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New Chewy Brownie-Filled Chips Ahoy! Are the Perfect Brownie to Milk Delivery Vehicle


Why do we even eat regular Chips Ahoy cookies anyhow? The Original is chalky garbage, the Chewy ones are too small. You have the Chewy Gooey Megafudges, which get a little closer to the requisite chocolate flavor, but even they taste like they were designed by someone who maybe once had chocolate as a child and was then asked to describe that taste to a blind and deaf food scientist (I exaggerate).

But at least Chips Ahoy’s new Chewy Brownie-Filled cookies look promising.

The net-consensus so far is that these slightly thicker, slightly richer, slightly chocolate-ier takes on the beloved Chewies definitely taste like brownies, albeit artificial and somewhat grainy grocery store ones. The fellas over at Junk Food Guy describe them as follows: “These not only smelled like brownie, but they definitely tasted like brownies…deep cocoa flavor that morphed into a nice not-too-sweet chocolate taste as I chewed more. Plus, and this could all be in my head, but I felt like these had that great stick-to-the-root-of-your-mouth sensation that brownies typically give.”


Of course, Adam from Impulsive Buy is a bit more exacting with his approval: “It’s not quite fudgy or chocolaty enough to really convince you it’s a brownie (even a packaged brownie like the one Fiber One makes) and not quite as classic tasting as a chocolate chip cookie, so I can’t guarantee it’ll satisfy your craving for either.”

It will, however, let you fulfill all your childhood fantasies of dipping brownies into milk without having them fall apart, which can’t be a bad thing.

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How To Eat Milk & Cookies Like a Boss [WATCH]

Milk & cookies . . . how do you eat them?

If you grew up in my household, you likely had your fair share of cookies out of a package, because let’s face it, your mom wasn’t Paula Deen, she was a sweet Lebanese lady who bought enough packages of Chips Ahoy and Oreos to fill the minivan (oh, your mom wasn’t Lebanese?).

Regardless, the years of pulling cookies out of plastic packages and dunking them into a variety of ill-fitting glasses led to a revolutionary finding. While I was pouring milk into a nearby cup during a Saturday morning marathon of Boy Meets World, some of my milk splashed into the cookie tray. My irritation quickly grew to euphoria, as I came to the realization . . . the tray was the milk cup.

All the years of wasting glasses for milk and the solution was sitting in the very same package I was eating out of:



Most cookie packages come segmented into catch-all compartments that just happen to make the perfect container for your milk.

Gone are the days of dirtying piles of cups, crying over spilled milk, and failed attempts to fit your cookie into an uncooperative glass. And before people start throwing a fit and saying, “Well, now I’ve dirtied my cookie container,” I have one of two solutions for you:

  • Finish your damn cookies, there’s only an average of 24 per package. No big.
  • You can use any pair of mediocrely-crafted scissors to cut the compartment you filled with milk away from the others

Looks like cookie companies had functionality in mind after all:


In the past couple months, we’ve learned How to Eat Chinese Food, Cupcakes, Apples, Strawberries and Corn. Now, we can add Milk & Cookies to the list of things we can say we’re doing just that much better. Foodbeast, changing lives every day.

Thanks cookies . . . thanks for nothing, mom.


Nabisco Cookie Chocolate Bark

As you might have noticed, I have an innate desire to take awesome things and figure out how to make them even more awesome. Do you know what’s awesome (besides me, bacon, and basically everything else that I’ve previously declared as such)? Nabisco. And do you know how many amazing cookies/crackers/etc. this company makes? Three…at least in relation to today’s recipe.

Nabisco Cookie Chocolate Bark


– 12oz milk chocolate chips

– 1 Go paks! Mini Oreo®

– 1 Go paks! Nutter Butter® Bites

– 1 Go paks! Mini Chips Ahoy! ®


1. Coarsely crumble all three “paks” of cookies. (I tried to get about 4 pieces from each cookie).

2. Sift the cookie crumbles to get rid of the dust and tiny crumbs and combine the left over chunks in a bowl.

3. Prep a baking sheet with wax paper.

4. Melt chocolate chips and spread onto prepared baking sheet.

5. Evenly distribute the cookie mix over the chocolate and press it all down in there so it stays.

6. Chill in freezer until it is set. Then break it up and buy stock in Nabisco.

I chose these three cookies because I thought they would go well together and cohesively work with a milk chocolate base. But there are so many combinations you could try. If I were to do it again, I think I would try Teddy Grahams®, Nilla® Wafers and Barnum’s Animal® Crackers (Best. Animal Crackers. Ever.) on white chocolate.

If you are a chocolate lover, stick with the recipe above. If you are more into vanilla, try the second option. I know I will.


Chips Ahoy!® Truffles

Why mess with a good thing? I’ll tell you why: because you can turn it into a great thing! Here’s a better question: Why settle for merely good?

Cookies in general are good, but pulverizing them, mixing them with cream cheese and coating them in chocolate = GREAT!

This time around I used Chips Ahoy! Real Chocolate Chips Cookies (original). I was hoping the truffles would remain the same color as the cookie in its intact form, but upon crushing and cream cheesing, the chocolate chips darkened the entire mix. Meh, still tasted flippin’ fantastic.

Chips Ahoy! Truffles


– 1pkg (15.25oz) Chips Ahoy! Original Cookies

– 8oz cream cheese, softened

– chocolate baking bark


1. Decimate the cookies in the food processor.

2. Add cream cheese to cookie crumbs and process until combined.

3. Scoop into balls (2t in size). Chill in freezer for a few minutes.

4. Melt your baking bark and coat those truffles.

5. Return to freezer to set.

While these were awesome off the break, the longer you let them sit, the better they tasted. So try not to eat them all the same day you make them. Or power through them and take my word for it; I won’t judge.