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Is Adding Mayo The Secret To Extra Moist Chocolate Cake?


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I was today years old when I found out that adding mayonnaise to a chocolate cake recipe levels it up to an upper echelon type of moistness. On a recent TikTok bender, I happened upon the above video for a chocolate cake recipe that incorporates mayo into it.

As the home chef indicates in the clip, the mayonnaise adds “extra egg yolk and a very creamy texture.”

Apparently this cake hack hearkens back to around World War II or the Depression, when cooks were forced to get creative with replacements in recipes due to ingredient scarcity, as cited by The Kitchn.

Though mayo in cake may incite an automatic “nah” on paper, the end result of the creamiest, most moist chocolate cake ever sounds enticing enough to try.

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Bacon Lava Cakes Exist, Here’s How To Get One For Free

Bacon lover’s rejoice! Treat yourself one last time before committing to that New Year’s Resolution, again. Forget scarfing down a sheet of bacon on National Bacon Day, Slater’s 50/50 is changing the game. They are giving away decadent bacon lava cakes to every person that downloads their app on or before Sunday, December 30th. The best part is you don’t even have to buy anything!

There’s no better way to ring in National Bacon Day than with a molten dark chocolate cake served with a thick slice of salted caramel smoked bacon. Slater’s went the extra mile by adding bacon caramel sprinkled on top along with a dark chocolate drizzle. Candied pecans are sure to add a satisfying crunch and the sweet coolness of vanilla ice cream will compliment the warm, gooey chocolate cake. We never knew this could be a thing.

It’s rare when free really means free and you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Just show the app in-store at any Slater’s 50/50 in California, Nevada, or Texas and you will be rewarded.


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Baskin Robbins’ September Flavor is ‘German Chocolate Cake’


This September, Baskin-Robbins is serving up German Chocolate Cake

The Swiss chocolate ice cream is mixed with coconut, chunks of walnuts, fudge brownie pieces and a caramel swirl — a welcome addition to the fight against the sweltering heat outside (wtf, September?) This month also marks the long-awaited return of the “Buy One Get One Free Two-Scoop Sundae” special every Wednesday at participating locations. The deal will be ongoing until the end of the year.

Tell me that doesn’t sound tempting right now.

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Here is What Space Chocolate Cake & Coffee Look Like


Every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point. The idea of floating around a spaceship while exploring the universe at the speed of light (sigh, if only) is a thrilling thought I used to spend hours dreaming about back in grade school. Of course, all that’s peaches and gravy — yes, peaches and gravy damnit — until you find out what astronauts actually have to eat in space.

Basically, their diet consists of pulverized protein, sugar and vitamins resembling something not too unlike sad baby food. Hence, the “chocolate cake” and “coffee” in the video below that was taken at the International Space Station. All I can say is, Chris Hadfield, you are one brave, brave soul.

H/T Laughing Squid


Mindblown: This Is Not Asparagus…It’s Cake


I am notorious for being ruthlessly carnivorous with a mean streak of sweet tooth. I loathe most vegetables and for me to eat a salad is like pulling teeth from a very grumpy lion. I just…can’t do it and if you make me I’ll bite your hand off. However, if all vegetables came in the form of this asparagus cake, I’d be eating my daily serving of greens on the daily. Heck, I’d even double it.

Yes, the above photo features a lavishly decorated-to-look-like-asparagus chocolate cake. We know, sacré bleu! But hey, if it looks nutritious, that’s enough to merit “healthy” in my book.

Gawk at the pseudo veggies below:


Via Sweetapolita


Chocolate Cake Shot: A Sweet Sensation

Frangelico Hazelnut Liquor + Vanilla Vodka + Lemon Slice = Chocolate Cake

My mind was blown, what’s the mad science behind this?

If you haven’t had a chocolate cake shot, you’ll have your doubts too. But once you try it, it’ll definitely make your list of tastiest shots. I understand how the hazelnut liquor and vanilla vodka would make this shot taste more like a dessert, but the lemon, what’s that all about? You’ll be surprised it brings out more deep chocolate notes from the hazelnut liquor, and is actually the key for making it taste like a bite of chocolate cake.

Try the making that shot at home, you’re in for a flavor trip.

Here’s the recipe adapted from Frangelico:

15 ml Frangelico

15 ml Vanilla Vodka

Lemon Slice


How to Serve:

1. Pour Frangelico and vodka in a shot glass

2. Coat lemon slice with sugar

3. Lick Sugar

4. Do the shot

5. Suck on lemon slice

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Chocolate Strawberry Butter Cream Cake

I wish my birthday was today, so I could have my cake and eat it too! This birthday cake has multiple chocolate layers finished off with butter cream frosting, sugar and whole strawberries! Forget it… I don’t care, I’m just going to have a slice! (Thx AmyKim)