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Voodoo Doughnut Bans Eating Challenges After Man Chokes To Death In Their Shop

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If you’ve ever watched Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you’ve probably wondered how these people don’t choke to death after vociferously chowing down on hot dog after hot dog. These type of contests don’t always go so smoothly, though, as the ever popular Voodoo Doughnut can attest to.

The Portland-based doughnut shop just suspended their Tex-ass Doughnut eating challenge after contestant Travis Malouff choked to death at one of their locations on April 3.

The ban will take effect at all of Voodoo’s seven U.S. locations, and even their Taiwan store, according to the Denver Post.

Voodoo said in a statement Tuesday:

“Our hearts go out to the Malouff family during this very difficult time,” the restaurant said in a statement Tuesday. “We have suspended the eating challenge in all our locations. While this matter is under investigation, we believe it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The popular challenge usually asked its contestants to try and finish a half-pound glazed doughnut in 80 seconds or less, all for the grand prize of a free meal and a free button.

Malouff was pronounced dead at the scene, with the Denver Medical Examiner claiming Malouff died of asphyxia.

While these crazy eating challenges don’t often lead to death, it’s still a good reminder that they are dangerous, and these restaurants should probably look into keeping medical help nearby if they’re going to have humans eat a half pound of food in less than 2 minutes.