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Wingstop is Testing a Chicken Sandwich at Select Cities For a Limited Time

The Flavor Experts at Wingstop are testing a new menu item: The Wingstop Chicken Sandwich. Yes, another chicken sandwich, but before you roll your eyes and pass judgement, Wingstop is attempting to change the game by making all 11 of its flavors available for it.

That’s right, fans in the test areas will be treated to 11 different chicken sandwich options. This new Wingstop Chicken Sandwich is made to order with a crispy, juicy chicken breast that’s sauced-and-tossed in any of the brand’s 11 flavors, to be enjoyed in a buttery toasted bun and pickles. Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich, I’m looking at you intently.

Wingstop’s new Chicken Sandwich will beginning testing starting today, May 16, for a limited time at locations in Columbus, OH; Fresno, CA; Las Vegas, NV; and Orlando, FL.

For fans lucky enough to be in those test areas, the Wingstop Chicken Sandwich combo with fries, a drink and dip is $7.99, while the sandwich a la carte goest for $5.49. If you’re ordering through or the Wingstop app, there’s a limited-time-only promotion to get a free sandwich during the first week of the test.

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Popeyes Unveils a New Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

@yungfoodbeast First taste of the @popeyes new Buffalo Ranch Sandwich! 🔥 Gotta have that crisp @Dr Pepper ♬ original sound – Foodbeast

When it comes to chicken sandwiches, you already know Popeyes is the one. Imagine making a fried chicken sandwich so good that it causes a war amongst the competition, with the majority still trying to figure out how to catch up. So when Popeyes makes an announcement about another chicken sandwich to add to their vaunted lineup, we’re all here for the news.

Enter Popeyes’ latest, the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich, an excellent newcomer that will have fans hyped for its creamy, buttery Buffalo Ranch sauce that gives an extra jolt of sizzle from cayenne and paprika. The sandwich starts with a juicy chicken breast filet that’s marinated in Popeyes seasonings, hand breaded and dipped in their buttermilk batter and cooked up golden brown. This delicious scenario sits cozy in between buttery toasted brioche buns and is complemented with crisp pickle slices and Popeyes’ new Buffalo Ranch spread.

Buffalo sauce lovers can expect less mess and all bless, as this sandwich form makes sure things don’t get lost in the sauce — and pile of napkins. Wash it all down with an ice-cold Dr Pepper and prepare yourself for an ‘aren’t you glad you did that?’ moment.

I’m sure your curiosity’s been piqued at this point, so make sure to satisfy it at participating Popeyes locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Panera Jumps Into the Chicken Sandwich Wars With Two Healthier Options

Are the Chicken Sandwich Wars still raging? Though far from the fervor where at its height, fast food giants volleyed with their own fowl entrants, now’s as good as any time to have more brands get in the mix. Take Panera for example, who has just released two new chicken sandwich options, both of which are not breaded or fried.

Panera’s take on the chicken sandwich will be marinated and seasoned chicken breast in both regular and spicy varieties, with both nestled in between brioche buns.

The regular option features aioli, parmesan crisps, and greens on a brioche bun, while the spicy take has aioli, pickle chips, and spicy Buffalo sauce.

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Watching This XXL Chicken Sandwich Get Made on the Frozen Tundra is a Mood

There’s something about this video that evokes a sense of serenity and clarity. What we have here is a man, his fluffy pup, and the ingredients to make one epic chicken sandwich set against the blank canvas of the a frozen tundra. The equation adds up to one relaxing clip and one gargantuan fried chicken sando.

It’s a satisfying watch witnessing this unit of a chicken sandwich being built step by step like some monolithic temple to worship my appetite, all playing out in an Arctic scene.

The way this sandwich ended up being a mammoth meal, it’s great to see dude saved some bites for his dog.

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This Black Truffle Chili Crisp Fried Chicken Sandwich is Your Sign to Treat Yourself

The lineup of fried chicken sandwiches is a lengthy list of familiar faces that take in some form of a Nashville Hot or the next challenger to the Popeyes throne. But surprisingly enough, there hasn’t been an entrant in the mix that utilizes chili crisp oil.

Uncool in West Hollywood, California saw that void and created a Black Truffle Chili Crisp Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Chili crisp oil’s popularity has surged within recent years, as more and more folks become fans of the fiery crunch that the spicy Chinese condiment offers. That textural element is what sets it apart from other spicy sauces, especially within the boom that hot sauces, and frankly any food that packs heat, has reached in the past few years.

Uncool’s Black Truffle Chili Crisp Fried Chicken Sandwich incorporates the brightness of Yuzu citrus to add dimension to their chili crisp oil, allowing for the layers of flavor to open up to the assertiveness of the black truffle.

Truly this is a chicken sandwich that stands out in a crowded room and bolsters an already solid menu from Uncool that also features some of Los Angeles’ most unique chicken wing selection.

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Jollibee Now Spreading Chickenwich Joy To Everyone

As someone who’s been going to Jollibee for the majority of my life, I’m almost entirely positive that Jollibee has had a chicken sandwich for a long time now. But here we are with news that Jollibee is entering the Chicken Sandwich Wars by announcing a launch of their own Jollibee Chickenwich and Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich.

The Original Jollibee Chickenwich has a marinated, crispy, double hand-breaded chicken breast fillet, that’s then spread with umami mayo and served on a toasted brioche bun. For the folks that think spice is life, the Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich features a Sriracha mayo and is served with fresh jalapeños for added crunch and heat.

Both the Original and Spicy Jollibee Chickenwich go for $3.99 each and are also available in deluxe versions with added lettuce and tomatoes for $4.49 each.

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Panera Testing A Chicken Sandwich With Anchovies

Photo: Panera

Panera is debuting two new test items with the Classic Chicken Sandwich with Aioli and Spicy Buffalo Chicken with Aioli. These two sandwiches are a part of Panera’s Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches, with one of them containing a rarely seen ingredient in fast food sandwiches: anchovies.

The Classic Chicken Sandwich with Aioli features the anchovies within the garlic aioli spread. Sadly, for anchovy lovers, this is the most the fishy condiment gets incorporated in the sandwich. As Foodbeast and anchovy lover, Peter Pham, pointed out, “If you can’t see it, it’s not enough anchovies.”

How anchovy-fied the sandwich is remains up to your judgement, and you can try for yourself at the following test locations in North and South Carolina for a limited time:

  • 1843 Hendersonville Road, Asheville NC
  • 40 Peaks Center Lane, Ashville NC
  • 160 Coolridge Street, Hendersonville NC
  • 1220 W. Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer SC
  • 316 By-Pass 72 NW, Greenwood SC
  • 3609 Pelham Rd, Greenville SC
  • 1811 E. Main Street, Spartanburg SC
  • 108 E Blackstock Road, Spartanburg SC
  • 220 Rolling Hills Circle, Easley SC
  • 103 Station Road, Anderson SC
  • 375 Harrison Bridge Road, Simpsonville SC
  • 1125 Woodruff Road, Suite 1705 Greenville SC
  • 1922 Augusta Rd, Greenville SC
  • 708 Haywood Road, Greenville SC
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Shake Shack Adding Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich To Their Summer Menu

Photo: Shake Shack

The ripple effects from the debut of Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich two years ago are still being felt today, with another chicken sandwich entering the fast food fray by way of Shake Shack’s new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. This new offering makes its debut on the Shake Shack summer menu from July 1 through October 4.

Boasting a honey-glazed fried chicken breast and slathered with habanero mayo sauce, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich accompanies Hot Honey chicken bites, and Hot Honey Fries on the upcoming seasonal menu.

Beyond that, the new Summer Menu will also cool you down with new shakes and mocktails, which include a Lime Agave Margarita and Watermelon Mint Mojito.