SPOTTED: Chocolate Shawarma is Exactly What it Sounds Like and It’s Amazing

chocolate shawarma

It’s been a few years since The Avengers made us all crave Shawarma. If Tony Stark finds out it is now available in dessert form, he’ll probably crave it after fighting off a few more aliens.

According to Tablet Mag, the popular Mediterranean street food has been transformed into a sweet, chocolaty treat. Chocolate Shawarma is sold at a dessert shop in Israel called Choco Kebab. The process looks very similar to the way the traditional shawarma is prepared, as the chocolate is put on a rotating spit, and shaved into thin chocolate slices before being nestled into a pita-crepe.

The usual suspects found in Shawarma wraps such as hummus, or tahini are replaced with dulce de leche, maple syrup, marshmallows, M&Ms, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, granola, and chocolate sprinkles.

Oded Cohen, the shop owner admitted that the concept is not an Israeli one, as he saw originally saw a chocolate spit while on a trip to Italy. So, he’s banking off a stolen concept, but hopefully it’s nothing to go to war for.

Check out the Chocolate Shawarma-making process for yourself: