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Pieology’s New Protein-Packed Crust Is Made From Chicken

In 2019, Pieology made Foodbeast’s list of fast food “game changers” because it began offering up six different pizza crusts that catered to all types of diets and cravings.

For 2020, Pieology decided to add a new crust to its arsenal that’s perfect for those looking to stock up on protein or practice a keto lifestyle. That new crust is predominantly made with chicken breast.

Pizza image courtesy of Pieology

Called the Protein Style Chicken Base, Pieology’s seventh crust addition comes amidst an increased interest in eating the keto diet. A standard base, upon which you can add whatever toppings and sauces you want, contains 44 grams of protein, 280 calories, and 2 grams of carbs. The crust, which was created in partnership with Foster Farms, is also keto-certified.

Pieology’s newest offering also capitalizes on the popularity of chicken as a pizza base. In 2019, viral New York pizza sensation Krave It created a Nashville Hot chicken crust that exploded on the internet, garnering over 2 million views. Other grocery store brands, like Real Good Pizza, have also introduced chicken pizza crusts in the past and found success.

No other major pizza chain has debuted a crust made with protein like this before, making Pieology the first to innovate at scale in this space.

You can find the Protein Style Chicken Base at Pieology locations nationwide, with the exception of restaurants in Hawaii.


Pa’Zing! Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Wings


You know the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention” by someone or other. It’s how the Cronut was invented, because croissants just aren’t round enough and normal donuts are f*cking boring. But what about those of us who prefer our genius a little greasier and a little more deep-fried? Folks, meet the Pa’Zing.

Created by Atlanta-based restaurant Calypso Wings, the internet’s favorite new finger food mash-up is chicken wings meets melted cheese and pepperoni pizza. According to Grub Street, Calypso uploaded photos of its still-under-development “signature product” earlier this week, after which Reddit got a hold of them and sent them mini-viral. Unfortunately, would-be Pa’Zingers will have to wait until Calypso opens its doors in late summer/early fall, but at least you can totally make a Peppicken Wing at home right now.


H/T Grub Street + PicThx Calypso