4th Graders Stage Protest to Bring Chocolate Milk Back to Their Lunch Menu

When the Beastie Boys once proudly sang the iconic words, “You gotta fight for your right — TO PARTY!” the energy resonated with the youth of that generation. Now it can be said that that message’s ripple effect touched the youth of today, as you can make the case that chocolate milk would be a worthy equivalent to partying it up — for 4th graders, at least.

As reported by ABC 7 Los Angeles, Students at Sierra Vista K-8 school in Vacaville, California walked out on classes in response to chocolate milk being pulled from the school’s lunch menu.

“What do we want?! CHOCOLATE MILK! When do we want it?! NOW!” Such were the fervent and vociferous chants by the children unhappy with the move. School administrators reasoned that chocolate milk has too much sugar, but understandably the kids weren’t having it.

As a result of the peaceful but staunch protest, a compromise was made and chocolate milk will be making a return to Sierra Vista’s menu one day every other week.

Suck that through a straw, chocolate milk haters!

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San Francisco Just Banned Chocolate Milk From All Schools

Chocolate milk has been a staple in school lunches for the longest. You might not remember too many of your elementary school lunch items, but chances are you’ll remember the chocolate milk cartons, or in some cases, milk pouches.

In an attempt to curb student calorie intake, San Francisco, California just outright banned chocolate milk from its schools, according to the SF Chronicle.

It’s not #NationalChocolateMilkDay if you haven’t had your daily glass of Nesquik chocolate milk! 🐰

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When these young San Franciscans return to school from summer vacation, they will have one less drinking option to choose from, as the flavored milk ban will start in the Fall of 2017, for all elementary and middle schoolers.

High school students will have an extra semester to enjoy their chocolaty drink, as the ban will not take effect for them until the upcoming Spring semester.

Getting rid of the milk cuts the students’ calorie intake by at least 35 calories, and sugar intake by 10 grams.

They tested the ban on five schools last semester, and while the students weren’t big fans of the idea, they eventually just forcefully switched over to plain milk.

Over the years, San Francisco has really cracked down on unhealthy food, doing away with sugary snacks such as cookies, vending machine candy, and of course, sugary sodas.

While a piece of our childhood will be banned, looking down at my 28-year-old gut, I get it.

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Study Shows 48% Of Americans Have No Idea Where Chocolate Milk Comes From

If you’re one of the 7 percent of Americans who thinks chocolate milk comes from brown cows, I hope you’re sitting down for this one, because there is absolutely zero percent chance that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Just to make sure, I checked with our resident food scientist Costa Spyrou, and he has assured me that cows do not produce chocolate.

Costa was thoroughly unimpressed with my chocolate milk questions.

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy surveyed 1,000 adults on several milk-related questions, and possibly the most devastating was the chocolate milk question.

At least those 7 percent were aware that a cow is somewhat involved in the process, but a whole 48 percent of those same 1,000 respondents said they actually have no idea where chocolate milk comes from, period.

This is our country ladies and gentlemen, and it is totally deflating.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I won’t leave you hanging—chocolate milk is, well, milk and freakin’ chocolate mixed together. The chocolate is not injected into a cow, nor does a cow naturally produce the chocolate.

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Footage Of This Nasty, Chunky Milk Will Remind You How Terrible School Lunches Are

If you miss your high school cafeteria lunches, you’re either insane, or somehow had decent lunches served for you. If you’re like most normal people, you remember how gross, soggy, and barely edible the food used to be.

It seems like that trend hasn’t slowed down, as a video of some gloppy chocolate milk has gone viral, leaving people sick to their stomach.

You’d think the milk would be the one safe haven of the lunch options, but apparently not, as a high schooler in Catskill, New York took video of his chunky milk.

The video removed the original credit, probably to keep the kid from getting in trouble, but the footage is out there, and it’s gross.

The Reddit post claims that the school has done nothing about it, but hopefully the health department was called, so at the very least, they can make sure everything is square at the school. And maybe we should encourage kids to be more proactive about this, they don’t deserve to be eating this nastiness. Somebody should call the health department–maybe that somebody is you, here’s the number for Greene County Health Dept 518-719-3600. No, seriously, that’s the number. I’m sure they’d love to hear everyone’s concern.

Schools should be serving decent food. Period.

#foodbeast Features FOODBEAST Humor Video

JEFF’S TABLE: Chocolate Milk Is Liquid Luxury

The progress of humankind can be measured by significant touchstones throughout its history: the invention of the wheel, the harnessing of electricity, the wonder of aviation, the creation of the internet, and chocolate milk.

Yes, chocolate milk.

For hundreds of years folks had been going about their business, drinking milk straight, sans pizzazz, not knowing any better how much tastier their favorite beverage could be with a little infusion of cocoa. It wasn’t until the 1700s when milk late bloomed and high key evolved into the decadent drink we indulge in today: chocolate milk.

Could it be through sorcery or outerworld molecular gastronomy that milk levels up into the luxurious liquid that is chocolate milk? In Foodbeast’s third episode of Jeff’s Table, a docu-series dignifying the everyday home cook, Jeff searches for the answer to such a question.

Pull up a seat at Jeff’s Table to check out previous episodes. Also, make sure to check in next week to see the newest segment in the series. What magnificence will Jeff present at his table next?

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TruMoo Fuses Chocolate Milk and Marshmallows into One Drink

DEAN FOODS TRUMOO(R) CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW MILKThere’s not much you can add to a nice cup of hot chocolate that’ll make it better, save those white fluffy pieces of heaven called marshmallows. However, it can definitely be a hassle drinking piping hot chocolate in a thermos, on your way to work, with the marshmallows jamming the little zippy hole. If only there was another option…

TruMoo’s new flavor of milk incorporates the idea of hot cocoa into a cold beverage. Chocolate Marshmallow claims to contain all the nutritional benefits of regular chocolate milk without the high fructose corn syrup and artificial hormones. Consumers also have the choice of drinking it cold, straight from the fridge, or heating it up and recreating that hot cocoa magic.

Chocolate Marshmallow TruMoo will be available for a limited time through the end of February at major retailers across the U.S.

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Self-Whisking Chocolate Milk Mug

One of the toughest parts about getting a great glass of homemade chocolate milk is the mixing process. Not only do you dirty a spoon, you never really get all the powder fashioned into the liquid properly, and no one likes a residue in their chocolate milk! With this talking MOO mixer, you throw in your water or milk, your chocolate powder of choice, and just hit the handle. Best part about the entire process? A built-in speaker that “mooooo’s” while it’s blending. Runs off a pair of AA batteries, fits 12 ounces of liquid in a 5.5″ x 3.5″ unit. ($20 @ FredFlare)