It’s Hard Out There For a Twinkie: OG Twinkie Factory Shutting Down


Hostess fans nationwide were offered snack food salvation after their beloved Twinkies returned to store shelves last summer. Though your favorite junk food sweets are safe, their birthplace is not.

Thanks to the slew of impostors and copy cats that flooded the market in Hostess’ eight month absence, the original Twinkie factory is shutting its doors for good. The Schiller Park, IL based plant gave birth to the Twinkie back in the 1930’s and closed up shop in 2012 during Hostess’ bankruptcy. The plant reopened in 2013 but even “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever” couldn’t save this OG Twinkie factory.

With Hostess fighting to stay “highly efficient and technologically advanced to compete” coupled with the fact that demand for Hostess goodies is down, the plant that employs nearly 400 workers will officially close up in October.

H/T Consumerist

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