstick, so a pair easily stays together when stored.

Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo Chopsticks

So what does this mean for us? The days of losing one chopstick are long gone, my friends. Long gone.

H/T Design Taxi + Pixthx Nendo


Cheetos Chopsticks


Picthx Wondermark


Fight Hunger by Moonlight with Sailor Moon Chopsticks


As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, there really isn’t any room in our healthy, adjusted adult lives for Sailor Moon toys. Luckily, these gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired chopsticks by Bandai aren’t toys — they’re dining utensils!

Now you can pig out on your favorite odango (dumplings) with the same magical scepters used by your favorite odango-atama (“dumpling-head”). The pink wooden accoutrements come with three different toppers: Sailor Moon’s “Moon Stick,” from the first season; the “Cutie Moon Rod,” from the second season; and Sailor Mini-Moon’s “Pink Moon Stick,” from the third season.


Best of all, each topper can be removed, so you can totally throw the chopsticks in the washer while you go off to talk to cats, twirl around naked for 30 seconds, and throw sparkly confetti at bad guys.

Sailor Moon Chopsticks: available online from Bandai for $15 each; delivery expected for March. 

H/T + Picthx Rocket News


Chopstick Straws Forever Change the Soup Game


Let’s file this under “things we’ve been waiting our whole life for.”

Being able to literally have your ramen and drink it too is a reality with these Soup Straws. Imagine chopsticks, now think of them hollowed out with an opening at each end and a series of holes at the tip. This is some serious next level sorcery right here.

An innovative idea by designer, Julian Lechner, these Soup Straws mean the end of awkwardly slurping up your broth while simultaneously trying to shove noodles and meat into your mouth. Because trying to get that perfect ramen bite is a real life struggle.


Unfortunately, this invention is only a concept for now. We’re hoping that some food-loving investor will see how necessary this is and pony up the funds to get Soup Straws at ramen restaurants everywhere. Until then, maybe just pop a straw into your bowl of soup to get at that broth. Or you could use a spoon, that might work too.

H/T Gizmodo + PicThx Julian Lechner