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Hummus Shakes Are A Thing Now And Are Looking To Be The Milkshake Alternative

So we’ve all had hummus, it’s the best alternative to a cheese dip for any party platter, or a great healthy late-night snack. For a while now it’s been coming up in popularity, we’ve seen hummus on burgers and even in burritos, but it wasn’t until I heard about a new shake coming from the east coast made up of hummus that my attention was really piqued.

The Hummus & Pita Co. is debuting an original and justifiably questionable new product called the Hummus Shake starting May 13.

Right off the bat it sounds like you’re gonna be sucking down a tub of Sabra. But never judge a book by it’s chickpea cover.

While the shake might look like a Frappuccino on the outside, inside is an entirely different beast.

Rather than being made up of fats and sugars like a regular shake, this one is a combination of basically the same ingredients as hummus, with added natural flavors.

Chickpeas, tahini, frozen bananas, dates, almond milk, a little pure vanilla, and cinnamon are all that this healthy little dessert consists of.

And no, it won’t taste like Sabra either. There’s a variety of flavors, just as with any other shake, like butter pecan, chocolate, pistachio, and strawberry.

The Hummus Shake is an all-natural vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free treat that boasts many health benefits, including high amounts of protein and fiber.

Though I haven’t had the pleasure of satisfying my curiosity and trying the shake myself, food bloggers have had a great time detailing their reviews of the shake.

One in particular, David White, said, “the simple ingredients and the health factor of each individual ingredient create a two-fold feeling of comfort and ease in knowing that what you’re ingesting is good-tasting with benefits that are also good for you.” You can read White’s complete review here.

Seeing as this is primarily in NYC, an apt comparison could be to the prominent Shake Shack with their frozen custards.

A normal serving of frozen custard at the Shack is going to clock in at around 600 calories, with a heap of sugar and fat indicative of a traditional milkshake.

While the sugar levels are too close to call, the Hummus Shake is blessed with all natural sugars.

If any of those details are still not enough to convince you to try the new hummus shake, here’s a bit of incentive: From now until 5/20 you can buy one shake and get another free at any Hummus & Pita Co.

So go out and try the shake, let us know what you think, and maybe it’ll end up being the new worthy shake of the summer.

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#Trendy Subway Tests Hummus as Sandwich Topping


In case Subway’s creamy sriracha sauce no longer gets your sandwich-loving panties in a bunch, the chain wants you to know you still have options. Namely, that old health nut standby, hummus.

Since early April, Subway has been testing hummus as a sandwich topping in certain markets in an effort to “keep pace with changing eating trends,” says the Associated Press. In an interview Tuesday, Subway’s chief marketing officer Tony Pace stated that individual franchises may have offered hummus in the past, but this would be the first time the spread receives a national release, should the test prove successful.

Considering a large portion of Subway’s customer base already visits the store seeking vegetarian options, the potential demand for hummus doesn’t seem too far fetched, although we would feel much more enthused if 1) it also meant a national roll-out of falafel or gyro meat 2) we could get Sabra + pretzel packs as a side instead of chips. Just. Saying.


Artist Transforms Plain Chickpeas Into A Cast of Whimsical Characters


Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Certainly not Turkish artist Sadi Tekin, who stopped paying attention to that old adage a long time ago. Tekin finds inspiration and humor in food — specifically, when it comes to the ever-versatile chickpea, which takes on a personality of its own in his series, “mr. chickpea & friends.”

In “mr. chickpea & friends,” the once-plain legume becomes ever-expressive and seriously awesome with the help of hand illustrations and creative landscapes. Scroll below to see more of Tekin’s humorous character art series, and see the rest of his work at Behance.




H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Behance


Craving: Chickpea Hummus

I have gained a huge respect for hummus over the last couple years, just from hanging out with Elie, Marc and our boy Gio. As they are all Lebanese, hummus is just another typical food item for them, but for me it’s like a special treat anytime they have some at their houses. Slam some pita up in that and get my grub on. I have been lack of hummus for a good minute now, and I’m craving it!