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New Chocolate Toast Crunch is Basically Chocolate Churro Cereal


Maybe it’s just been a hot second since we last drunk-wandered down the cereal aisle, but we’re pretty sure our childhoods didn’t taste anything like this. First Pop Rocks Fruity Pebbles, now Chocolate Toast Crunch? Hell, the way kid’s cereal brands are reinventing themselves these days, we might actually have to start eating breakfast again.

According to its forthcoming Amazon page, General Mills’ new Chocolate Toast Crunch cereal “combines the great taste of chocolate with a hint of cinnamon on each square.” We haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but the cinnamon kiss does sound like a nice touch, and a good way to keep the thing from being too uni-dimensional.

No word yet on whether the new CTC is currently available at all major supermarkets, but if you do happen to spot it on shelves, be a doll and let us know? In fact, we’d love if you could send us some. (Looking at you, GM.) ‘Kay thanks!

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Amazon