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Chipotle Claims To Have Improved Queso, Giving It Away As Proof

After a ton of complaints about the grittiness and taste of their cheesy dip, Chipotle has unveiled an improved queso formula and it has already hit restaurants. To prove that it’s better, they’re giving away queso to customers next week, so you can see for yourself.

As reported by CNNMoney and confirmed in a Chipotle tweet, on December 12 you can obtain a free order of queso when you purchase an entree and wear a “cheesy sweater” (we’re assuming they mean holiday sweater, based on their tweet below). Through this giveaway, more customers will be exposed to Chipotle’s reformulated cheese dip, as the chain didn’t really make a big announcement to say that they’d changed the recipe.

However, spokesperson Chris Arnold told CNNMoney that new queso is still tasty, a lot creamier than before, and is all-natural, just like their previous troublesome queso was.

Not all people on Twitter, however, seem to agree with that statement, despite the recipe shakeup.

Still, Chipotle is hoping that through their latest promotion, people are willing to give the queso a second chance to see if it’s any better. Considering they’ve had a year riddled with food poisonings, a controversial initial queso launch, and a resigned CEO, they need all the boosts they can get.

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Chipotle Is FINALLY Starting To Make Its Own Queso

Chipotle rarely ever puts new items on the menu, with chorizo and buñuelos being the two that we can recall. However, it looks like the chain is caving in and beginning to test a brand new item that they once trashed all over the internet in a now-deleted YouTube ad: queso.

Now, to be fair, Chipotle wasn’t hating on the melty cheese itself, but on the fact that it’s nearly impossible to make without stabilizers and other artificial ingredients that go against the Chipotle mantra, according to VICE. It seems that they’ve figured out a way to do that, though, because the chain’s new public test kitchen in NYC is offering up queso as an option.

Eater reports that Chipotle CEO Steve Ells also sent out a companywide memo today regarding the new queso that suggests that they’ve been able to make one that’s artificial ingredient-free.

“All of our competitors sell queso, and we know some customers don’t come to Chipotle because we don’t offer it. But because we refuse to use industrial additives, added colors, flavors or preservatives in our food, it’s very difficult to make queso that meets our standards.”

It seems like Chipotle’s ready to at least begin testing out this queso, but there’s no timetable yet as to when it becomes a part of the official menu. As a comparison, Chipotle’s chorizo took nearly five years to go from test item to menu staple, so it’s possible the queso could take just as long.

Let’s hope not, though. I want to get those proper melty Chipotle cheese pulls to keep my Instagram A-1 sooner rather than later.