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Disneyland Launches Deep Fried Breakfast Burritos

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Disneyland regulars have probably had their fair share of breakfast burritos at Galactic Grill, and they’ve probably had a chimichanga or two throughout the park, but now both worlds are colliding with the introduction of the Breakfast Chimichanga.

The deep-fried breakfast burrito is being sold at the food cart near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, according to Disney Food Blog, as this is one of the first glimpses of the new food item.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

The Breakfast Chimichanga is filled with the basic breakfast burrito lineup of eggs, bacon and cheese, before being tossed in a deep fryer to get that nice crunchy outer layer.

Would it be nice to have a hash brown thrown in, and maybe some sausage? Sure, but are you really going to say no to a deep-fried breakfast burrito to munch on before hitting up Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

The chimichanga is reportedly priced at $5.92 after taxes, which is a pretty decent price for any burrito, let alone one sold in a theme park.

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Cultures Collide In This SF Tenderloin Restaurant’s Korean Chimichanga

SF’s Tenderloin District has a seedy reputation, but if you pass on it because of that, you’re missing out on a picturesque neighborhood with some pretty unique culinary innovations.

A chief spot to visit is Aria Korean Tapas, where Charlie Kim cranks out kimbap and Korean fried chicken that SF’s foodies flock to.

His fusion of Korean street fare and San Francisco street culture has bridged together in his newest creation: The Big Loco Chimichanga.

big loco chimichanga

Photo: David Black

The Big Loco is crammed with a variety of Korean foods that speak to Kim’s heritage, but also capture the perfect visual appeal to coincide with the Tenderloin.

Inside the chimichangas, you’ll find bulgogi ribeye beef, sesame oil seasoned rice, boneless/skinless non-GMO Korean fried chicken, kimchi, and mozzarella cheese. It is then topped off with their house-made sweet and spicy sauce that normally goes on Aria’s chicken. That sauce consists of ground Korean chilis that have been stir-fried, tons of garlic, brown rice syrup, and chicken stock.

Photo: David Black

The visually poppin’ Big Loco Chimichanga is a welcome addition to Kim’s menu of photogenic Korean favorites. It’s sure to mesh well with the street art scene you’ll find flourishing in the SF Tenderloin.

Kim’s newest creation is also proof that you’re sleeping on the Tenderloin if you’re not checking it out.

There’s loads more restaurants serving up authentic eats here such as Shalimar’s kebabs, and The Chairman’s Asian fusion. While not all have tapped into the Tenderloin’s artistic culture like Aria has, they all offer up delicious food worth the trip to this gritty, yet aesthetically pleasing SF neighborhood.

Aria’s new item is only available through the month of June, and only on specific days of the week. Make sure to stop by between 11:30 am and 3 pm Thursday through Saturday to get ahold of one for yourself.


7 Burrito Styles Everyone Should Know

Burritos. They’re a staple of both Tex-Mex and Mexican Food alike. The reasoning behind their popularity isn’t hard to figure out. After all, who doesn’t love them? You get to stuff a tortilla full of every ingredient your heart desires as long as you can still roll it up.  You may pride yourself a burrito lover, but do you know all the essential types of burritos?

Here are the different burritos you need to know. 

1. Wet burrito


Photo Credit: Christopher Vasquez

Eaten with a knife and fork, this burrito definitely thinks it’s fresher than you.  Covered with melted cheese and smothered in a saucy, spicy red or green “gravy”.  Seems about right, considering this burrito is as large as a turkey.

2. Poncho Burrito


Photo Credit: Ross Bruniges

This may be the most conspicuous of burritos, a simple mix of beans, rice and meat. A chain in London, England even serves “Pancho” burritos with lines out the door.  Who says the Brits are bland?

3. Bean and Cheese Burrito


Photo Credit: Elliot Volkman

Made popular by taco chains like Taco Bell and Del Taco, this bean and cheese comfort food is the OG of burritos.  Easy on the wallet, but just as easy to make at home with bag of tortillas and a can of Rosarita’s refried beans.

4. Breakfast Burrito


Photo Credit: jeffreyw

Like chicken and waffles, you almost can’t imagine this combo was once a novelty. Made of eggs, potatoes and sausage, this combo perfectly marries breakfast and dinner… or would it be dinner and breakfast? Either way it’s delicious.

5. “Hapa” International Burrito

kimichi burrito

Photo Credit: Tim Walker

Half Hispanic, half Asian, this burrito is 100% delicious.  Fusing the classic poncho burrito with Asian flavors such as fresh fish, Kimchi or Korean BBQ. Thanks to Roy Choi and the Kogi food truck revolution, this cross-cultural dish has increasingly mainstream.

6. The California Burrito


Photo Credit: eric molina 

Originally from Southern California, this burrito is typically stuffed with carne asada, sour cream, cheese, salsa, guacamole and  french fries.  The burrito’s origin and popularity is credited to San Diego and surf culture.

7. Chimichanga


Photo Credit: jeffreyw

Hailing from the dry deserts of Arizona. Chimichangas encompass both the greatness of the south, deep-frying foods and the greatness of the American West, burritos. A definite game changer, this accidental concoction has brought joy to many stomachs.



Irish People Try Mexican Food For The First Time [WATCH]


Cinco De Mayo has just passed and more than a few of use are nursing some pretty mild hangovers. The folks over at Facts wanted to celebrate the occasion by trying some Mexican dishes for the first time.

Some of these foods include: ceviche, tequila wings, chimichangas, spicy fajita chicken wraps, churros and deep-fried ice cream.

OK, so a fair amount of these would be considered Tex-Mex. Yeah, we were a little disappointed too. We would have loved to see them try more authentic items like tortas or chilaquiles.

Also, the sombreros and mustaches were definitely too much.

Celebrity Grub

This Restaurant Created An Enormous Deadpool Poutine-Chimichanga

Deadpool loves timely witticisms, guns, and his roommate Blind Al. Still, nothing comes close to the Merc with the Mouth’s undying love for chimichangas.

One Philadelphia-based restaurant called Cantina Dos Segundos decided to show the crimson clown some love by dedicating their new poutine-stuffed chimichanga to him.

On top of that, Ryan Reynolds is Canadian-born, which is why Cantina gave a nod to his heritage by stuffing Deadpool’s favorite dish with the food of Reynolds’ people.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.31.19 PM

According to their Instagram account, the enormous dish comes with, “braised short rib, fried cheese curds, French fries and Jack cheese all safely enveloped in a deep fried tortilla, served atop some au jus, topped with pickled onions and bacon.” 

Deadpool is currently out in theaters and IMAX.



Photo Credit: YouTube, Philly Voice, That’s Nerdalicious


Deadpool Uses A Giant Chimichanga To Explain IMAX In This Hilarious Promo


With a new Deadpool trailer set to launch this Friday, 20th Century Fox released this teaser for the upcoming comic book movie. It features the titular character using chimichangas to explain the difference between IMAX and regular movie screens.

Deadpool fans will know that the Merc with a Mouth’s favorite food is the deep-fried burrito. Hopefully the upcoming film features quite a few of them.

Check out Ryan Reynold’s play Deadpool in the short teaser below.

Also, peep this sweet IMAX poster for the movie. Deadpool hits theaters in the US Feb. 12, 2016.



Someone Deep Fried A Banh Mi Burger Into A Chimichanga


What do you get when you take a burger and combine it with a Vietnamese sandwich and combine THAT with a chimichanga? A good time.

Mad Fox Brewing has Frankenstein’d three different cuisines into a monster burger they’re calling The BanhMiBurgerChanga. If pronouncing it is a mouthful, you should see the burger.

The behemoth is made with 8 ounces of house-ground meat with added cilantro and jalapeño and formed into a patty. Featuring smoked gouda, beer-braised carnitas, picked ramps & onions, carrot mayo and lime juice, the burger is wrapped around a chipotle tortilla and deep fried.

The BanhMiBurgerChanga will be available at Mad Fox Brewing Company until May 16.

Photo: Instagram


Chili Cheesey Bacon Dog Chimichanga, Because This is America


What do you get when you deep fry a bacon chili cheese dog? A Chili Cheesey Bacon Dog Chimichanga.

Sounds ridiculous, but when you hear the story about its conception, it’ll make complete sense. It all traces back to the Old Towne Diner, a cute establishment in the heart of Orange, CA, run by a friend of mine we call Matt’murrica. Being friends with upstart restaurateurs is always fun for several reasons: they want you to be the guinea pig on all their haphazard kitchen ideas, and they’re always stocked with fun and miserable tales of customer service throughout the day.

The tale of the Chili Cheesey Bacon Dog Chimichanga begins with one of Old Towne Diner‘s most loyal customers, a jolly man by the name of Tommy. Apparently, Tommy comes in every day to eat something different on the menu and traditionally has an over-the-top menu addition idea that almost always gets shut down.

Tommy: “How about you take your deep fried pickles and pin them to the brownies with a toothpick?”

Matt: “No Tommy.”

Tommy: “How about M&Ms in the breakfast burritos?”

Matt: “No Tommy, that’s just wrong.”

And that’s usually how the exchanges went, until late last week when Tommy asked Matt his most poignant question ever, “Could deep fry a chili cheese dog?”

While Matt’s instinct was to quickly shoot down any idea that comes out of Tommy’s mouth, he couldn’t shake the practicality of his customer’s most recent request. A deep fried chili cheese dog. It had to be done, and sure enough, a week later, it was on the menu.

Chili, cheese, bacon, hot dog, wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried as a chimichanga, and topped with more cheese — the Chili Cheesey Bacon Dog Chimichanga was born. To Tommy’s surprise, the next time he walked into the Diner, his idea was available as part of a combo for $7.99, drink and fries included.

Here are the fruits of Tommy’s labor:










This particular chimichanga is definitely not for the weak of heart. Hell, chili cheese bacon dogs by their lonesome are terrible teases to even the most healthy of hearts, but when you wrap it in a tortilla, deep fry it, and lather on more cheese, you’re just asking for trouble — my left arm definitely felt heavy after trying it out.

We’re hearing the item is going to be featured for a few weeks, so if you want to try your look, here’s the information for anyone in the area. Also, ask for the sour cream or chipotle ranch sauce for the best experience:

Old Towne Diner

152 North Glassell
Orange, CA 92866

Photography by PhilGorgeous