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Chips Ahoy! x Sour Patch Kids Crossover Is The Cookie Collab We NEED

Ever face the dilemma while snack shopping where you absolutely can’t choose between the richness of a cookie with the sour blast of sweetness that comes from Sour Patch Kids? It’s something many of us have faced at some point in our youths… and well into our thirties.

Well, choose no further with the latest collaboration between Chips Ahoy! cookies and Sour Patch Kids. Yes, you read that right.

The new cookie hybrid features the sweet and crunchy texture of a Chips Ahoy! cookie souped up with the sweet and sour candy-inspired chunks of Sour Patch Kids. It’s essentially biting into a delectable cookie while popping pieces of Sour Patch Kids into your mouth, which frankly sounds amazing.

Wish these existed the last time I went to the movies. Then I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on cookies and candy.

You can find this new flavor of Chips Ahoy! cookie at participating retailers nationwide starting May.

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Chips Ahoy! And Nutter Butter Cereal Are Both Coming To Walmart This Month

2017 has been quite the year for sugar-rush novelty cereals. We were graced with the return of Oreo O’s and an all-marshmallows Lucky Charms box this past May. Now, we’re getting treated to Chips Ahoy! and Nutter Butter cereal variants heading into 2018.

nutter butter cereal

Photo courtesy of Post

Post, who was responsible for the Oreo O’s reboot, is also spearheading the launch of the two classic cookies in breakfast form. The Nutter Butter cereal won’t contain actual cookie sandwiches, but instead has peanut-shaped pieces with a peanut butter coating.

Photo courtesy of Post

The Chips Ahoy! Cereal, on the other hand, is literally a box chock full of mini chocolate chip cookies. They’re meant to be eaten in cereal form, but by the handful might be how I want to mow through these instead.

Both cookie breakfasts will be available online and in stores starting December 26th. Based on Post’s site, it looks like this will be the case for Walmart, so make sure to check their website next Friday or head into stores once Christmas is over. Not all Walmarts will be carrying the cereals, however, but Post has a store locator you can use to find those that do.


Watch Pro Eater Matt Stonie Conquer 13 Pounds Of Milk And Cookies

If you’re familiar with competitive eating, then Matt Stonie is a household name. This year, he’s been on a roll, taking down some impressive challenges — eating more than 9,000 calories when he replicated Big Smoke’s order from the Grand Theft Auto video game. He also ate five Chipotle burritos in less than five minutes.

This week, Stonie went the classic route with some milk and cookies. However, this challenge was no ordinary after school special. It required one gallon of milk and 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies to reach a grand total of 12,800 calories.

Combined, Stonie estimated this dough and dairy pairing was, “roughly 13-pounds of cookies and milk,” according to the video’s description on YouTube. In less than 30 minutes, Stonie had devoured everything but crumbs, and finished about 1.5 gallons of milk.

While it’s been rumored that the human body is unable to consume a gallon of milk in one hour, Stonie makes light work of these two half gallons, seemingly without any discomfort. Although, during this challenge, he did say that his gums were getting raw because of the crunchiness of the cookies.

Maybe next time he’ll dunk the cookies in milk like a normal person.


Chips Ahoy Now Has A Hot Cocoa-Flavored Cookie


It looks like Chips Ahoy is dabbling in new chocolate endeavors as they’ve released a new Hot Cocoa flavor.

The limited edition cookie consists of a chocolate base filled with a cocoa center and marshmallow chips sticking out of it.

This cookie is basically going to make you long for winters where you’re snuggled up under a blanket, drinking a hot cup of cocoa while A Christmas Story plays on the tube.

They recommend to heat up the cookie for about 7 seconds as when warm, they’re supposed to give out the feeling that you’re actually drinking hot cocoa.

The cookie looks rather familiar as Chips Ahoy’s root bear float flavor had some similar characteristics–this one’s just more chocolatey and less soda-ey.

The cookies officially release November 2 and will only be around for a limited time, but we’ll at least be able to enjoy them for the winter.


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FREAKOUT: OREOS Iced Coffee Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts


As a way for customers to cool off this summer, Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing new ice coffee drinks at all its locations across the US. The new beverages will feature flavors from popular cookie brands Oreos and Chips Ahoy!

The iced coffees are available in both Oreo and Chips Ahoy! flavors. Because who wouldn’t want to drink Oreo-flavored ice coffees for breakfast? Though sadly these aren’t topped with the sweet creme filling. Hey, maybe one day.

In addition to the coffees, Dunkin’ Donuts will also be bringing back the frozen Oreo Coolata with a new Chips Ahoy! flavor. Dunkin’ Donuts is also releasing two Chips Ahoy! topped donuts. The drinks are now offered at all participating locations.



Woman Almost Gets Murdered For Eating Roommates Cookies


Chips Ahoy for breakfast isn’t ideal, but it’s so delicious.

Allen Hall, 23, allegedly went nuts and almost killed his roommate after she admitted to eating three of his Chips Ahoy cookies for breakfast in Decatur, Ill. Hall made threats to the 49-year-old woman, and she initially thought he was joking, until he attacked her in the bathroom. He grabbed her around the throat with both hands and tossed her into the bath tub. He then got on top of her and strangled her until she was unable to speak.

The landlady said she heard a commotion from her dining room, went over and found Hall on top of her in the tub. She and the victim’s husband arrived at the scene together and pulled Hall off her.Hall is now being held in Macon County jail on $75,000 bond for charges of attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery.

He probably felt like Ross from “Friends” when one of his coworkers ate his sandwich.

H/T Herald Review


Oreo Creme-Stuffed Chips Ahoy Cookies, Because It’s About Time


Making healthy eating choices can be exhausting. Organic? Gluten free? What the hell are chia seeds? Let’s be real, some days it’s just easier to eat badly. For days you’re feeling especially shameless, Nabisco wants to help you indulge in the most soul-satisfying way possible, with Oreo Creme-filled Chips Ahoy cookies.

Like the Birthday Cake Chips Ahoys we covered last week, these creme-filled beauts are of the chewy variety, featuring a tiny sliver of sweet Oreo filling encased by a pliable chocolate chip cookie shell. Considering both brands are owned by the same company, you can’t help but wonder why Nabsico didn’t just stuff the whole Oreo inside, but for the luxury of (almost) not having to do it yourself, it’s hard to complain.


It’s like having your cookies and milk at the same damn time.

H/T + PicThx Impulsive Buy


Oh Lawd: Chips Ahoy to Make Ice Cream-Inspired Cookies


Because regular chocolate chip cookies are soooo 2013, Chips Ahoy is releasing four new flavors of ice-cream inspired treats.  Claiming “no melting, no brain freeze” these take all the “trouble” (if you can call it that) out of ice cream and gives you your favorite flavors in cookie form.

Dulce de Leche-inspired cookies will feature caramel cookie base with dulce de leche chips. Mint Chocolate takes an unusual approach with dark chocolate cookies and mint chips. Mocha Chunk (a personal favorite) unites the classic chocolate chip cookie with mocha chunks for added crunch. And perhaps the most unique of the bunch, Root Beer Float, features vanilla and root beer chips mixed into what we can only hope is a vanilla ice cream-flavored cookie.

No word yet on how truly these match up to our favorite frozen treats, but given how frigid it is outside, I’m definitely feeling a warm cookie over any form of cold dessert.

So what do you think? Stick with the ice cream or would you give these a try?

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