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Chili Glazed Donuts Have Touched Down and You Need to Try Them

Chili is no stranger to versatility. Hot dogs, fries, nachos, burgers, all are trusted companions of chili that formed unions with it that resulted in some of America’s favorite foods. But never has the humble donut entered the ring. Until now.

With bright eyes, empty stomachs, and a can of Hormel’s chili in tow, we recently fried up our newest delicacy, the Chili Billy Donut, in honor of the release of Hormel’s new Chili Creations cookbook.

Taking inspiration from a Texas staple, the corn chip pie, the Chili Billy Donut comes with all the fixings. It starts with an easily made donut made from canned biscuits. A savory combination of Hormel Chili frosting and queso icing lie on top of the plush dough, which is then topped with salty corn chips. The result is undeniably as good as it sounds. 

Just check the video above to see for yourself. The proof is in the puddingー er, chili. 

The full recipe for the Chili Billy Doughnut can be found in Hormel’s yet-to-be-released Chili Creations cookbook, which you can be a part of as well! 

Up until August 29th, Hormel will be accepting recipe submissions, the most creative and tastiest of which will be featured in the upcoming book, right next to our donut and Hormel’s own inventive dishes. These can be anything from something you’d bring to the cookout to a midnight snack, so get wild and get cookin’!

Details for the competition can be found here, and be sure to share your chili creations with @foodbeast and @hormelchili on social media once you’ve submitted your entry.

Created in partnership with Hormel Chili


Yes, That’s A Chili Cheese Egg Roll. Here’s How To Make It


Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to put chili and cheese together should get a statue made in their image. With that chili cheese passion in our hearts, we met with chef Josh Elkin to knock out another wondrous creation in the FOODBEAST Kitchen.

Since we’ve been on an egg roll kick, Chili Cheese Egg Rolls were born.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An egg, egg roll wrappers, cheese, chili and oil or deep frying.

Here’s what to do:

Beat an egg and use it as a wash for your egg roll wrapper. Then, place a chunk of cheese at the center. Velveeta’s a pretty solid choice for meltability, but any cheese will do.

Spoon your chili on top of the cheese. The chili should be either room temperature or colder to make the folding process go as smoothly as possible.

Start wrapping your egg rolls carefully and place it into the deep fryer. Allow it to cook until it’s golden brown.

Now, you’re ready to serve and chow down. Check out the video for the complete recipe.

Fast Food

Wienerschnitzel Introduces Seasoned Curly Fries [Chili Cheese Optional]


Fans of Wienerschnitzel’s will be happy to hear that they’re now adding specially-seasoned curly fries to their menu. But why stop there? They’re also offering the much recommended option of putting chili and cheese on top of them. While I can see the health merits of not doing so, it could be argued why even go to Wienerschnitzel if you’re trying to eat healthy? Throw em on!


These gooey golden curls are literally dripping with flavor, just waiting for you to put them in your mouth. Sadly, they’re only available for a limited time, which gives you all the more reason to chow down now. The new Chili Cheese Curly Fries are available for $3.34 at participating locations.


‘DUI Fries’ Smothered in Pastrami, Carne Asada and Chili Cheese


Photo by Peter Pham at Jim’s Burgers


Chili Cheese Dog Dip


via HostTheToast

Adventures Cravings

Adventure: Spike’s Junkyard Dogs (Boston, Mass.)

There are a lot of great things in the world named Spike. Rugrat’s main character, Tommy Pickles’s dog was fittingly named “Spike”. The infamous mens television network, “Spike TV” alongside famous film directors: Spike Lee and Spike Jonze. There are many other people/characters you might known that could be on this list, but I found a restaurant that should fit in nicely. My friends and I visited Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Boston which lived up to its predecessors prestige. Check it out as we explore this junkyard full of burgers, chicken and hot dogs!


Chili Bombs: Chili Cheese Deep Fried Hushpuppy Balls

A hushpuppy silhouette, filled with delicious chili and cheese, deep fried. Where are the rules anymore?! Oh that’s right, OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW! Count me in for a platter of these, and some orange soda to keep my pallet clean.


Craving: The DUI


This D.U.I. doesn’t include a hefty fine!  It has french fries covered with chili cheese, carne asada and pastrami. Why can’t police just give these out? (PicThx TIWYF)