CDC Warns People To Stop ‘Kissing’ and ‘Snuggling’ Live Poultry, Because Salmonella

Chickens are food, not pets, and people getting lovey-dovey with backyard flocks seem to be one of the main causes of Salmonella outbreaks in the U.S. this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out an “Outbreak Advisory” on June 1, where they interviewed 228 of the 372 victims of Salmonella poisoning this year. Of those 228 people, 190 (83 percent) of them admitted to coming into contact with live “backyard” poultry before getting sick.

With this crucial information in hand, the CDC basically said to cut that shit out, or at least thoroughly wash your hands after playing with those cuddly chickens or ducks.

Scariest of all, 36 of the those affected by Salmonella are children under 5, so parents, make sure you wash your kids’ hands after fowl play and keep an eye on them so they don’t start licking them, because that’s what little kids do. They lick everything.

The four major health tips provided were to wash your hands, don’t allow live poultry in your house, don’t let small children play with them unsupervised, and don’t snuggle, kiss, or eat around the birds.

If we can keep this chicken love under control, we can all avoid Salmonella outbreaks.


This Is Ryan Gosling’s Response To Costco’s Shocking Egg Video


Celebrity Ryan Gosling wants Costco to buy chicken from a supplier that doesn’t suck. CNN Money reports that the former Young Hercules wrote a letter to Costco in response to an undercover video of a farm the company gets its chickens from.

Recently, footage was uncovered showing the state of Costco’s chicken supplier. The footage showed the birds locked in rows of cages and featured dead chickens housed with live ones. The live chickens would then lay eggs on top of the corpses. It was pretty disturbing.

The egg cartons sold at Costco, however, feature chickens frolicking in green pastures.

Gosling, working alongside the Humane Society, has reached out to Costco’s CEO Craig Jelinek. In a letter, Gosling puts Jelinek on blast for working with an abusive chicken supplier. He also asks that the chickens be released from their cages and kept free ranged.

The chicken farm in question, Hillandale, claims that the footage from the undercover video was an isolated incident.


PETA Wants Historic English Pub YE OLD FIGHTING COCKS To Change Its Name


PETA is none too pleased with this English Pub, believed to be one of the oldest in England. The name Ye Olde Fighting Cocks doesn’t really gel with the group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they have urged the establishment to consider another name, NPR reports.

In a release, PETA stated that this request comes from society’s growing compassion animals. This includes intelligent, sensitive chickens. They suggest the name Ye Old Clever Cocks be used instead.

However, the owners of the pub have refused to change the name. With roots from the eigth century, the pub has become a part of the country’s history. While celebrating the fact that cock fighting has been banned for more than 150 years, the pub said that national identity and local history is still important to them.

Photo: Fighting Cocks Facebook