How To Make Sweet And Spicy Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Many of us belong to a school of thought that firmly believe anything covered in chocolate will instantly be made better, whether it is candy, fruit, or in this case, jalapeño peppers.

In this month’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, the team was tasked to create something with chocolate as the unifying connector.

Foodbeast’s Oscar, the man behind the infamous Elote Ramen, decided to make chocolate covered jalapeños topped with marzipan candy. The peppers checked off many tasting notes that we’d never have dreamed would come from two such contrasting foods.

Check out the video to see how he made these!

Rounding out this week’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge include Alyssa, Devin, Oscar, Costa, Peter, and Kimberly. Join us next time for another installment!


Burns So Sweet: New Chocolate Jalapeño Shake from Sonic


Cooling down for the summer needn’t leave you feeling so lukewarm. Not to knock vanilla, but shouldn’t a season marked by so little clothing be rung in with a beverage that’s equally as steamy? This milkshake season, beat the heat by embracing it, courtesy of the new Chocolate Jalapeño milkshake from Sonic.

Starting April 28, Chocolate Covered Jalapeño takes its place among three brand-new flavors headlining Sonic’s annual Summer of Shakes, which include Oreo Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel. Blending real ice cream with hot jalapeños and sweet chocolate sauce, the CCJ sounds kind of like a spicy hot chocolate, only frozen, and even more dank.

After 8 p.m. all summer, get these and all other Sonic shakes for half-off. Not all at once, of course, though you’ll probably want to. Hel-lo sweet summer.