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McDonald’s Cuts Menu Items And All-Day Breakfast Due To COVID-19

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like McDonald’s will be going through a pretty big change in the weeks to come. Fans of the fast food giant may soon find a much more limited menu upon their next visit.

According to Business Insider, an internal document from McDonald’s states that they plan on cutting some menu items in efforts to simplify their nationwide over the next few weeks.

This means you might not see items such as grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken salads, or chicken tenders for a while.

McDonald’s senior Vice President of operations Bill Garrett, told Business Insider that this is to simplify operations in the kitchens and for the McDonald’s crew and create the best experience (in this viral crisis) for customers.

Another big blow to the menu is that McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast will take a, hopefully, temporary step back. Items such as the Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffin, McGriddles, and Biscuits will only be available once again during breakfast hours.

No word yet on when this will officially take place, but we’re optomistic that once the pandemic ends we’ll see the All-Day Breakfast Menu and slashed items return to the Golden Arches one day. Until then, we bid a sorrowful see you later.

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Chicken Tender Stuffed ‘FAT TACO’ Is The Hangover Cure We Need To Drown In Salsa

Photo courtesy of Tito’s Burritos and Wings

When going on a taco run, I never come home with less than four of any type of taco. I may want to reconsider that rule after laying my eyes on this hard-shelled behemoth.

New Jersey is home to Tito’s Burritos and Wings, a restaurant chain that specializes in massive menu items that are hands-down not for the faint of heart. One of their newest items, the Fat Amy Taco, is one you’d have to step back to be able to take in.

Known for naming items after celebrities and fictional movie characters, Tito’s taco is also inspired by local favorites. It takes it name from the tradition of the “fat sandwich,” a New Jersey staple of stuffing sandwiches with an excess of fried foods as a means to cure the dreaded hangover. It is also influenced by the fictional character “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect film series, whose personality is “loud and proud” — just how the restaurant describes this massive taco.

At 12 inches, the tortilla shell is deep fried and stuffed with fried chicken tenders, hand-cut French fries, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo salsa, cheese, and a spicy chipotle sauce.

The Fat Amy Taco can be found at all five of Tito’s New Jersey locations (Summit, Morristown, Ridgewood, Boonton, and South Orange). You can bring a friend and share, but tackling the massive taco on your own is also a true culinary feat.

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KFC’s Newest Flavor Is Hot Honey Fried Chicken

Photo: KFC

Sauce my chicken in ANYTHING sweet and spicy and I’d consider myself a lucky man. I could sing songs about the sweet and spicy fried chicken wings that were littered throughout my college years — the balance of heat and notes of honey always rang through my taste buds. The problem was, most of my go-to spots didn’t have a drive thru option. There needed to be some form of sweet and spicy fast food fried chicken to satisfy those cravings I had.

Ask and you shall receive, albeit a few years later.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s newest flavor utilizes the combination of sweet and spicy in the form of Hot Honey Chicken Tenders. The new tenders are said to blend sweet, golden honey with mild peppers before coated over the fried chicken chain’s signature chicken tenders.

To be honest, the last few flavor additions from KFC were pretty solid. I was a HUGE fan of the Nashville Hot flavor, the Smokey Mountain, the Pickle, and even the Georgia Gold was alright.

KFC’s Hot Honey Chicken will only be available for a limited time. There’s also an Extra Crispy Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Sandwich available that use the flavor as well.


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McDonald’s Buttermilk Tenders Get Dunked In Sweet N’ Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders have been available for about a year now. Their growing popularity has ensured the few locations by my house have completely sold out before I even get home from work. During the rare times I actually made it in time to try them, I found them to actually be pretty good.

At the height of the tenders’ popularity, the fast food chain has announced the addition of a saucy new flavor for the chicken bites.

Called the Sweet N’ Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders, the new item will launch at McDonald’s locations nationwide, the week of August 20.

Made with Mcdonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, the chicken is hand-tossed and glazed in a sweet and spicy honey BBQ sauce that combines brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic powder, and paprika.

Customers can order the new tenders in sets of four, six, and 10 pieces.

Like with everything in my life, I’ll probably dunk this in ranch dressing too. I’ve become a creature of habit in my old age.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chicken Tenders Dipped In WAFFLE BATTER

Fried chicken and waffles is a tried and true combo and a favorite across the United States today. Dunkin’ Donuts has taken that combo and turned it into a new portable snack, Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders.

waffle breaded chicken tenders

Photo courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts

Fried chicken isn’t a new territory for the donut chain, as they’ve offered up a Chicken Bacon Sandwich and a Snack ‘n Go Wrap featuring it in the past. However, this is a whole new unique item not just for Dunkin’, but for big fast food as well.

The Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders are coated in a sweet waffle batter before being deep fried, akin to what Popeyes has done with cookie dough and waffle battered tenders in the past. That combination proved to be mouthwatering, so we’re salivating just thinking about what the combination of chicken and waffle batter will be like.

Unfortunately, Dunkin’ currently doesn’t carry maple syrup as a condiment in their restaurants, so if you want to drizzle some over your tenders for an even sweeter combo, you’ll have to do that yourself.

Dunkin’ is launching the Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders as part of a new Dunkin’ Run menu, where every single item is available all day long for $2 each. Two tenders are included per order, but you can stack on multiple orders if you’d like. The new menu, which is now available at all participating locations, also includes pretzel bites with mustard, ham and cheese roll-ups, a gluten-free fudge brownie, and Dunkin’s hype-worthy Donut Fries.

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Popeyes Threw Their Chicken Tenders In Cookie Dough And The Results Are Irresistible

Popeyes, known for some insanely good fast food chicken, is trying something a little curious. The fried chicken chain announced the national release of a sweet new item that’s sure to turn some heads.

While not exactly chicken covered in a layer of chocolate chip cookie batter (though that would that be a sight), the new Sweet & Crunchy Tenders are made with a shortbread cookie coating that provides both a sweet flavor and crunchy texture.

Foodbeast’s resident fried chicken lover and J. Cole hater Reach, fellow writer Ralph, and myself decided to head over to the nearest Popeyes to try this new item for ourselves. There was a sizable wait for the strips, since they were a pretty popular item even in the early days of launching.

Once we did finally got to dig into some, I’d say that the batter wasn’t overwhelming enough to be considered a full-fledged cookie crust and, thankfully, far from gimmicky. In fact, it was a nice subtle sweetness when paired with the hot chicken meat. Not bad.

“Popeye’s continues their streak of ‘shit that they keep doing right.'” said Reach.

Patrons of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen will find the new Sweet & Crunchy Tenders from now through June 25. May we recommend some of their Blackened Ranch dipping sauce?

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Here’s The History Behind The Iconic Sampler Platter


If you’ve ever mobbed out to dinner with your buds, not knowing what you’re in the mood for, grabbing a sampler platter is the best way to get your hands on a little bit of everything.

A typical sampler platter includes a medley of fried, or cheesy, menu items in limited amounts to titillate your tastebuds before enjoying your meal. The dish is designed to give patrons a taste of what each menu item (usually appetizers) has to offer, as well as a way for multiple diners to share a quick snack together before their meal.

The history of the sampler platter goes back to the concept of appetizers in general. Appetizers, also known as the French hors d’oeuvres, are a small dish that is served before a meal. Hors d’oeuvres translates directly as “outside the work” or “meal.”

According to chef Walter Potenza of Chef Walter’s Cooking School and The Culinary Council, cultures have indulged in pre-meal snacks for centuries. The practice dates back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans who would serve small portions of fish, vegetables, cheese, and olives.

By the 1890s, the term appetizers had become a full-on English and American menu concept, known as the first course served before soup. These included raw oysters, clams, caviar on toast, and other decadent bites. The fare has since evolved as more and more affordable restaurants began offering the concept.


With the advent of appetizers, the pre-meal dishes were combined to even further create the sampler platter — a mega dish showcasing multiple sampler plates similar to a tasting menu.

Popular modern-day American sampler platter items include: onion rings, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls, chicken tenders or wings, quesadillas, and other hearty choices served with a cavalcade of dipping sauces.

Today, you can find a sampler platter at pretty much any sit-down restaurant that boasts an appetizer menu. We recommend sharing with friends, however, as you don’t want to be THAT guy hoarding all the delicious fried foods.


Oh Is That How You Use Them? New KFC Chicken Dip’ems + Other Branded Dippables

Or: “So Apparently We’ve Been Eating Chicken Tenders All Wrong”

Fast food is confusing. Between the million different restaurants and the million different menu items and the million and one wrong ways to use a ketchup cup, sometimes it’d be nice if someone would just take our hands and walk us through the eating process, lest we wind up trying to suck barbecue sauce up our butts.

Luckily KFC (and Rally’s and to an extent Popeye’s) have recently taken it upon themselves to do just that with new “dippable”-branded chicken nuggets and tenders — I can finally see the light!

Now, the problem here isn’t so much the products themselves — chicken nuggets are awesome; dipping sauces are, likewise, awesome. The problem is that all three of these brands have chosen to market new products which explicitly spell out the relationship between the nuggets and their sauces (as if we didn’t already know), and they did it all within a year (in most cases, even months) of one another.

And to add insult to injury, KFC’s new Dip’ems (much like their new Chicken Littles) are in many ways just a rebranding of one of their old menu staples, the Colonel’s Crispy Strips (which, in case you didn’t know, can also be “dipped…in one of [KFC’s] flavorful sauces,” according to the company’s website).

Here’s an idea for any would-be dipping-branding hopefuls: do us a favor, do what McDonald’s did and just market the awesome new sauces we know you have. Because seriously, NEW Creamy Buffalo, NEW Orange Ginger and NEW Bacon Ranch sound incredible. I just prefer to have my chicken pandering-instructions-free.

[Via GrubGrade]