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Domino’s Gets Roasted After Stealing An Artist’s Drawing And Claiming It As Their Own

UPDATE: Weinye posted on her Instagram account last night that she and Domino’s Chile had settled on an undisclosed compensation fee. She also addressed that she agreed to remove the posts about the issue. She said the agency that Represents Domino’s was “very apologetic, courteous, understanding, and cooperative.” It looks like the issue was resolved amicably, and unlike many instances, the artist actually came out on top.

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It’s some kind of awful when someone takes credit for your creative work. It’s even worse when a big company does it.

Domino’s Pizza in Chile is being accused of stealing a pizza drawing by Weinye Chen, making a few design changes to it, then posting it to their Facebook page.

Weinye’s drawing poked fun at the “Distracted boyfriend” meme, as she drew a guy staring down a slice of pizza while his girlfriend looked on in shock and disagreement.

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Domino’s posted a clearly similar drawing, changing up the colors a bit, adding sunglasses to the man, and included a Domino’s shop in the background.

When a fan of Weinye messaged Domino’s, calling them out for plagiarism, the page snarkily responded with, “memes are memes.”

While the message has since been deleted, the fan’s screenshot remains, and the ridicule continues as fans have been roasting the pizza chain, even on its main U.S. account:





At least there are some people who still care about giving credit where credit is due. Memes are memes, but it’s a little different when someone’s art is involved.

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The Habit Burger Chain Gets Spicy With New Hatch Chile Menu


The Habit Grill just hatched a spicy new menu for the fall. Featured items are the Hatch Chile Charburger, the Hatch Chile Chicken Sandwich, and the Hatch Chile Chicken Salad.

The Charburger features grilled Hatch chiles, chipotle salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and melted cheese.

Habit’s salad has hand-cut greens topped with feta cheese, diced tomatoes, carrots, black beans, grilled Hatch chiles, and is topped with grilled chicken breast and a cilantro lime ranch dressing.

Finally, the chicken sandwich is made with grilled chicken breast with hatch green chiles, chipotle salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and melted cheese served on sourdough bread.


The items have been initially tested at the chain before, but this will mark the first time all three will be on the menu at once.

You can find the Hatch menu items at 145 The Habit Burger locations throughout the United States. They’ll be available through the first week of October.


The Habit is also launching a charity initiative where every $2 or more donated will go towards the No Kid Hungry campaign. Customers who donate will receive a voucher for a free Charburger with cheese that can be redeemed anytime before the end of September.

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In-N-Out Is Running Out Of Yellow Chilies And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Each week, I find myself helplessly drawn to my local In-N-Out where my order is standard: No. 1, no onions, add pickle and mustard, a Lemon-Up (sometimes Dr. Pepper). On some days, things get crazy and I’ll add chopped chilies to my Double Double, but mostly, I ask for yellow peppers on the side, without question. My favorite part of the meal is taking a bite of the yellow banana pepper, which I call chilies, then squeezing the juice all over every bite of my Double Double and fries.


Everything was going fine, until the other night.

“You want any ketchup?” A young woman asked as I pulled up to the drive-thru window.

“Yes, can I get chilies too, please,” I replied.

“Sorry, but we’re out of chilies,” she responded.

I informed the employee that this was now the second time in two weeks that I asked for chilies and was told they were out.

“What’s going on with the chilies,” I asked.

What she told me was the most earth-shattering news I had heard in 2016.

The In-N-Out employee explained that California is experiencing a shortage in yellow banana pepper crops, citing that this year’s demand exceeded the supply. She also said that it’s affecting multiple locations, however, the next harvest is expected to come in early summer.

On Thursday, I called In-N-Out’s Southern California-based corporate headquarters to inquire about the shortage. Amy, the corporate employee I spoke with, would not tell me who In-N-Out’s supplier of yellow peppers was, but referred to the current situation as, “an industry-wide pepper shortage.”

Amy added that the “shortage” is not yet affecting the chopped chilies that can be added to fries or burgers, but if you want a side-order of whole yellow banana peppers, that’s when the pepper rationing gets real.

A memo from In-N-Out, dated for May 9 and addressed to its California stores, was  posted on Twitter May 15. The memo directs In-N-Out employees to keep, “chilies away from ketchup stations,” and to serve guests only two chilies in a “souffle cup per request.”

Memo In n Out

Even though chilies are more of a “secret menu” item, people still started FREAKING OUT once they discovered that In-N-Out’s delicious chilies probably wouldn’t be available any time soon. At least, “hopefully sometime in July,” according to the memo.

Twitter user @BABYjar__ was so upset, she started tweeting in both English and Spanish. Orale.

@_Marriisol was pretty upset too and demanded an explanation. 

Look at all those question marks! 

Amy at corporate said that this WAS NOT SPECIFIC to In-N-Out, only. It’s affecting many in the restaurant industry and she was right. In April, Subway restaurants began to experience a shortage in peppers as well, and customers began complaining on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.17.20 AM


Subway claims weather was to blame for their shortage in supply.

Fellow Foodbeast staff writer, Peter Pham and myself went to an In-N-Out Burger located on the corner of Bristol Ave. and W. McAurthur Blvd. in Santa Ana, Calif. to try our luck again, but again, bad news as the employee told us:

“We have them today, but if you come back tomorrow, we might not have them,” she said. “It’s not affecting the chopped chilies on the burgers, but the sides. We’re only getting very small amounts.”

The chilies they did have at the Santa Ana location did not look like the traditional yellow banana pepper that any In-N-Out lover would recognize instantly. Take a look.


For all you In-N-Out lovers out there, with the yellow pepper shortage in effect, our advice to you is: Get it while it’s hot.

Chili photos by Peter Pham

Packaged Food

INTRODUCING: Trader Joe’s New Hatch Chile MAC & CHEESE


Spicy mac and cheese is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. So we where delighted to hear Trader Joe’s announce a new frozen mac and cheese that features the ever-awesome hatch chili.

The New Mexico native chili pepper boasts a sweet, spicy and earthy flavor that comes from roasting it. Trader Joe’s new macaroni features semolina elbow macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce that’s made with a combination of Cheddar, milk and butter.

The chile itself is roasted, chopped and mixed into the mac so that the heat is evenly distributed.

A 12-ounce box that serves two will cost you $2.99. One might not be enough for us.

Just saying.

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Qdoba Does Christmas, Smothers Burritos with Green and Red Sauces


Fast-casual Mexican chain, Qdoba, is offering a new smothered option for their burritos. What smothered means is that your burritos will be stuffed and drenched with sauce. The sauce choices are Tangy Verde, Bold Red Chile or Smokey Chipotle Cream.

If you mix the Verde and Red Chile, you’ll bring together two iconic colors, creating a Christmas burrito.

Along with the sauce smother, the burritos feature the customer’s choice of protein, rice, beans and shredded cheese. Then they’re topped with sour cream, lettuce and pico de gallo.

Burrito options include Vegetarian ($7.80), Grilled Chicken ($7.80), Grilled Beef ($8.40), Shredded Beef ($8.40), Ground Sirloin ($7.80) and Pork ($8.40). Prices may vary depending on location.

Not saying mixing two different spicy sauces is a bad idea, but you may want to avoid any intimate family moments post-Christmas burrito.

Just saying.

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Del Taco’s New Green Chile and Pepper Jack Items Are Super ‘Jacked Up’


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean the normal meaning of “jacked up” (not working properly or as intended; or having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine). And those aren’t even our words, they’re Del Taco’s. Still, “Jacked Up” is what the new menu Buck & Items at Del Taco are. As might your butt-hole be should you try them both at once.

The Jacked Up Grilled Chicken Taco features marinated grilled chicken covered with roasted green chile sauce, pepper jack cheese, and lettuce in a soft flour tortilla, while the Jacked Up CrunchTada Tostada offers the same treatment, but over a bed of slow cooked beans on a thick corn shell.

Each is $1 a la carte and available for a limited time.


Chilean Newspaper Pays Damages Over Exploding Churro Recipe

When you’re trying out a new recipe, you generally shouldn’t have to worry about your foods exploding out of the pot while cooking. The unfortunate exceptions to this rule would be 13 Chilean people who tried out a churro recipe they saw in the newspaper, resulting in severe burns from the recipe’s scalding hot oil.

The newspaper was ordered by Chile’s Supreme Court to pay damages to the affected people based on the severity of their injuries. The cost of the damage ranged from just under $300 to $48,000 for some of the incurred injuries. Judges of the court ruled that the newspaper had failed to fully test the recipe before it was published and were therefore responsible for the harm caused to the people who followed the recipe. Grupo Copesa, the newspaper’s publisher will abide by the ruling made earlier this week by the court which has come seven years after the recipe was published.

(via The Huffington Post)

[THX and Photocred to Wikimedia Commons]

Food Trucks

Great Food Truck Race’s ‘Lime Truck’ To Open New Truck in LA

The FOODBEAST Crew headed to the OC Foodie Fest this past weekend and we all wished we had brought an additional stomach. Between judging 30+ savory food items AND the individual appointments we set up for interviews, we thought we would never eat again (that changed in 1.5 hours).

We had the pleasure of hanging out and chatting with Daniel and Jason from The Lime Truck, who are currently featured on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. We talked about the origins of their truck, some of their cuisine and then Rudy entered their Chile Eating Contest with #HotterThanGhost Chiles (/yikes!).

In an exclusive interview with FOODBEAST, Daniel announced his plans to launch a Los Angeles based Lime Truck in the next month. The truck currently gears its focus on Orange County, but this new move looks to expand upon the brand’s growing operation. So Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and LA will be able to taste the California fusion cuisine in their own neighborhood. Check out the footage from the Chile Eating Contest, and the full interview with Daniel and Jason below: