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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Face Backlash For Releasing Tone-Deaf Chinese Takeout Purse

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s new Chinese Takeout purse is drawing some serious backlash.

The celebrity sisters released the new bag as part of their “Kendall + Kylie” fashion line. It went up for sale on the Saks Fifth Avenue website for just an hour before being removed, according to Nextshark.

In addition to the identical design to a Chinese takeout box, the bag bears the name “KK Express” to evoke Chinese delivery. Furthermore, its name, the “Lee Clutch,” has drawn further ire from those who got a glimpse of the purse. A fortune cookie-shaped coin purse is apparently also part of the Jenner’s misguided collection.

What’s worse is that the Jenners likely stole this idea from another celebrity. In 2014, Kate Spade released a strikingly similar bag that also drew ire. Additionally, the Jenners have been accused of this type of cultural appropriation in the past. Kendall Jenner caught flack for her insensitive Pepsi commercial earlier this year, for example.

While the Chinese takeout purse is no longer available for purchase, we have to yet to hear about an official apology from either of the Jenner sisters.