A Preschool Teacher Used Hot Sauce To Waterboard A Special Needs Toddler As Punishment


A four-year-old with special needs was essentially waterboarded with hot sauce as a punishment by his preschool teacher according to his outraged mom.

The incident occurred at Friendship Pediatric Services in Arkansas, a special needs daycare where the preschooler was receiving speech therapy.  The four-year-old, had reportedly hit a friend and apparently the teacher decided forcing hot sauce down his throat was a reasonable punishment.

The child’s mom discovered what happened after she had to pick him up for vomiting uncontrollably. She figured it was just a stomach virus of some sort until the kid told her he was given hot sauce, a word she didn’t think he even knew. According to KATV, the mom worries this could have been ongoing or happening to other kids.

“It must have been forced because he wasn’t just like, ‘Here give me some hot sauce.’ He said he was crying and had to get water and it was nasty. I don’t know if this was the first time or he was the only child.”

The incident prompted her to confront the teacher and get the police involved. It’s still under investigation, but according to a police report, the teacher even admitted the preschool’s director that she administered the extreme punishment saying it’s common in her culture for kids to be punished that way.

According to Arkansas Department of Human Services, who are investigating the incident the only punishment that should be given is timeouts. So, you know, not the one the CIA used as a torture method.


Bodybuilder Parents Force Daughter To Live In Woods For Eating A Pop-Tart


Here’s a crazy story. A couple in South Carolina sent their daughter off to live in the woods after they discovered that she had eaten a Pop-Tart.

What’s the fuss about a breakfast pastry? Turns out the couple, Crystal and James Driggers, work as Beachbody coaches and probably thought that a Pop-Tart wasn’t the healthiest of snack choices.

The Driggers’ 14-year-old daughter was allegedly given a flashlight, a tent, a toilet paper roll, a watch and a whistle and sent to live in the woods for a week. Apparently they told her she was to meet them at a designated fence every day to get food. Things definitely didn’t go smoothly. On her first night out, a thunderstorm hit. It was also reported that the woods were known to contain wild boars.

Police discovered her two days into her punishment and arrested the parents.

The girl is now in protective custody and the Driggers four other children were sent to live with their grandparents.