Guy Casually Films A Girl Fight While Ordering Some Taco Bell

“Umm, yeah can I get three soft chicken tacos Fresco-style?”

We’ve seen our fair share of restaurant brawls, but this one is a little different. What started as an average order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window turned into a front row seat to a UFC fight. This guy pulled up hoping to get some soft tacos and a quesadilla and ended up watching a fight breakout between two women.

The funniest part of the entire video is how this dude orders his entire meal without skipping a beat. He doesn’t even tell the employee that there’s a fight happening in the parking lot.

“You want the shredded chicken or the original chicken?” the drive-thru employee asks.

“I think the original chicken,” the man replied.

There is a 10 second pause. Literally 10 seconds of silence, aside from the high pitched yips and screams from the two women scuffling on the ground. Then the Taco Bell employee, probably wondering why this dude isn’t saying anything, asks:

“Can I get you anything else, like a drink or something?” the employee asks.

“Um, yeah. Can I have a large Diet Coke?” the man replied.

This dude didn’t want to spoil the action. This clip was posted by Ghost to WorldStar Hip Hop on July 25, the video has close to half a million views in a few hours.

At least the firemen came to — put out the fire. It is unclear if the women were eating at the Taco Bell, or just agreed to meet there to settle their differences.


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