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Wendy’s Just Low-Key Pulled Their Spicy Nuggets Off Most Menus

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled into the Wendy’s by my apartment complex after a long road trip. I hopped out of my car, looking forward to a handful of spicy nuggets as a pick-me-up following the drive. I’ve always enjoyed Wendy’s spicy nuggets as a quick spicy snack, and six of them always hit the spot for under 2 bucks.

I was shocked to discover that the spicy nuggets weren’t on the menu at my Wendy’s, because I couldn’t recall hearing anything about the nuggets being pulled off of the menu. When I got back to my place, I dug around on the internet for a while to try and find answers about the nuggets, but there was no official release or any news on the nuggets anywhere.

Finally, I stumbled across a local news piece out of Ohio that gave me some answers. Turns out that Wendy’s has been pulling their spicy nuggets out of stores NATIONWIDE, and didn’t tell anybody about it.

I decided to reach out to Wendy’s myself to see if I could get any additional information, but didn’t get very far either. There’s not much information being released by Wendy’s regarding their removal of the spicy chicken nuggets, but here’s what I did get from an official representative of the fast food chain:

“Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets are available in select cities across the country, and the traditional Chicken Nuggets are still available at all Wendy’s restaurants. Customers who are fans of Spicy Chicken Nuggets can opt for our Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Wendy’s also recently added an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club that can be ordered Grilled, Spicy or Homestyle.”

Unfortunately, the spokesperson was unable to disclose a reason as to why the spicy nuggets were pulled in the first place.

UPDATE: However, Wendy’s did write a blog post recently regarding the departure of the spicy nuggets, and revealed that the nuggets can still be found in the following locations:

Austin, Dallas and Waco, Texas

St. Louis, Missouri

Chicago, Illinois

Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here’s hoping they bring them back nationwide in the near future, I guess. I’ve got no choice but to look for some new post-road trip fuel in the meantime.


How Chicken Nuggets Are Made Without A Deep Fryer

As much as our 18-year-old selves would hate on us for this, we can’t always be eating deep-fried foods. In this artery-clogging lifestyle, sometimes baby steps are necessary to move towards the occasional healthy dish. Take these Baked Chicken Nuggets, for example.

Clean Eats came up with a savory Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe that you can enjoy without any deep-frying necessary.

All you need is some cubed chicken breast pieces, olive oil, bread crumbs, panko, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Coat your chicken in the oil and then begin breading them in the dry ingredients. Place them evenly on an oven rack and let them cook for 20 minutes at 425 degrees.

Serve with whatever dipping sauce your heart desires. We’ve always been fond of Thousand Island.


Pizza Hut Has A GOLD-Crusted Pizza And Here’s How To Get It [KATCHUP]

In this corner, still the current champion of weekly story compilations, weighing in at 6 awesome stories…ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup!

You may have missed out on all the shenanigans we’ve gotten into this past week, but fear not, for now is your chance at redemption!

Check out the video above find out where to get Big Mac sauce, the most expensive picture of a potato we’ve ever seen, and…gold-encrusted pizza?! WTF?!

1. McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce For Sale

Well it’s about damn time, McDonald’s! The uber-popular fast food chain has finally started selling their Big Mac sauce by the bottle.

Unfortunately, this is a limited-time offer, and it’s only available in Australia. Still, I’m sure we can convince our friends down under to save a couple of bottles for us.

2. The Golden Donut

This $100 work of edible art is made by hand, then it’s topped with stuffed with purple ube mousse and Cristal jelly. Finally, it’s covered in enough gold to make Goldmember’s skin start spontaneously flaking.

And yes, that Cristal. The same one you would find in music videos being poured down supermodels’ throats by any number of 1998’s most popular rappers.

3. $1.5 Million Dollar Potato Photograph

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that somebody paid that much for a picture of a potato, or the fact that apparently I could have been selling sexy potato pictures for buttloads of cash this whole time.

With that in mind, there is something to be said about my overwhelming desire for fries and hash browns right now…

4. Crazy Kitty Coffee Art

Elena is just like you and me, only when she spills coffee on her paperwork, she puts out some insanely dope stuff.

Not only did she manage to capture the essence of each cat in her artwork, but she also painted them in such a surrealist way that, if you think about it, the photographs of the art are art themselves.

Go ahead let that sink in while I start splashing Dr. Pepper on construction paper until one of the stains makes a German shepherd.

5. The Chicken Nugget Heist of 2016

Surely we’ve all dreamed of that one moment in a parallel universe where we stand up at our desks, throw shit at our obnoxious coworkers, then leave a big pile of steaming shit on our boss’s desk. No? Just me? Oh.

Well, one lucky guy got to live out the dream of his parallel universe. On his way out on his last day working for Burger King, John Correa made sure to leave a lasting impression by stealing all of the branch’s chicken nuggets. One thing we know for sure he didn’t leave…is hungry.

6. The Golden Pizza

Pizza Hut is in the news again, only this time it’s for something other than their drug-dealing employees.

Exactly 50 gold-encrusted pizzas will be sent out on Super Bowl Sunday to 50 lucky customers. *The catch, though, is that you have to order one of Pizza Hut’s Golden Garlic Knots Pizzas.

*Note: You will not receive an Oompa Loompa-guided tour of the Pizza Hut factory if you win, despite what you may have heard about a marinara river that runs through the factory.


Chicken and Waffles Cake Exists and We Need It ASAP

chicken and waffles cakes


Recipe: Glazed and Confused


Plastic Bits Found in Frozen Chicken Nuggets, More Than 15,000 Pounds Recalled


The frozen chicken nugget world has seen better days this week. Applegate Natural Brand officially recalled more than 15,000 pounds of their frozen chicken nugget products. The recall was due to numerous customer complaints that the nuggets contained small pieces of plastic inside. Yikes.

Consumers are asked to check boxes that state a sell-by date of Feb. 5, 2015 and the USDA inspection mark number of P2617. As of time of report, there hasn’t been any instances of illness or injury due to the plastic. However, folks are advised to return the product to the store of purchase.

Definitely check your nuggets, folks. After all, who would want to pair their frozen nuggets with some julienne plastic? Those two things simply do not compliment one another.

H/T Consumerist


Ramen-Crusted Chicken Nuggets


Recipe: Oh, Bite It!

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Here’s Proof McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Are Actually Made from Chicken

Battling rumors that their McNuggets contain the notorious pink slime, McDonald’s Canada released a video tour of one of their factories in London Canada.

The process begins at their de-boning department, where whole chickens are sliced up and the chicken breast is set aside in a separate bin. The breast meat is then ushered into the “blending room” where it’s ground up and blended with seasoning and chicken skin.

Next, the lovely mash of beige is formed into the four official chicken nugget shapes and covered with a light batter, followed by a thicker, tempura batter. From there, the lil’ nuggets are par-fried, frozen and packaged for shipping. You can peek the full walk-through below. We can’t guarantee it’ll make you crave a happy meal but hey, at least it’s “bona fide” chicken.

H/T Sploid


Bugs, Butt, and Other Weird Food Additives You’ve Probably Eaten Today


People are willing to eat all kinds of weird stuff, but often we’re eating all kinds of weird stuff when we think we’re eating something totally normal. Like gum. Or Jell-O. But hey, if it tastes delicious, what’s the harm in a little secretion from a pig’s anus? Here are 10 very weird things manufacturers put in very normal-seeming food. Now pass the anus candy.



Artificial Raspberry Flavoring Comes From Beaver Butt Juice


Yes, it’s pretty effin’ weird that one of the things that makes artificial raspberry flavoring in sodas and candy taste raspberry-y is castoreum, something that is exuded from a beaver’s anal glands. What’s even weirder is that this discovery was the result of somebody venturing to taste a beaver’s anal gland secretions.


 Crushed Beetles: Tons of Red Food Products


One of the most commonly used ingredients in red food coloring is flakes of mashed-up beetles, and not the kind of mashed-up Beatles Danger Mouse did when he combined The White Album with Jay-Z’s Black Album. Still, we’re willing to bet that Ringo loves him some red velvet cake.



Dog Vagina Pheromones: Beer and Wine


Ever wonder why Spuds McKenzie loved beer so much? Beer and wine often contain a preservative called methylparaben, which, in addition to keeping booze fresh, is also a pheromone found in dog’s vaginas. Does that make us all Eskimo brothers with Spuds?



Sheep Juice: Gumballs


Often referred to as “gum base”, the stuff that makes your favorite gumball so gummy is actually a substance known as lanolin, which is an oil found in sheep’s wool. Interestingly, that makes gum yet another instance of lamb going great with mint.


Shellac: Jellybeans


More bug secretions! This one begs a very important question: would you rather be cool with eating something coated with a resin often used in furniture polish, or would you rather eat not-shiny jellybeans? We know you know the answer to that.


Hair: Bread


Bread, like the glorious mane of one Carrot Top, needs to be bouncy and moist. So it should be no surprise that mass-produced bread products are baked with hair… more specifically, through an amino acid called L-cysteine, which is most commonly extracted from hair, but can also be found in feathers. Carrot cake, anyone?


Polydimethylsiloxane: Chicken Nuggets


This silicone product is pure magic, showing up in everything from Silly Putty to Pamela Anderson’s boobs. It also shows up in chicken nuggets, where it acts as a bonding agent for those chicken parts. Sadly, it fails to explain why you can’t copy newsprint by pressing a McNugget against it.


Sand: Chili


You ever eat a cake made of sand? Hell no, you say!? That’s because sand is an anti-caking agent. It’s also used in mass-produced chili, kind of like the stuff sold by a certain fast-food chain with a red-headed mascot who looks like she’s never set food on a beach in her life.


Bones: Jell-O


Ever see Bill Cosby hanging out with hardcore vegans? Let’s wildly speculate that it’s because the Cos shills a delicious treat that has ground bones and skin as one of its ingredients. So, technically and despite its jiggly nature, Jell-O kinda has a bone structure. Oh, and you might wanna avoid non-vegan sugar, as well.


Beef Fat: Twinkies


Beef: it’s what’s for dinner. And apparently dessert, because one of the things that makes Twinkies one of the most enduring (hell, they even resurrected them) and delicious snacks is beef fat. Which explains why you never see vegans eating Twinkies with Bill Cosby, actually. This conspiracy runs DEEP.


Andy Kryza is Thrillist’s National Eat/Drink Senior Editor, and has proudly lived vegetable-free since 2001. Follow his adventures/slow decline via Twitter at @apkryza.